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  1. Is that what the sandbox feels like?
  2. Welcome. As a new member, I would encourage you to post questions and pictures. As your post count increases, more features of the site open up. As far as your TFM-35 goes, read through the service manual HERE. Identify any service bulletins needed and familiarize yourself with the layout of the amp.
  3. My first car was a 72 Lemans, 350 orange block/350 turbo tranny. Then I got a winter beater 70 that had a 350 blue block/2 speed powerglide. The accumulation of parts allowed me to build the orange one I still have. It started out as a 250 straight 6. There was an amazing amount of options on those cars. When swapping motor mounts you can see that the there is multiple different mounting points in the cross member for the different engines. I worked on that with my dad so it's pretty special to me. As far as the guy from the gas station goes, good call on the tips. He did have the hood tack and the wing, which I would love to have. Convertible would be cool for a short while but I wouldn't want to maintain.
  4. I replaced the valence panel and put on the tips when I got headers.
  5. Last year I showed up late to the fantasy football draft because I stopped for gas on the way there. I took pictures to prove it
  6. You might need a high fps rate to see cones moving and meters bouncing accurately.
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