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  1. BrianD

    Do you know any jokes?

    Especially for my fellow Californians - How do you know there is a vegan at your party? Don’t worry, they will tell you.
  2. BrianD

    Quick Intro

    Welcome to the site. I am sure someone here can help you with your amp. If you have any knowledge and skills in electronics, you may be able to fix it yourself. But if not, or just a beginner, for an amp I would suggest that your get help form one of the technicians here as there are potentially fatal voltage sources inside, even with it unplugged.
  3. Well, I obviously haven’t been playing enough lately. That hurts!
  4. Well, I knew all of them except the last two. Not bad for an old guy I think.
  5. BrianD

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    Well, I am certainly in agreement with this opinion. But hey, I like the Stones, although my favorites tend to be the guitar greats. So all of you that don’t like Hendrix should be taken out behind the barn and given a thorough thrashing!
  6. BrianD

    Genuine Snake oil - only $299/1.5ml!!

    Let me throw in my two cents on this thread. The idea of putting some graphene in a solvent on electronics seems like a bad idea to me. After it dries, is it friable and when disturbed will it start shedding conductive particles that could short something out? Putting this on circuitry involved with the AC mains sounds like a real safety hazard to me. And how putting this on a fuse could change the sound in any way is a total mystery to me. Expectation bias is strong in everyone, and not subject to conscious control. I realize that for me, this could result that I won’t hear differences where it could be possible that someone else could. So although I do blind types of tests sometimes, I also depend on good scientific research to guide me to what is important. As far as interconnects go, I recommend that everyone take the cheapest POS one that they have, and do some form of blind test against their best interconnect in what they think is the most sensitive part of their system. This is easy to do, although it must be blind, preferably double blind in a method that allows for quick changes. I sometimes do this in what I call one and a half blind (as opposed to double blind). My middle son has absolutely no interest in my stereo hobby, and no knowledge at all about the subject. So although it takes some quid pro quo to get him to cooperate, I can teach him to change what I want and perform some simple AB blind evaluations. I find that I can measure changes far beyond what I can hear. And no, I’m not deaf, I can still hear to about 14 kHz before things start rolling off (not bad for my age I think).
  7. BrianD


    Hi RichP714, Looking at your observing list, you must have some dark skies and a good sized telescope.
  8. BrianD

    Chops' Modest System...

    It sounds like you got it dialed in good. Another way you can try is to run your 62 Hz test tone, and invert the phase on the sub. You can probably do that with the dbx, but you can also just swap the wires on the sub (if it is driven from an external amp). Then move the phase to make the SPL minimum. When you switch it back, it should be flat through the crossover.
  9. BrianD

    Chops' Modest System...

    UncleMeat you’re correct that running a tube amp without a load is bad, but for most solid state amps it is no problem. The channel with no load is putting out just enough power to run the meter. Especially with a single sub, changing the location will change the standing waves in the room, so experimentation is the way to go.
  10. BrianD


    I feel your loss. A few weeks ago I took our Jamie in at 15 1/2. But like yours she had a good full life. May your most excellent buddy RIP.
  11. BrianD

    Forums requiring Moderator approval

    As a somewhat outside observer in this, I think that everyone has said what they need to, and further public discussion is unlikely to improve things. I recommend that this thread now be locked.
  12. BrianD

    Best Karma Ever!

    Very nice. Manual transmissions rule!
  13. BrianD

    new guy from west MI

    Welcome, glad to have you here
  14. BrianD

    New Canuck Member!

    Welcome CoolOhm, stick around awhile
  15. BrianD

    FS: Tech equipment

    The Keithley can measure distortion? I have a 2010, and it can’t. I will need to look into that, and may be interested in it.