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  1. UPDATE: I have more updating to do to fix the errors the previous updating created...
  2. Maybe for the fine details, but the spirit of things are easily captured...
  3. James - what product worked for you?
  4. The best thing to do is compress it with Format Factory (free download). You can tweak the video and sound compression separately to hone in on the file size you want. A video editor (there are many) can help you crop and trim the video length for a small file size as well. The overall file size is dependent on the video resolution (360p, 480p 1080HD, etc), the video compression (mp4, avi, etc), the sound compression, the frame rate, the motion and color detail, and of course the total time.
  5. Hello, You have a max file size limit of 1Mb. Once you become a full Member, it increases to 5Mb. May I ask the details about this file?
  6. UPDATE: The old YAF link redirects are now working again! My dev had to rebuild the converter to play nice with the new core update. I'm tellen ya - website management is the new coal chimney cleaning business...
  7. The Spin-Clean seems like a good start. But it's okay - I have some very um, affluent clients, so the expensive machines are fine for suggestions if anyone has used one.
  8. I have to know... What is tried and true and works excellent for cleaning vinyl records? I'm looking for cleaning machines - not DIY methods, practices or opinions (yes I remember the alcohol debates...).
  9. Addendum: More new features... Sound Rooms - owners can reorder their feature menu tabs for a more custom experience. Announcements - we don't use these often, but I can now customize them so they appear in a variety of places to get your attention. tehehe... Group Formatting - I'm sure you've noticed that user names are retaining their Group Color like the old site did - super cool. I'm so glad we can do that now without getting in the weeds of the code. Device Customization - I can now hide certain widgets from phones and tablets or PC browsers. This means I could show the chatbox only for PC users, and hide it on phones or tablets, or visa versa. I don't see any need for this kind of customization, but we can do it if certain things are too annoying on certain platforms. Then again, it might be useful to hide the chatbox on the main page for phones, but they could still view it on the Chatbox Tab instead.
  10. I'll discuss with my dev and see what he thinks...the conversion was fairly complex from the start, and custom made so we could carry over just about everything. Anyway, looks like the latest core update actually did brake the converter. Time for some meetings again...
  11. Hmm, I missed this post for some reason. Anyway, categories which don't count posts will be marked as such. It's a category level rule, so we can't attach that rule to individual topics just whenever we want to annoy the members. There are many other ways to annoy you...
  12. I don't know. And if it could, I wouldn't know how to do it. 😕 I think a permanent solution is best though.
  13. The engine has rules that are supposed to be executed by IIS under URL Rewrite (htaccess on a LAMP), however, the engine has to be aware of this, and it appears that awareness is cut somewhere.
  14. I am having trouble with the old links. If you visit a post and use a link from the old site (anything with the root "http://www.thecarversite.com/yetanotherforum/default.aspx") it may not work for the time being. Just want to let you all know I am aware of it and I'm working on it. I don't think this was the result of the upgrade, something else happened. Got phone calls to make!
  15. She thinks every day in March is her birthday!
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