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  1. Nahash5150

    FedEx Home Delivery

    Fucking why...
  2. Nahash5150

    'Recently Posted In' Block and stuff

    The bread crumbs do appear at the bottom of pages: That's why I'm giving everyone the chance to chime in. If they don't speak up they can't complain - at least that is the rational conclusion. I'm not about to make changes because I feel like it - I'm making changes because of feedback about the status quo. The site is too busy to rely on a universal 'Recently Posted In'. That's been on the table to do ever since we migrated. We have some tutorials but it's not enough.
  3. Nahash5150

    'Recently Posted In' Block and stuff

    @Brian_at_HHH It's PHP!
  4. Nahash5150

    'Recently Posted In' Block and stuff

    @Brian_at_HHH Thanks! I would like a 'back to top' button - it's on my to-do list. It's very code intensive though because for some reason the engine doesn't have it natively. The 'home' key is the best option for now.
  5. Nahash5150

    'Recently Posted In' Block and stuff

    Not at this time...but that is a good idea. I can find a way if there is enough support for it.
  6. All, I'd like some feedback on how the site's homepage is organized. It's possible to change things around, and before I 're-tile' the floor, I wanted to figure out what everyone knows about how to use the site, and what everyone does and feels comfortable with. First, let me bring up a rather powerful feature called the 'Activity Feed'. This displays everything that is happening, almost real-time. If ever the Recently Posted In block is way past you and you haven't been around a couple of days, browsing the Activity Stream can help catch you up. If you go to 'My Activity Streams' you have even more options to narrow down your search: Click on 'Unread Content' and BAM! - you see everything you've missed in one place! And to get even more streamline, choose 'Since my Last Visit'. Go even further and create your own streams tailored to what you look for the most. Just click the 'Create New Stream' button, name your stream, choose the options, and BAM! it's on your menu: Okay, so the reason I'm bringing all this up is that I hear most members use the 'Recently Posted In' block to stay in touch with what is going on. But sometimes, they miss a few days and now what? On the other hand, many members also don't want to see stuff they aren't interested in, and they also feel that important topics are being 'kicked out' of the Recently Posted In feed by much less important stuff. We need a solution. And there are a few options available to us. The 'Recently Posted In' is just a 'block', aka 'widget' that can be fully customized, moved and of course duplicated. There are several options available, such as timeframe, number of topics to list, from what forums, and even if they are Featured, or Pinned, or even by Tag. Currently, our main Recently Posted In lists 18 topics from all forums. This could be split, so that Audio Chain Forum posts are in one block, and everything else in another. That way - games, Way Offscale, Member Lounge and such are in one place and all the tech stuff and the like in another. The drawback is that the actual Forum categories are pushed down further, and I'm not sure how well that will turn out overall. Another thing that could be done is to add topic feeds to their own pages and display those pages as tabs on the Main Menu. The chat box can be mirrored on all of these pages as well. What do you think?
  7. Nahash5150


    Not that I'm aware of. The feedback should eliminate most offset such that the DC component is no more than a few millivolts.
  8. Nahash5150


    The PM2.0t is a very complex unit. You need some good tools for it as well. I'm unaware of an 'offset' adjustment. Do you mean output DC offset?
  9. Nahash5150


    Welcome @Notanaudiofile!
  10. Nahash5150

    Manage Album Function in Featured Albums

    I limited editing again due to abuse. I'll turn it back on so you can make changes.
  11. Nahash5150

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    @Dennis47 Thanks for the suggestions! The blue badges, just so that this is understood, represent competency and authoritative knowledge. They are given by the admins to endorse the member's qualification. Therefore, we need to be personally aware of the skill. That means their activity here is a significant factor.
  12. Nahash5150

    testing topic

    Thanks. We're still discussing this. The more feedback the better.
  13. Nahash5150

    testing topic

    It's a valid concern, but obviously Sound Rooms are not intended to distract from the Main forum. What they do is give some members the chance to start a focus group where like-minded like-interested can gab about, while not consuming the main forum with chatter. They can moderate it themselves as well, and carry on with their interest without having to deal with uninterested chatter. Another way to look at it is a place for things like CarverFest to live. Multiple topics can be created about the event, and even add dates to the Sound Room calendar and files and galleries all related to CarverFest. This also gives the coordinators of the Carverfest a place to set the agenda by having full moderation of the topics and membership, and create an atmosphere totally dedicated to their event. I must clarify something about Sound Rooms: Private Rooms, that is, Sounds Rooms that are hidden and members must be invited, are NOT ALLOWED. My idea is more closely related to Sub-Forums, and not to be used as a tool to exclude people.
  14. Nahash5150

    testing topic

    The Recently Posted In is a start, and when there is a lot of activity, you can still miss things. The very best way to stay plugged in is to use the Activity Stream. You can create your own streams as well, even activity on Sound Rooms that you are a member of. That way, you won't miss new topics. I'm hesitant about feeding Sound Rooms into the Recently Posted In because then it kinda interferes with the greater forum activity.
  15. Nahash5150

    For Sale Image Gallery

    Not for enablers.