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  1. Nahash5150

    Recognition to DennisMiller & Donations

    paypal: thecarversite@gmail.com Thank you both!
  2. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    That's funny because I personally admire and like all the above! Miss them too.
  3. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    All I'm doing is explaining things as they come. I didn't mean to prejudge your relationship with him, just that it seemed odd you talked about his wife and hosted links to his products on your page and also claimed you didn't know him...it just seemed odd at face value is all. Honestly Jim, this it bothers me more. I'm in the middle of it. I'm pre-judged simply because I took over the project, and therefore my character is directly associated to all of the toxicity in the past. And I know you know, that there are some people happy to keep the rumor mill going about my character. Anyway, as explained above, I've had personal experiences that dealt directly with RK's actions, and his flaming and toxicity in the past was fucking bad dude. Bad. Can you really blame me or anyone for trying to keep the record straight? If Russ wants to 'clear his name' he is free to contact me. Always has been. Honestly, nobody should ever try to advocate on his behalf. He's a grown man, and if he feels that his name is being unfairly slandered he needs to talk to me. You and others need to understand that we are deeply concerned over trading/buying/selling integrity when it comes to this community. That's it in a sentence.
  4. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Unfortunately, this is a mischaracterization of what I have already stated. There are no legal issues whatsoever. RK hasn't used the 'mkII' trademark for years, instead he uses 'mk2' to hedge the reputation and the design. It's more than obvious that he is capitalizing on it on his own. Nobody has expressed liability at all. All I stated, as a matter decorum, one should cover their own work. We took on the work because that's who we are. People have come to us for help so we took care of them. It's just a fact. No ax grinding here - just information. RK is responsible for his own actions and if he chose not to respond to his customers who needed help that was his choice. I have lots of evidence of this pattern of his. In addition, I don't support DIY mkII projects - I treat them like any other repair that may come my way. Sometimes I make exceptions to help, especially if they are a contributing member. Not sure what the point of this is. We're just telling it like it is man. The above is just an assumption on your part. I don't feel 'liable' for his work at all. People send me their broken amps and I fix them at my standard fee. You seem to know him better than most: https://carverstereoforum.com/forums/topic/aftermarket-faceplate-info-here/ I'm sure he does learn from his mistakes. I've never heard him apologize or even offer to fix the amps he loaded with bad parts though. Look, this is all about his own actions. It's not about us. We are simply telling the story that some of us have been personally affected by in some manner by this guy. He's never tried to make amends, yet I have on more than one occasion extended an olive branch to him. He's not interested in healing anything. Yes he modified the modification, and so has Dennis, and Wayne and I. We've all made changes since its inception. However, all of the above sans one, fully supports each other's work. No claims have been made. We are simply differentiating what we do and who we are from what he does. Whoa whoa whoa...what the hell? We are restoring these products, not hacking them up. The mkII releases the full potential of the amps by installing better, cleaner and more durable modern parts that are comparable in operation with the original. The only real deviation from factory intent is increasing the rail voltages for higher power. Everything else we do, is in some way an emulation of what already exists in other Carver products. 'Hacking up'...that's just wrong. The first part is, frankly, none of your business. How I conduct myself with the project is my own path, that is for sure, and that path is excellence. If this causes me to differentiate what I do versus another who performs the work under the appearance of the project, then I certainly will. RK himself differentiated his work from Rich's as being superior. I've never made such a claim - only that I don't consider his work to be official mkII, so it doesn't fall under the warranty that I provide (my site has a disclaimer for this). So, check some facts please. I have never insisted anyone take responsibility for another's work. We all do it voluntarily. In fact, @wrf who used to be partners with me on the mkII project has since left, but has still offered to cover his own work, as well as mine, if I ever asked. All of us on the Repair Team stand behind one another, and I feel honored to be counted among them. Two things here - TARP allows it, whether Bob likes or not. This is also a very dead horse. Bob has never criticized the project, even when asked abut it at CF 2009 where he revealed that the amps were certainly capable of more but were toned back in production due to cost efficiency. His only concern was stressing the mag coil, which, 10 years later, is obviously not an issue. Wow - what a great opportunity you guys a making for us to explain what the project really is!
  5. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    The discussion has been informative, so there's no reason to remove anything sir.
  6. Nahash5150

