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  1. I added the 'Community' tab because the 'Browse' tab was getting crowded. Now all the member related matrices are all in one area. Working on the group legend and other stuff to tighten it all up.
  2. Good idea. I'll make a group color legend.
  3. Hello, By popular request, I made a page that lists all the members. The list doesn't contain Inbounds or Novices yet. https://thecarversite.com/index.php?/memberspage/ Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Cool. Spin Clean it is. And ultrasonic for the real aficionados. I very much appreciate all your input everyone.
  5. I do not like that guy...at all. But I did enjoy the content. We are such an amazing random accident.
  6. Do NOT listen to this...posted ONLY for reference for the whole human race.
  7. This has been fixed now. Sorry for the confusion!
  8. UPDATE: It was reported to me that some topics disappeared from the Featured Topic feed and the Recently Posted In feed. I found that the topics that disappeared were started over a year ago, and the forum application update included, by default, that the feeds only display 'in the last year'. I changed it so that the feeds shouldn't care when a topic was started, so, let's see if that works...
  9. Sounds good to me! I just have to stop being dirt poor to get out there.
  10. Exactly! Patch is patched. Here are more Release Notes: Core Upgraded CKEditor to 4.11.3. Adjusted search results processing to automatically clear out invalid results when detected. Adjusted comment and item widgets to restrict by the last year to prevent slow performance. Fixed an issue where the leaderboard may not correctly rebuild. Fixed an issue where searched terms may not be highlighted on the search results page when using Elasticsearch. Fixed being unable to reach the last page of search results with Elasticsearch. Fixed an issue where users could encounter an error by logging in with a new social account after already associating with a social account. Fixed mobile PWA manifest file not being accessible to guests when guests are required to login to use the site. Fixed an issue where javascript would not load due to a bug in the 3rd party Howler library. Fixed an issue where the prune members background task may stall if it encounters a staff account. Fixed an issue where email link tracking may not apply to all bulk mails sent. Fixed an edge case issue where it was possible for the lazy load rebuild to affect embedded videos. Fixed an upgrade issue that can occur if you have more than one of the same email address specified for upgrade notifications. Fixed an issue where imported members accounts were not marked as completed. Fixed an issue where changing the warning type on the warning form would not toggle the 'remove points never' checkbox to the correct value Fixed an issue where profile fields display HTML code when applying custom formatting. Fixed an issue where the display name filter wouldn't store the "either" option. Fixed images with uppercase extensions not launching the lightbox correctly. Fixed an issue with comment widgets where editing them may not show the correctly selected date range. Core REST API Fixed an error adding a member to a club through the REST API. Forums Excluded archived topics from email digests. Fixed an issue where post counts for forums may be incorrect if archiving is used. Fixed an issue where merging two topics may show the topic at the wrong position in the forum listing. Prevented a possible infinite redirect problem when merging two topics simultaneously with each other. Applied group name formatting to member names in topics when viewed on a phone. Removed redirect forums from fluid view. Gallery Fixed an error upgrading Gallery when there are orphaned albums.
  11. It's possible. But I get asked about cleaners from time to time. I don't have any records yet, but I'm working on it. I have TT now at least!
  12. Ultrasonic seems like the way to go if you have the willingness to spend the money. So paint the record with wood glue, dry, peel, then soak in 99.8% anhydrous isopropyl alcohol, hang to dry, then wipe with a terry cloth?
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