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  1. Happy Birthday @RichP714! You truly are a gentleman and a scholar, and ramping up that good Karma annually...
  2. I was informed that some were thinking I was trying to give Kevin a hard time selling his gear so please allow me to clear the bad air... I was friendly teasing him...if I have anything to sell, I post it in the Gallery. Please have fun everybody...and if you can, please help Kevin. Thanks!
  3. I'm being oppressed! I'm being oppressed!
  4. Not as beautiful as this one. And mine will be fully restored so it won't break down. 😁
  5. @KPT Sure I'm game for that one. PM sent!
  6. Discussions involving the website. This is not intended for troubleshooting or reporting errors. Please go to HERE and start a topic if you need help. Please keep the off-topic chatter down or we will have to impose moderator approval.
  7. Member Group PM conversations increased from 100 to 200 max.
  8. I have a wonderful client who's really excited about Carver and he wants to buy 1, maybe 2 M500t's. Please contact me if you have a stock M500t or two. Thank you!!!
  9. It can be updated but it's not easy. I'll make the change. Thank you!
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