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    There's a lot of personal taste in this, but, my first thought is - having a second set of speakers on top of the SH set will basically cancel the effects of SH as intended. But there might be some merit with the SH stereo nulling reducing the 'wall of sound' effect.
  7. Nahash5150

    Society woes

    All this encouragement is enabling me...
  8. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    It's not a legal issue as much as it is decorum. The mkII is RichP's design and he openly offered it for people to DIY, not to capitalize on. That caveat expresses his intent for making the information available under TARP. All TARP does is protect people who perform the mkII from legal action if they copy the design and/or distribute it. No one has ever talked about taking legal action against anyone in this respect. RichP has since expressed some regret for offering it as freely and openly as he did. But really, underneath all this is intellectual property rights. However, RichP, as well as myself and many long standing members here, wish to perpetuate a friendly, generous and helpful community rather than some legalistic business model. RichP went above and beyond with his generosity. For years RichP educated the community about Carver amps and has contributed substantially to our understanding of how this stuff works. Some of the folks from CarverAudio.com also contribute and give in the very same spirit. It's our tradition, so to speak. And so the point of all this is to remind people what, where and how all this came to be.
  9. Nahash5150

    Society woes

    Of all the great k-pop out there and UM chose that...when he could have at least given us a bit more eye-candy to represent his excitement over introducing y'all to it.
  10. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    I have taken Kall amps in for repair before and after his trip.
  11. Nahash5150

    Society woes

    Two very miserable people. Sad.
  12. Nahash5150

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    All I will say in response to this is that Russ did his mods on his own and should provide support for his work. He also did not test them correctly before shipping them out, and I can tell you, just because they power up doesn't mean they couldn't potentially have other problems the template mkII design doesn't address (like failing protection circuits, out of spec resistors, etc) that cause distortion problems and other anomalies. They are not supported by me or any other tech here, however, because he used Rich's design and pseudo-mark - his clients come to us for help. You guys don't really see it here, but my emails are full of questions about 'the guys on ebay' when they are asking for information about my services from the carvermk2.com website. This is a problem too. Russ doesn't even want to be associated with me or this site, yet he continues to hedge our popularity and reputation for his own benefit (the latest new faceplates with the 'mk2' label being the most obvious). How does this even approach 'innocent' or 'unintentional' intent? At least the guy who copied the M500t mkII design calls his mod the M500t 'gold' mod. Still not very polite, but at least his doesn't try to associate his work with us and cause a shitload of confusion. I and others have spent a lot of time fixing his work. Hours and hours. He's never acknowledged any of us for it. That's also a just a fact. Nothing personal. I could go through his parts and methods but that won't 'solve' anything and it doesn't change the fact that we serenely fix his stuff all the time. They do not meet the mkII spec and I don't consider them to be an mkII. It's a Kall amp, and that's become the norm. It's all his own doing and if people want to do business with him, that's their business. As long as Russ takes responsibility for his business transactions then it's all good. And I for one would appreciate it if he didn't associate his products with us while at the same time refusing to associate himself with us.
  13. Nahash5150

    Society woes

    There's no issue...now I'm even more confused. Just because I'm an admin doesn't mean my mere presence means someone is in trouble... Everything is okay everyone!
  14. Nahash5150

    Society woes

    Heck I don't personally care what your likes or dislikes are. And I think you've been just fine on the forums...I don't even know why we're talking about moderation. If I sensed you were interested, I would post some modern brilliant stuff...but I don't think you care. 😛
  15. The #1 Oasis unit is definitely aptX - but it has dual mode options that won't provide aptX streaming...so, as long as you're using it for say, transmitting only, then you'll get aptX.