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  1. Daddyjt

    What’s happened to our media?

    Well said. The ONLY thing keeping the sweeping changes you mention from taking place (at an accelerated pace anyway) is civilian firearm ownership. The 300 million+ guns in the hands of almost 50% of American citizens is the most significant check on government overreach.
  2. Daddyjt

    What’s happened to our media?

    They’ve got lookers on the left too...😉
  3. Daddyjt

    What’s happened to our media?

    I agree with a lot of what has been said, especially money and ratings. I think one of the primary things driving such poor reporting out of the mainstream media is their own struggle to remain relevant in the face of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, podcasts, etc. Mainstream media simply is not equipped to compete with the speed and format/distribution of said information formats. Take a police shooting - A Facebook livestream can be uploaded and viewed 50,000 times before a news station can have a reporter on scene. The uploaded video is being viewed/shared at an exponential level, while the “news” is putting their story together. This creates tremendous pressure to get the story out NOW, with accuracy taking a distant second place. People used to hear about such happenings FROM the news. Now, by the time they see it on the “news”, they’ve already heard about it, in most cases. So now, in order to get people to watch the news coverage, they feel the need to “take a side”, and bolster a point of view. Yes, this alienates 50% of viewers, but 50% is better than 0%. So you end up with narrative-driven “coverage” that sensationalizes everything, like the “Breaking Story” banners that never seem to leave the screen on CNN or Fox.
  4. I follow the news on a regular basis, and I endeavor to consume my news from a wide range of sources – From CNN to Fox News, to Media Matters to The Daily Caller – Because I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. That said, the current state of the media is deplorable. No, I am not waving the “fake news” banner, but rather expressing disgust in ALL of our current media outlets. It is becoming almost impossible to find accurate news, sans spin, fabrications, omissions, and narrative-building. Perhaps the most disturbing trend that I see, is that of “Get the story out FIRST, then determine if it is in fact correct”. This is demonstrated in the current Jussie Smollett case. Let me state here and now that I do not believe there is any place in civilized society for an individual(s) that would attack another person and pour bleach on them, regardless of the race/nationality/sexual orientation/et al of the attackers or the victims. Period. As I read the details of the Smollett case as they emerged, I immediately had questions – “MAGA country” in downtown Chicago at 2am? Refusal to allow police access to the phone? Waiting almost an hour to notify police? None of these questions seemed to give the media the least bit of pause, and you could almost feel the “glee” as they reported this incident – because it fits their narrative. Now, after the INVESTIGATION, we start to learn the FACTS of the case, and it looks somewhat wobbly, to say the least. That said, I am reserving my judgement until we have ALL the facts. Why doesn’t the media do the same? I have my theory, but I’m interested to hear what you all have to say. This is a touchy subject, but I think we are grown-up enough to have an adult discussion without going off the rails on a political bender. With that in mind, please no shouts of “fake news”, or blanket statements like “liberal bias” - I’m curious what YOU think is driving the media to such poor levels of execution.
  5. Daddyjt

    Have import tariffs affected your industry?

    This has been a healthy conversation thus far - please keep the politically charged content to a minimum. Failing to do so will either cause the thread to escalate out of control, or cause level-headed individuals to refrain from posting, for fear of getting caught up in said escalation. Thank you you for your consideration, and carry on.
  6. Daddyjt

    The Expanse

    I enjoyed this as well. Especially the fact that it’s a sci-fi series that gets the SCIENCE right (for the most part).
  7. Daddyjt

    Did you play or do you play Video Games

    I played some Atari 2600 when I was in jr high. I kinda missed the whole NES debut (HS wrestling, football, debate and dating), then got a Sega Genesis - man, that thing was GROUNDBREAKING at the time. Then I went to the Atari Jaguar - Alien vs Predator on that thing was intense. Then it was Playstation and Metal Gear Solid, and the first game to really scare me - Resident Evil. I followed the whole resident evil series on PlayStation, and eventually to GameCube. Also a huge fan of Gran Turismo on PlayStation one and two. Then it was Game Cube, with the afore mentioned Resident Evil franchise, and Metroid Prime. I pretty much much gave up video games when we started having kids, and time became a much more valuable commodity - video games just don’t make the cut any more in the free time allocation:-(
  8. Daddyjt

    Weird headline of the day

    Cryptocurrency executive dies with passwords needed to unlock customer’s 190 million https://www.foxnews.com/tech/cryptocurrency-exchange-chief-dies-with-passwords-needed-to-unlock-customers-190m-reports-say
  9. Daddyjt

    Post count in "What are you listening too"

    Good idea - Let me see what we can do there!
  10. Daddyjt

    Post count in "What are you listening too"

    Dick, Yes, posts in the “what are you listening to now” thread are no longer accruing in member’s post counts. This was discussed amongst the moderation team, and a consensus was reached on our last group conference call about a week ago. The concern has been raised that disproportionate activity in this forum was having the unintended consequence of skewing other metrics on the site. To be clear, activity in this thread is NOT being discouraged, and this change should not affect anyone’s posting activity whatsoever.
  11. Daddyjt

    Favorite Pictures

  12. Daddyjt

    Favorite Soundtrack

    Lol, I definately hate me some Beatles😱😉😈😂🤮