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  1. Brian, I could certainly do the work, including the volume control. I have all parts in stock, and I am currently scheduling for early September. Then only thing I am not familiar with is shipping across the boarder...
  2. Just send a pm to one of us, and we can let you know what mods we do, our individual wait time and pricing. We we all run pretty similar pricing, but we don’t all work on the same gear. hope that helps.
  3. Daddyjt

    The music memory game

    I was quite young, but I distinctly remember my mom crying and listening to Staiway To Heaven over and over on 8-track after my father left. Probably because of that memory, the song has always had an overwhelmingly sad connotation for me. And now, for one I find to be the polar opposite and superbly uplifting:
  4. Daddyjt

    Maggies MG1.6/QR for sale

    You need more room, not less speakers! In seriousness, GLWTS...!
  5. Klipsch and Carver go together like a ribeye and an ice cold beer. Of all the systems I’ve put together, one of the top 3 would have been a Carver 500t mkII into my Klipsch RF7 pair - truly magic. Welcome aboard, glad you are here!
  6. Daddyjt

    hello everyone

    Eclectic... one of those cool words you just don’t get an opportunity to use very often. Welcome to the forum, glad you found us!
  7. Daddyjt

    Donald Fagen The Nightfly Mobile Fidelity UD1S 2-003

    This is one of my all-time favorite DVD Audio discs I own. The 2ch mix is stellar. The bass on IGY is quite possibly the most accurate and most well recorded bass I have ever found.
  8. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

  9. Daddyjt

    Overpriced 'deals':

    Make an offer of $20 shipped...🤣
  10. Daddyjt

    Looking for a M1.0t [resolved]

    I have several... pm coming.
  11. So the other day I have Pandora playing in the background at work, when a song comes on that causes me to instantly snap my head around - I know that tune... very well... but I can’t place it... i look at my phone, and see that it’s Dire Straits, Once Upon A Time In The West. Hmmm... no help. I know it’s from a movie, but... shit. I call these incidents “brain slivers” - when you know you should know something, but you can’t connect the dots - drives me crazy. 2 days later, it hits me, out of the blue - the song was used in one of my favorite scenes, from one of my favorite documentaries - The IMAX film Super Speedway. It’s an incredibly educational look at Indy cars, wrapped in a pretty special story. I HIGHLY recommend seeing it - in surround, with a great sub, and a big screen. Heres the sceene and the music that had me stumped. And yes, the cd is on the way from Amazon as we speak! https://youtu.be/rDjblbpaSro
  12. Daddyjt

    Polk SDA on Craiglist

    Are you in the car yet?? Never mind - someone is trying to flip them. $1500 is too much, especially without the RDO 194 tweeter upgrade.
  13. Daddyjt

    Polk SDA on Craiglist

    If they are missing the interconnect cable, us that fact as a bargaining point. However, do not worry, as there are many options to retrofit a replacement:-). I can help you there. Remember lacement drivers are available from polk, so again, if any are blown, us as a bargaining point. Keep us posted!
  14. What IS that? A record shot edge-wise?