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  1. Well that's some good news.
  2. Can we all say... WHEW!
  3. Yeah it's horrible to watch this. Nature just doesn't give a shit.
  4. This is getting intense...
  5. @jazzman53 I fixed your profile pic.  :D


  6. This is why it is predicted to steer north, in case the fake media tries to scare people needlessly: So it's easy to see where it's getting energy from (opposing rotations), and why it is very unlikely to smash directly into Florida. Some models: DOH!
  7. Not intended. I don't think I want that in audio. The categories need to be cleaned up. I think there's too many and they need to be organized better. So I'll work on that.
  8. So only 3 people noticed this change? Hm, I guess that's good news then.
  9. It's Rolland and no, he doesn't come 'round these parts.
  10. I'm trying out splitting the audio content from the general stuff in the Recently Posted In feeds. Let me know what you think!
  11. @Packratt I may have found what you were looking for... There is now an 'Unread' button at the top of the topic page. Give it try. It takes you to the last unread post.
  12. I would be willing to look into this further, but there is no 'ah ha' moment here for me. Nothing like the Unified Field Theory, which was a major break-through in our understanding of the universe. It brought us much closer to 'seeing' what the universe is made out of. It's a clear idea about how the universe evolved over time, even if its fundamental origin (that is, what was the universe really like under Super Unity) is not understood. We still have nothing that unifies gravity with the other forces, though it seems appropriate that it should somehow. Perhaps I'm just looking at this incorrectly. There was a time when talking about the Big Bang was synonymous with the question of existence. But perhaps 'science' has finally come to realize that it's really not interested in explaining that, and I feel that is a HUGE step forward to better science.
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