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  1. Hope you're out trail running with the dogs! Wishing you fond memories of the year gone by & every happiness in the next!
  2. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    "...a ruminative, elegiac album far... In some ways, Cohen's move toward a more classical, ambient sound makes sense, as he is recording material specifically with the ECM stylistic tradition in mind. Cohen also composed these songs in the wake of his father's death, and the trumpeter's grief seems to permeate everything on Into the Silence. He even bookends the album with the funereal "Life and Death," in which he moans, Miles Davis-like, through muted trumpet, his band in a slow march beside him...The group members have an organic, focused intensity as if they hang on each phrase together. This intensity is well matched by the production, which sounds typically warm and full of natural reverb, as if recorded in a church instead of Studios La Buissonne in Pernes-les-Fontaines, France. Other tracks, like the slowly rolling "Dream Like a Child" and the quietly discordant "Behind the Broken Glass," also benefit from this group interplay, with Cohen leading his band through ambient soundscapes that, much like one's emotions after the death of a loved one, are supple and sad one minute, and sharp and tangled the next."
  3. From the very first time hearing the original Bowie, through live recorded versions, to singing along at his concerts, this song always wells up tears. We were in a courtroom yesterday to support a friend couple defending against a frivolous, rancorous lawsuit. For them It had been a distressing course drawn out by a rescheduled hearing. We were certain they would prevail; nevertheless, our confidence was, understandably, of limited succor. Times can just be hard. They did prevail. At the end of the day, leaving for home, my wife's parting note was "You guys are my heroes." At four a.m. this morning I awoke thinking of that leave-taking. And clambered out of bed with the cats to send them this. Enjoy.
  4. There are more Monarchs yet to eclose in Val's Monarch Lab? Looking forward to more pics of all in your Lepidoptera Zoo. I am following one Monarch pupa in the wild.
  5. Young Man Who Has Become Uncomfortably Numb Pink Floyd aficionados in Neurology Times. I've be known to seamlessly slip in a lyric or title. Any of your physicians "in the know"?🤷‍♂️
  6. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    "Drummer Manu Katche blossomed as a contemporary jazz drummer and band leader, emerging in the mid-2000s after having played with his share of popular musicians. Born in Saint Maur Des Fossés, France he studied classical piano at age seven in Paris, and at age 15 enrolled at the Conservatorie Nationale de Paris. He then became a session and concert drummer with a wide range, touring and recording with Peter Gabriel, Sting, Jan Garbarek, Joni Mitchell, Gloria Estefan, Michael McDonald, Simple Minds, Afro Celt Sound System, Jeff Beck, Al DiMeola, Dire Straits, Loreena McKennitt and Youssou N'Dour." This is his 2016 recording; earlier releases such as Neighbourhood, Playground & Third Round are very fine.
  7. It might get loud. 🔊 Was that with the AR9s?
  8. AJ ☝️, "The Bossa Nova genre is one that makes everyone tap their feet, and know that they can slow-dance with a beautiful woman - if they just get up, smile and try it." Many years ago I had a circle of friends from Brazil; listening to them sing & play inspired me to to take up learning guitar. Naturally my LP library added recordings from Brazil beyond the then well known artists (Getz & Gilberto, Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66, etc). One friend loved blues, jazz, rock & pop; I played chords, he soloed & improvised & improvised lyrics. It was great fun & we often fell about laughing. In between he demonstrated classic bossa nova & folk songs; I mentally copied his finger positions & went home to practice. Not knowing the notes on each string beyond the low E & A strings I compensated by memorizing chord shapes without being able to explain the theory: why this is a major vs. minor, a x7, x9, x11, x dim., etc. While he was fluid in playing note-by-note melodies I only aspired to the syncopations & chords. Years go by , I am no better than then, playing less & forgetting more. He went back to Brazil, became a noted producer of pop music. The last I heard from him decades ago he sent a hit recording he produced & played upon with a note, "That's your guitar on it," the one I had given him as a bon voyage gift. It was not an expensive instrument, a rather entry level for low budgets, but what a nice touch, a friendship remembered. Getting back to "slow-dance with a beautiful woman - if they just get up, smile and try it." He was an effervescent personality who fell in love with women passing by on the street. He might spin about, follow after a beautiful woman to offer a complement & perhaps an invitation to dinner. Whether or not the invitation was accepted both came away smiling. Bossa nova has an undeniable charm.
  9. "João Gilberto, one of the principal architects of the Brazilian musical style bossa nova, has died at his home in Rio de Janeiro, according to a Facebook post by his son. João Marcelo Gilberto wrote that his father, who was 88 years old, died following an undisclosed illness. João Gilberto is credited by some with writing the first bossa nova, or new beat. This mid-20th century musical gift to the world drew on Brazil's African-influenced samba tradition, but was performed without the usual battery of drums and rhythm instruments, and at much lower volumes. Gilberto's intimate and nuanced style of guitar playing and singing, eventually central to the bossa nova sound, were reportedly developed in 1955 when he sequestered himself inside of a bathroom at his sister's house so as not to disturb her family and to take advantage of the acoustics provided by the bathroom tiles." Link
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