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  1. Gene C

    Song of the day

    Became a big Ghost B.C. fan around Nov 2015. Became an even bigger fan when I heard Dave Grohl had filled in for them a few times on tour as one of the "Nameless Ghouls". This song is off their up and coming album due for release this year.
  2. Gene C

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy turkey day guys! Sorry I've been absent but trying to make some heavy moves that require my limited mental faculties? If you can call that... ;-)
  3. Saw this early last year... The humorous video reminded me of a Monty Python skit.
  4. Gene C

    Favorite Pictures

    Perry? Lee? Steve? Is this true?
  5. Gene C

    A Tribute to missing members

    He had a kid and got busy with life and work the last time I talked with him...
  6. Gene C

    Happy Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas guys! Hope you had a good holiday with friends and family. Cheers!
  7. Gene C

    Favorite Pictures

  8. Gene C


    Dom, Rod... Happy birthday dudes!
  9. Gene C


    Gary was a good friend on and off the site. Never met him in person, but we had some good talks and fought the same demons. I will miss our conversations. Just rememberd this was on my phone, he always had a funny meme to text me now and then... And almost always seemd to show up at the right time. Happy Birthday, Gene!! Kety Perry is getting iced up for you~ Gary Sent Oct 8th 2015.
  10. Gene C


    That's horrible! I will miss talking to him on the phone. He was a great guy and was glad to call him a friend. RIP Gary.
  11. Gene C

    Favorite Pictures