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  1. C-16 service manual

    Thank you zumbini, the man that has schematics.
  2. Hey all

    Welcome, make sure that you don’t catch OCCD.
  3. The new site seems great, and is tremendously improved when used with my iPad. I know that this new carversite took a lot of work, so I say THANK YOU TO: Nahash5150 - Administrator Gene C - Administrator B-Man - Administrator Daddyjt - Moderator Balok - Moderator Zumbini - Moderator Doh-R - Moderator DennisMiller55 - Moderator
  4. On the old site I think I remember looking at a C-16 service manual, or at least a schematic. I can’t seem to find anything in the library. Is there one here somewhere? Is the C16 basically the same as the C6?
  5. My crap stuff :)

    After looking at those pictures, I say it begs for some serious A/B speaker listening tests and let us know how it sounds.
  6. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great karma, I’m in.
  7. The Banned Game

    Banned for not knowing the difference between Country and Western music
  8. The Banned Game

    My wife bought me a book titled “Don’t be such a scientist”. I haven’t read it yet, but looking through it I see that it definitely applies to me. And considering some of my posts here in the past, someone needs to ban me for being “such a scientist”.
  9. It's Raining Good News !!!

    Thanks for the kind words. What privledges does membership come with?
  10. Barry Galvin’s Current 2 channel setup

    Nice system, thanks for the pictures. I am also a fan of the technics linear tracking TTS. I have a SL-7 with my original MC310, and a SL-10 with a nos cartridge that has very few hours on it.
  11. Quantum Mechanics - Interesting video

    Thanks Ar9Jim, I enjoyed watching that video.
  12. What sound engineers really do

    That was a crack up, thanks. Sadly with the invention of auto tune technology, a little too close to the truth.
  13. Quantum Mechanics - Interesting video

    Only if you give me new rug.
  14. Quantum Mechanics - Interesting video

    When it comes to trying to understand the what is happening or why it is that way, my feeling is that Dr. Feynman had it correct. I understand that whenever any of his students would start to discuss these things, he would tell them “shut up and calculate”. Basically, the schrodenger equations will give you trustworthy results, and anything else is veering into philosophy. It is just very difficult to understand that the quantum world doesn’t work anything like the macroscopic world that our common sense is based upon. And it is clear that we have much still to learn in physics.
  15. Site Funding - Time For Another Round

    the carversite now has some of my dinero.