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  1. Daddyjt

    Help Identify this cartridge!

    When I opened this thread, I was expecting to see something like this: carry on...
  2. Daddyjt

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    I sincerely appreciate all the kind words guys. I really don’t see the little things I try to help out with as that big of a deal. The guidance, information and friendship I receive from so many here on a daily basis far eclipses the things I personally do to help others. Nonetheless, thank you for the recognition - I’m proud to call Carversite Home, and you all family🙂
  3. Daddyjt

    JL Audio in the news

    JL makes top shelf stuff for sure... with the exception of the “Thor’s Hammer” by Wilson Audio, the JL Gotham is the most intense sub I’ve ever heard.
  4. 103 - to go to the tech toolbox @dennismiller55
  5. Daddyjt

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to the forum - you’re going to fit right in. Your woodworking skills look to be on point, thanks for sharing the photos. What is the box on the floor, to the left of the speakers you made? what kind of music do you enjoy?
  6. Daddyjt

    8 Ohm Dummy Load Karma

    Thanks for the kind offering Dennis and Dadvw!
  7. Noted. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Daddyjt

    PhilDents bedroom setup

    That’s a damn nice looking set up there🤘
  9. Agreed LT - I love the 105! I will get an audio room eventually. First was the bathroom, now working on a room for my son. Audio room is next after that:-) Amen to that. My Achilles heel is jazz - I have a small collection of some very highly regarded recordings, but I never find myself going to them when I listen. As you said, not my type of music...😉
  10. I ordered this album a while back, after it was recommended to me as a great source for test tracks. I had played it a few times, and really enjoyed it in my truck. A few days ago, I threw a small system together (Oppo 105, C1 w/Gundry, McCormack DNA 225, and NHT 2.5i speakers, with a Velodyne DD12) to test a C1 I just finished modding for a member (BillD and Gundry). That is when my jaw hit the floor... The track Draw Your Swords absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. I do not do much listening with SH, but when I do, the Gundry mod is a must - but THIS track was unlike anything I have ever heard - truly unbelievable. Add to this the fact that the listening space I have created is FAR from ideal, makes it all the more impressive. Typing this, I find it just about impossible to put words to what I heard. I cannot recommend this album highly enough - It now owns a place in my top 5, and that is a feat.
  11. Daddyjt

    What are you watching right now?

    Currently binge-watching Two and A Half Men. The first few seasons (with Charlie Sheen) are wildly funny. I think I find it especially humorous because I have little trouble believing that the show loosely mirrored Sheen’s real life exploits...
  12. Daddyjt

    Hashy's Bench

    FREEDOM!!!!! Will you still have time for my bone-head questions...? 😟
  13. Daddyjt

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    Nice Barry!
  14. Daddyjt

    Time for some Karma

    Very nice - it’s good to see these random acts of generosity and kindness play out, especially now. Congratulations Barry, and thank you for the great offering Tim!