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  1. Old internal links FIXED

    FUCK YES! I fixed the old link addresses. For those that are bewildered : on the old site if you linked to a post or topic in your post, you were posting data from the old database so that browsers knew where to go on the old site to reach a post you were reference. After the conversion, all those old Post and Topic IDs didn't exist anymore, so all those links were dead here. Well, after working with the devs, we finally were able to incorporate 're-write rules' so now all the old links will point to the correct post here! I'm so excited - I just elimiated a shit ton of work for the mods.
  2. I see (said the blind man to his deaf wife who walked her crippled children around the yard....) :D

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  3. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congrats Dennis! Sorry you can't make it to the fest, but it's totally understandable.
  4. playin with my Go-Pro

    eh...copyrights? lol Archiving topic....
  5. playin with my Go-Pro

    @fluidcool Try to get the share link from your Facebook page - they should auto-embed here. Just make a new post if it works. On the old site, we used to use iFrame tags, but we don't need to do that here.
  6. R.I.P. - Stephen Hawking

    You've entered the realm of 'elsewere' Stephen. It seems the illusion of time caught up to you.
  7. Site not secure

    No worries - we'll archive it!
  8. DJ Wars!

    I renamed it because techno sounds...30 years ago.
  9. Distributed computing

    I don't right right. However, I've always wanted to find the next largest Prime Number. Great idea though! If it gets big enough I can make a forum for it.
  10. Karma New Hendrix CD Both Sides if the Sky

    I like Jimi Hendrix for his appreciation of music. More than anything, he was a master of what music is for, rather just some guitarist trying to be better than anyone else. Not it though.
  11. We are working under forced SSL, which means you will be directed to https for logins. Some features are working right now, such as the member cards. I'm working on this. Please let me know if you have any other difficulties.

  12. I hope to get some awards worked out this weekend. I think everyone will really like some of the changes.

  13. Awards Not Showing?

    Yeah - I have to rebuild it manually, but this engine now has the capability to do it, with even more flexibility.
  14. Pro Tip: Hover your mouse pointer over a username or avatar and wait for the member card to pop up. From there, you can visit their profile, start a PM, ignore (I hope you never have to do that), or just check out some of the member's statistics.