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  1. I’m at the point in my audio journey (and I’m sure a few of you are too) where I really don’t need more gear, are at least gear that is significantly better than what I already have is beyond my means. Therefore, what really drives me now, is new music to enjoy. It’s become a bit of an obsession, driven in part by my discovery of the Shazam app. I know we already have the “what are you listening to now” thread, and the “song of the day” thread, and while those are great in their own right, knowing that someone is listening to DSOTM, Aja, Rumors, etc isn’t really what I’m looking for. The purpose of this thread is to share music that you have discovered, that you have a reasonable belief the many here may not have heard of. Any genre, any medium - quality recordings a definite plus. A couple of my recent “finds”:
  2. Wow. Those are probably the nicest pair I’ve seen. If I lived closer....
  3. BB King "I'm Moving On" Just this morning I took a big long look around I've lived it up and loved it up And done it in this town Life goes on Look like it's time For moving on Good-bye, baby I wanna thank you for the ride We did a dance and took a chance Nothing we ain't tried C'est la vie Time, you and me Moving on I'm moving on I'll see you somewhere down the line I'm moving on We're looking good and feeling fine I'm moving on And you are yours and I'm mine I'll see you somewhere in my dreams I'm moving on So thanks for all the memories I'm moving on And you can call me Mr. Breeze I'm moving on Life is full of mysteries Nothing is ever what it seems Might try Vegas And keep on playing till I win Or take it out to Hollywood And fall in love again Come what may Night and day I'm moving on I'm moving on I'm moving on I'll see you somewhere down the line I'm moving on We're looking good and feeling fine I'm moving on And you are yours and I'm mine I'll see you somewhere in my dreams I'm moving on So thanks for all the memories I'm moving on And you can call me Mr. Breeze I'm moving on Life is full of mysteries Nothing is ever what it seems
  4. No problem - I already have one, but when has THAT ever been an excuse for passing on a piece of gear?
  5. I would be interested, and I have several C1s - but I wouldn’t be able to get to BillDing one for you for a couple months....
  6. AFAIK, they all have the switch (mine included), and the black cap just covers the switch. The switch is an attempt to make the speakers more “amp friendly” by adding a 1ohm (if I remember correctly) resistor into the bass circuit. I’ve never used the switch, as I’ve always had plenty of power on hand (thank you Bob Carver), and because I’ve read that using it does come at the cost of losing some low-end extension.
  7. Happy birthday, eh! (do they celebrate birthdays up there...?)😉😂
  8. I am glad you got to “stretch their legs” a bit Brian, and thanks for the kind words my friend😉 Hats off indeed to @RichP714 and the late BillD for their pioneering spirit and dedication to the upgrades. You cant break the laws of physics, but Mr Carver sure knew how to bend them... PS - if you really want to see this meters dance, get yourself an Infinity Kappa 9 pair😈
  9. Hey Brian, glad you finally made it here! I remember my trip(s) out to your place well. How are the Polks holding up? Did you ever look into the RDO 194 tweeter upgrades I told you about? as for a C1, I’ve got you covered. In fact, I’ve got a backup one with the BillD mods we can slip into your system, and you can audition it for as long as you like (it’s just collecting dust at my place!). PM me your number (I can’t find it in my phone any more, from last year), and we can chat. welcome again! PS - that Klipsch sub is still in the box, lol🤣🤣
  10. Nope. Your best bet to reach him is through his eBay store.
  11. Chat box never loads for me - IPad, running current (13, I think) IOS... I just get the spinning wheel... Never mind - working now👍
  12. Thanks guys - I appreciate the kind words!
  13. A few of you here know the background with my mother-in-law, but for those that don’t, she is the kindest, most giving person I have ever met in my life. Period. I am closer to her (and my father-in-law) than I have ever been to anyone in my own family. 16 years ago, she developed pancreatitis that put her in the hospital for 3 months, and almost killed her. 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a long and painful fight (chemo, radiation, mastectomy), she beat it. 4 years ago, she was diagnosed with radiation induced sarcoma - that’s right, the radiation that killed the original cancer, gave her cancer. She beat that after surgery and a 20 square inch skin graft. Now, a few months ago, she was diagnosed with ANOTHER case of radiation induced sarcoma. She underwent surgery, and had almost 40 square inches of skin removed. After that surgery, she was put on a “wound pump” - a device that fills the wound void with semi-permeable foam. Then the entire wound is covered with an air-tight seal, and an external pump (rechargeable battery powered and the size of a woman’s purse) is attached to keep the wound at a negative pressure. This keeps the wound infused with blood, and is said to make the wound much more receptive to a future skin graft. Today we received news news that the wound pump has done such a good job, that she will not need a skin graft. I find this incredible news, that a wound TWICE as big as the first will require no additional surgery or graft. This news could not befall a more deserving person, and we are all feeling truly blessed, and I felt compelled to share with my extended family here. Thanks for listening!
  14. For this weekend’s selection, I offer a clever and intriguing “heist” film, appropriately titled Heist (not The Heist, or American Heist - Just Heist). This is a heist film that does not rely on shootouts, pulse-pounding building climes, or helicopter stunts to move the story along. It relies on clever planning, slight of hand twists and superb acting to deliver the goods (pun). This film is stacked with memorable performances - Delroy Lindo, Danny Devito, Rebecca Pidgeon, Sam Rockwell, Ricky Jay, and of course Gene Hackman. I can’t discuss too much without giving anything away, but if you like a good Heist movie, this one is well worth your time:-)
  15. I was merely taken by the size of the explosion. I was NOT interested in any political discussion, and really did not see it as potential to cause trouble. That said, I’ll lock the thread to keep the peace.
  16. This short video/story is disturbing, to say the least... https://taskandpurpose.com/russia-nuclear-accident-chernobyl
  17. I hate to cannibalize it if someone wants the whole thing... if you don’t get any takers for the complete unit, shoot me a pm:-)
  18. I need a driver for a signature - anyone know if they are the same?
  19. These guys have a pretty fun YouTube channel, going through abandoned/dilapidated ares. This one on the auto factories of Detroit is fascinating, creepy and heartbreaking all at once.
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