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  1. There’s got to be a movie script in here somewhere.... https://www.foxnews.com/us/tennessee-police-drugs-meth-gators-toilet
  2. I suppose I misinterpreted the intent of this statement - please explain it to me, and how it was relevant to the conversation. YOU were the one that made this thread political. If you can’t see that, then there’s no point in discussing it further. Report me to whomever you want Kevin - I’m done.
  3. **Deleated** Apologies for my previous post. I have no excuse, just having a rough day. I should not have posted anything more in this thread.
  4. @Brian_at_HHH is in need of the mkII medal and the BillD medal, both completed by me:-)
  5. Call me any time my friend - I’m always available to help you out:-) I'm excited to see your new system!!
  6. I’ve been mulling this over all day (hanging Sheetrock, ones mind has room to wander), and I have to say the manner of your participation in this thread saddens and annoys me Kevin. This was a fun, intelligent and spirited discussion, and you had to come in and shit all over it with your liberal talking points. You start off with your attack on Fox News, which just shows you level of vitriol - this discussion had NOTHING to do with Fox News. Nothing. If you had even done the barest of research, you’d have found the story a credible one, being covered by your left leaning sites as well. Now you’ve managed to drag the conversation into a gun debate, the very thing I wanted to avoid. Now, you’ve essentially killed what was once a fun discussion, and turned it into a political slug-fest. Well done👏👏👏😟 I know your politics from past encounters, and believe it or not, I take caution to keep topics from veering into uncomfortable territory. Yes, I’ve made my mistakes in the past with regards to political posts. The difference is, I’ve learned from them, and am working at being a more tolerant human. Maybe you, being a member of the “tolerant and inclusive” left, could do the same. If not, feel free to stay out of these conversations in the future.
  7. Ok, here’s the same story from a liberal propaganda network, if it makes you more comfortable: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/fearing-her-husband-she-took-his-guns-to-police-they-arrested-her/ar-AADeEML I sincerely apologize for triggering you solely by the source of a story, and thank you for your input nonetheless.
  8. Gaffer’s tape is your best friend in this instance:-)
  9. Thank you for engaging in this game of “mental twister” - I am enjoying reading your opinions, and I am gratified to see that I am not alone in being somewhat conflicted over this case - certainly one of the most intriguing I’ve encountered in recent memory. I attempted to present the initial assessment in as neutral a point a point of view as possible, so as not to prematurely color anyone’s opinions. Now that we’ve all had a chance to digest the particulars, here are a few of the points that keep me from a mental resolution, some of which you guys share: 1. How far into the divorce proceedings are they? I’m assuming from the context of the story that the divorce is not yet final. 2. Do either of them have a criminal record - especially for domestic issues (and yes, her included!)? 3. Did it used to be a joint apartment? Did she have any of “her” property (community property laws not withstanding) in the apartment? 4. How exactly did she gain entry into the apartment? Did she have a key? 5. It was a weekend - does that have any effect on the speed with which she would have been able to obtain a TRO? 6. When was he set to be released? 7. Were the guns legally purchased? Was he legal to possess firearms? 8. Are there any kids involved? added to these points, I made efforts to suppress my own (strongly held) beliefs on firearms ownership, domestic abuse, and personal property rights. Thanks again for the engagement!
  10. This b!tch needs to go to prison! https://www.foxnews.com/us/woman-accused-of-binding-pups-mouth-to-keep-her-quiet-faces-felony-charge
  11. I’m going to assume the guns were otherwise legal. one of the wrinkles, in my opinion, would be that if they are still officially married (community property).
  12. Nice - a man can never have too much bass! Or guns...:-) but mainly bass....
  13. It’s not very often I read a news story that leaves me conflicted - I can usually categorize them within my own ethical, moral, and legal beliefs without conflict. This story however, has me somewhat conflicted. In a nutshell: Husband and wife attend a divorce hearing on Friday, 6/14/19. After the hearing, the Husband verbally assaults the wife. She gets in her car, calls the police, and drives away from the courthouse. While on the phone with police, the husband runs the wife off the road. The husband is apprehended, and booked into jail. Saturday, while the husband is in jail, the wife breaks into his apartment, searches for and finds his firearms, and takes the to the police station to hand them over to the authorities, ostensibly to secure her own protection. After admitting she broke into his apartment to acquire the firearms, she is arrested by the police, for armed burglary, and booked into jail. You couldn’t make this up! I am pretty conflicted on my feelings on this one, and would like to hear your thoughts. BTW, please do NOT turn this into a gun debate, or any other political debate - there’s plenty of intellectual meat on this bone to have an interesting discussion, without going into the political weeds. https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-woman-arrested-after-turning-in-estranged-husbands-gun-a-day-after-he-tried-to-run-her-over-reports
  14. Nice work - love the poly-caps...:-)
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