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  1. R.I.P. - Stephen Hawking

    An extremely great loss in the universe today.
  2. Chops' Modest System...

    Looking past the mess on the last page and a half, just wanted to post a couple of updates... The modded 4000t is kicking butt and taking names. Secondly, I just decided to reinstate the mighty little JL Audio e110. Even though the Genesis II's produce plenty of clean deep bass on their own, because of the room layout and my seating position, that clean deep bass is roughly 3 feet behind me, so I'm in somewhat of a null. The little JL takes care of that null, being on the floor and closer to the front wall. Crossed over at 73 Hz and the Genesis II's crossed over at 62 Hz, it's a perfect blend, and as usual, the sub only makes itself known when called upon. I like how the new room "treatments" sort of hides the sub.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Listening to Til Tuesday - Welcome Home - Via Technics SL-1700MK2 & Ortofon 2M Bronze
  4. My crap stuff :)

    And I thought I had a bunch of gear everywhere. I'm pretty sure you have me beat!
  5. Some of my stuff

    Yes, I agree... One heck of a bedroom system. Comes with stacked subs to boot!
  6. Sad Day...

    Sorry to hear about this Kevin. It truly sucks. We had similar happen when those 3 big hurricanes came through Florida back to back in 2004. Flooded 2 bedrooms and the family, all of which had full stereo systems in them along with some vinyl. Absolutely no fun at all. And yes, very depressing indeed. Hopefully you get to salvage more than you expect.
  7. FS: various crap

    But then what would I do with my semi-open magneplanar headphones that I don't use? Plus around here, I wouldn't be able to listen to them with open headphones like the ones you have. Very tempting though.
  8. FS: various crap

    Some of that "various crap" showed up today. :-P
  9. Sold: Carver C-500

    Whoever is buying it, just saved me from my OCCD kicking in! Same here. I was very seriously considering it.
  10. Hey David, when you get a chance, you might want to delete some of your old private messages. I just tried to reply to your latest, but your mail box is full. ;-)
  11. Again, I highly doubt you're running out of power on the M-500t. On the other hand, with bad caps, they can do damage to both the speakers and amp if you're not careful. I get my caps and such from either Madisound or Parts Express. This last time around, I got them from PE. BTW, I'll respond to your message tonight when I get home from work.
  12. Those Type D's have a sensitivity of 87-88 dB and an nominal impedance of 5 ohm. Not a hard speaker to drive at all and even a bone stock M-500t would be able to power them easily without issue. If you're getting distortion, then it must be coming from the speakers. Like Kevin said, they could probably go for a good re-cap. If some of those caps are way out of spec, they could cause distortion if they are causing the mids to play beyond their limits. It's really hard to tell though without being there to hear it personally. From one of the crossover pics I found doing a Google search, it looks like Snell used quite a few electrolytic caps, so they are definitely in need of replacement with quality film caps.
  13. I can certainly vouch for the Genesis speakers. My Genesis II's with crossover mods/upgrades very easily outperform my NHT 2.9's, Martin Logan SL3's (actively crossed over), and AV123 (GR-Research) X-Statik's with completely recapped crossovers via Sonicap Gen I caps. With every configuration tried, running my M-500t MkII's mono to each Genesis II provides best results. This combination runs circles around all of the speakers above. So clean, so natural, so effortless, so damn good! And no subwoofer required either!