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  1. PhilDent

    Sony Karma

    Maybe I should learn to read directions. D'oh! Congrats Dennis 47.
  2. PhilDent

    Sony Karma

    In! with 55. Cool karma.
  3. PhilDent

    new to site...

    Welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of information here as well as many ways to spend your money. Enjoy!
  4. PhilDent

    Weird headline of the day

    I find this method much more expedient 😉
  5. PhilDent

    Weird headline of the day

    Didn't you get the last progressive bulletin regarding transsexuals? They say that sexual identity, expression and proclivity are all on a spectrum and vary, independent of biology. So it makes sense that this chap could say that his age is independent of his biology. I'm going to start trolling for coeds! Who's with me?
  6. PhilDent

    HELLO (again)

    Welcome back! Post some pictures of your stuff and tell us about your audio journey.
  7. PhilDent

    Craigslist Carver Gear

    I'll see what I can do. One problem is that those speakers are a little hard to sneak past wifey even if I have enough in the alcohol/firearms/stereo equipment slush fund.
  8. PhilDent

    Brothers in Arms Multi Channel

    I totally understand that sentiment. My dad was a huge baseball fan and coach. I grew up always telling him that baseball was boring. Unfortunately it wasn't until after he passed that I began to appreciate the game, and I realized how much I could have learned from him. It is one of the biggest regrets of my life - dismissing the knowledge that he was offering me and missing out on one of those fleeting opportunities to bond.
  9. PhilDent

    Brothers in Arms Multi Channel

    Skibum, I love baseball too, but hockey and baseball are different worlds. Baseball is a chess match. Hockey is 60 minutes of action.
  10. Years ago my cameraman friend got a gig shooting a commercial for paint, which included hours of filming paint drying. The irony was that the client had even hired a sound man for the shoot.
  11. PhilDent

    Craigslist Carver Gear

    Thanks for the perspective Raven. I'm not real experienced with these speakers and wonder if they've held up over time or if will they need work. Also, speakers of this size typically have an extremely low WAF.
  12. Found this on a craigslist near me. He is asking $750 for the whole lot. Good deal? Carver CT-23 Preamp, Carver A-500X Amplifier, 2 Carver AL-III Plus Speakers. Good condition. System is hooked up to my CD player. Bring your favorite CD's to see, hear and appreciate this powerful system. No subwoofer needed, great base response. Owners manual included. Comes with Monster Cables. Speakers are 6 feet tall. Must be sold as complete unit. This system cost around $5,000 new in early 1980's. Come listen and make me an offer! Cash only! Call Roy at show contact info
  13. PhilDent

    PF Wish You Were Here SACD reissue.

    Thanks for the heads up ogld98gtp. Acousticsounds wanted $15 for shipping. Mark thanks for starting the thread and starting the information flowing. Even though I bought this for a friend of mine probably 10 years ago for $50, I was happy to pre-order from music direct and only pay $5 for shipping for a total of $40. The best thing is that it is shipping in December and I'm sure I'll have long forgotten that I ever bought it. Bonus!
  14. PhilDent

    New guy here !

    Welcome Turbo! It starts with just one piece. I bought an A-400x off of Ebay based on an article I read about Carver gear. Since then, I've bought two more amps and two pre-amps and have had several of them modified by one of the techs here without regret Enjoy the music and the ride -PhilDent
  15. PhilDent

    This made me laugh. Out loud.

    I ran across this guy a while back. I enjoyed this routine. He also has a funny routine involving rubber ducks that my kids especially enjoyed. This one almost made my wife pee herself