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  1. Guaranteed. Even more so, because she has a huge mirror (~5'x8') in her room that I've caught her working on her dance moves and lip synching. She is much like her dad and tends to push the dB's. In fact, I often feel hypocritical when I tell her to turn it down. However, I justify it to myself because I pay the bills, therefore I dictate the dB's That is a great idea. I need to look into that. Agreed. It absolutely pains me to watch kids listen to songs on their cell phone/tablet speakers. I saw my daughter doing that, so I bought some Taylor Swift CDs and played them for her on my system. I took great joy watching her face as she experienced her favorite music as she never had before. On the downside, I now have to listen to Taylor Swift songs, then I realize that she will not be a little girl for long, so I endeavor to enjoy these memories together.
  2. I noticed that my 11 year old daughter was listening to more and more music, so I took a cue from other members here and set her up with a quality sound system. This is a BillD C1 with a TFM-15. The speakers are a couple center channel speakers I had laying around and the source is her tablet.
  3. Your reel to reel is on the way. Happy Birthday Carter!
  4. Nice place. I'm hoping to one day make it out of Southern Kalifornia and a place like that sure looks inviting. I imagine you can push your Carver gear to mind-numbing volume without a worry of bothering the neighbors. Enjoy -PhilDent
  5. I'll have to ask. I didn't see any laying around, but there could be a stash somewhere. I did not plug it in and test it. It's been years since I threaded a tape, but I'm sure I could figure it out again. Does anyone know the value of these machines?
  6. I was helping clean out my wife's grandparents' house and came across this Sony reel to reel machine. I have no idea of the value, but I'd prefer that it would go to someone who would use it. Let me know if you are interested. It is a Sony TC-558.
  7. PhilDent

    Favorite Quotes

    "Good people get angry when you lie about them. Bad people get angry when you tell the truth about them." -Stefan Molyneux
  8. I've been adding to my 5.1 collection. I wish these discs weren't so expensive.
  9. I've given my dog h2o2 mixed with Gatorade when she ate something that we feared was possibly lethal. It had her vomiting like an over-served sorority pledge. It worked like a charm. It was much cheaper than the time we took her to the the emergency vet hospital when we feared that she had eaten an entire bulb of garlic. In that instance the medically induced vomiting, instead of confirming a lethal dose of garlic in her stomach, revealed she had eaten my daughter's socks and a nerf ball.
  10. PhilDent


    This is surprising news to me. I saw him at the Wildcard gym a couple of months ago. He lived in the same building as legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach and he came by the gym to watch Manny Pacquiao spar while training for his last bout. To me it did not appear that he was sick. R.I.P.
  11. I recently put my 5.1 setup back together, and I was immediately reminded how much I like 5.1 music. This is one of my latest additions to the collection. I love hearing classic albums in surround.
  12. Welcome! You have found a great place for someone with your/our interests. I'm curious as to why you call the room "the boonies"? PhilDent
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