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  1. Daddyjt

    Happy Birthday HappyTrails

    I though5 I had responded to this, however I see that I was in error. Happy birthday - hope you had some good times!
  2. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

    Why are the so many female archaeologists? because women love digging up the past...
  3. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

    I don’t seem to be having any trouble🤣
  4. Daddyjt

    Hello Forum

    Welcome Don! You’ve got some nice Carver gear there. most of the techs here are “home grown” - we have an outstanding support community, and we encourage each other to learn and grow. I look forward to your journey, and we all stand ready to help! BTW, what speakers are you running👀
  5. Daddyjt

    Question for the experts

    In that case I will put a rectifier between my ears and my kids.
  6. Daddyjt

    Aretha Franklin Karma

    Very thoughtful karma - not in, as I already have it:-)
  7. Daddyjt

    Rip Aretha Franklin

    Damn. What a loss. Instead of fitting into a specific genre, some artists DEFINE the genre. She was one such artist. Rest In Peace.
  8. Daddyjt

    WANTED M500 or M500t chassis

    Ray, when you say chassis, are you meaning the entire external structure (case, faceplate, meter lens, etc?
  9. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

  10. Daddyjt

    Quick Intro

    Hey Kenny, welcome to the forum! I could take on your M500 in late October/early November. Shoot me a PM if you are interested!
  11. Daddyjt

    Canadian Carver Fans

    I didn’t realize they had electricity up there....
  12. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

  13. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

  14. Daddyjt

    Do you know any jokes?

    Im about as un-offendable as they come. That said, there are a few things that just aren’t funny to most people. Resurrecting a joke about rape that was not humorous the first time seems a poor decision. As for claims of the “censored world”, I can count the number of removed posts on this forum in the past several years on one hand. All was good - you over stepped with the original “joke”, Dennis did his job as a moderator and gave gentle correction. Now you seem intent on revisiting the situation. Just let it go.