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  1. Nahash5150

    Roy Clark passes away at 85

    One of the greatest.
  2. Nahash5150

    new to site...

    Welcome @tripwr1964! Glad to have you in the Carver spectrum.
  3. Nahash5150

    Inserting photos, video & links

    Since your account is new, there is a (hopefully) short probation period where your account has limited use for security purposes. Once you receive more than 5 reputation points, you will advance to 'Novice' which will permit you to upload pics. We encourage new users to start an introduction topic in the 'Party Barn' - it helps to get past the 'Inbound' status in a very short time.
  4. Nahash5150

    WTB HR-895

    I need them for stock parts. So I'm looking for damaged units, etc. Stuff that might be a hard sell but has good parts.
  5. Nahash5150

    Happy Birthday MLB111

    Happy Birthday! @MLB111
  6. Nahash5150

    Happy Birthday Zumbini

    Happy birthday! @zumbini
  7. Nahash5150

    WTB HR-895

    Looking for HR-895 receivers cheap!
  8. Nahash5150

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Thank Mark - I was concerned about the delivery/spin in this film, so I guess I will take some time to see it now.
  9. Nahash5150

    HELLO (again)

    Hello @GarciaFan! Welcome back. Posting pictures is easy. You can Drag and Drop files into the attachment area (arrow) or click on 'choose file' to view your device's files for pics to upload. If you click on 'Insert other media' to the right you will get a menu of options to attach an existing pic you've already uploaded before, insert a pic from URL (that is, it will embed a picture posted somewhere else on the web) or go to LunaEditor website to upload a pic you would like to edit (after you edit your pic, you save it to your device then upload it using the above instructions). Whenever you upload pics, you can always access them to repost elsewhere on the site if you wish. If you click on your username in the upper right, go to 'My Attachments' and you can always see files and pics you've uploaded, and even delete ones you no longer want to use (if you delete a pic from your uploads, they are removed from the server, and disappear where ever they are posted).
  10. Nahash5150

    Hashy's Bench

    Thanks guys! @Bean The console looks interesting...but I think that beast is all yours! Also, For what it's worth, my new phone number is 231-388-2309. This will be Nelion Audio's service number.
  11. Nahash5150

    Wanted to buy.... TFM 15 meter

    @fxbill Send it to me, I'll fix it.
  12. Nahash5150

    Hashy's Bench

    I was quite sick last week, still recovering. Worst flu I've had in a decade at least. Anyway, we've been busy. Turning over repairs and mods, cutting and splitting wood for the winter (yeah, I'm late) and loads of prep work for the business. I'm ready for scheduling work. I no longer have a year long waiting list. I also take everything - even outside of Carver. Prices are negotiable right now, as I don't have all the resources I need, but getting there. Peace!
  13. I show Morjet tried logging in 4 hours ago, though, apparently he forgot his password and was locked out.
  14. Nahash5150

    Featured Systems

    I think it was called 'Member Systems' and if Rich Featured it, then you got the medal. It is now Featured Systems and if I like your system, you get a medal. If I don't, you get banned. So choose your pics wisely.
  15. Nahash5150

    Featured Systems

    They are the same thing?