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  1. PhilDent


    Growing up, I wasn't allowed any sort of pin-up shots, so I was limited to posters of hockey players and bands. My mom hated this one so much that she made me take it down.
  2. PhilDent

    What are you listening to?

    Randog311, I remember listening to this song (and the entire 90125 CD) at my friend's house. His parents had just bought a Kenwood CD player and Bose 901's. I was blown away at how good it sounded. I pre-ordered this months ago and it just showed up today. Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here in 5.1
  3. PhilDent

    What are you listening to?

    This is Sea Change by Beck in 5.1 I've been wanting this for a while and finally sucked it up and paid more than I wanted to. It is mixed by Elliot Scheiner. I find his mixes to be stellar and to date have not found one that I did not enjoy. This one is fantastic.
  4. PhilDent

    RAID anyone ??

    Mark, I feel your pain: After seeing your stockpile in another thread, I felt both dumb and naively unprepared. I would like to upgrade eventually to a raid, but I've been backing up my data using a different method. I buy two physical drives and copy everything to both - one primary, the other a mirror. Years ago, I started with two 500MB drives. Each time that I've run out of space, I've doubled the capacity. So I've gone from 500MB, to 1TB, to 2TB, to 4TB. Right now I have two 8TB drives. I also have an online backup service that also mirrors the primary drive. This approach also has extra redundancy in that I keep all of the older drives, so the older data is also backed up over several drives.
  5. Does anyone else have problems playing back the tracks linked above? When I try and playback most of the tracks, they cut off after 10 - 15 seconds. I've tried re-downloading and also just playing them back from the link, but so far no joy. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. PhilDent

    Barry Galvin’s Current 2 channel setup

    Thanks for the pictures Barry. That's a cool setup.
  7. PhilDent

    Just got here...

    Welcome Mr. Dew, I'll echo with what others have said. The C-1 BillD and the M500T Mkii are excellent choices. Enjoy the music.
  8. I'd like to set up a system for my wife's home office. She uses a tiny Bluetooth speaker. This would allow for quite an upgrade. I'm in with 346
  9. I bought this for myself on a Black Friday sale. It's an Elac Uni-Fi UC5 center channel. I'd already had it integrated in my system, but Wifey gift wrapped the box and put a new framing hammer inside. I guess that was her subtle hint that she wants some stuff done around the house. I see some rustic, floating shelves in her future.
  10. PhilDent

    Itch's Office System (CF275)

    What an awesome office system. Are those speakers KEF LS-50s? I've read so many good reviews of them and wondered if they would pair well with Carver gear.
  11. PhilDent

    RIP: Larry Roberts

    I'm glad that Al Gore "took the initiative to create the internet", but he could've kept that global warming stuff to himself.
  12. PhilDent

    What's cookin?

    The bark on that brisket looks great! I love me some brisket. In my earlier years, I worked for a Texas BBQ caterer, that specialized in brisket. They had a smoker that could hold 2000 lbs of meat. I remember one big catering, where I carved almost 50 briskets in one service. Since then I've developed my technique for smoking. I've never used a traeger, but I've heard that they have great results since they keep such a consistent temp. I use a weber smokey mountain, which is much trickier to keep a consistent temp. Typically, I use Kingsford Charcoal mixed with smokewood, but I've been experimenting with Royal Oak. I've smoked them as long as 14 hours. The last one I did was 18 lbs. It was both the point and flat muscles. I could barely shoehorn it onto the cooker. After seasoning, I cook it fat side up around 200 - 225 until the internal temp reaches 170. Then, I foil it (aka the Texas Crutch) and put it back on the cooker until internal temp reaches ~195. Rest it in a cooler until it's time to eat.
  13. PhilDent

    Dogs - Post Em' If You Got Em'

    This is our family dog. Kids named her Habu (Long Story). She is a papered AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback
  14. PhilDent

    What's cookin?

    That roast looks awesome. I do prime rib every Christmas Eve and I have experimented with a couple of methods. My favorite is to slow cook at 200 until I'm just under desired temp. I tent with foil and let rest. I crank the oven as high as it will go. In the meantime we serve up all the veggies and sides and I throw the roast back into the oven for about 15 mins. Then I immediately carve and plate the hot slices.
  15. PhilDent

    What are you listening to?

    I got this album when I bought a collection of SACDs from another member here. It sat on my shelf for a long time because I never was much of a NIN fan, and most songs I can't play when my kids are within earshot. I gave it another listen recently, and while I would characterize the majority of the tracks as cacophonous, auditory aggravation, there are a few tracks that I could tolerate. I was surprised by the impressive utilization of the 5.1 soundstage. Trent Reznor creates layers of sound that I found myself unexpectedly enjoying.