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  1. Forum members, I have a "sort of" Karma to offer. I don't want to get into a long backstory, but I have an M500T cover signed by the BobFather himself. For reasons that I won't go into, I don't want this cover, but I thought that someone here might value it. This is a piece of Carver history (and a real score if your name is Charles). Currently this cover resides at DaddyJt's place. If anyone is interested in this signed cover, ship him your cover and he'll send you back the signed one. This "sort of" Karma is first come first served. -PhilDent
  2. Congrats AndrewJohn! I told myself that if I won this karma today that it would be a sign that I should buy Dennis Miller's M500TmkII. Well I didn't win, but I still think it's a sign that I should buy Dennis Miller's M500TmkII. OCCD Rules. PM Sent.
  3. The omission of that vowel would definitely change the entire meaning of that sentence. 😯 I noticed that you had some sound absorption treatment behind your Electro static speakers. Have you noticed a difference with the treatment than without? I've read that you should put sound diffusers behind electrostatics, but I've never tried it on mine.
  4. Since he had his own apartment, I would have to assume that they were separated. I wonder if this separation affects the notion of marital, community property. This is a compelling thought experiment. On the one hand the wife committed a crime. One might argue that she was justified to commit the crime for her own protection. On the other hand one could also argue that she did not utilize the legal tools available to her, i.e., a court ordered restraining order. However, one must consider the practicality of this option. Could she have tried to get a restraining order (or temporary restraining order) before he posts bail and has the opportunity to attack her? And the question remains if this was even an option for her. Is there a judge available that will sign a Temporary Restraining Order? Will the TRO stipulate the removal of firearms from the husband, as can happen, especially in domestic cases (at least in the state of California)? Would a restraining order even deter a motivated and possibly armed husband? I think Sk1Bum is on the right track of giving her a slap on the wrist, and in the process she can be given counsel on what her legal options are.
  5. One day a friend of mine got so annoyed by his teenage son and friends using the word "like" that he offered a prize of $20 to whomever said "like" the fewest times. From that point on they all policed each other's use of "like" in order to win the Jackson, and my friend had an almost "like" free day.
  6. I showed your system to the wifey and she said, "I would definitely bury you in that speaker cabinet...on second thought, I'd sell the speakers and buy a cheap casket and pocket the difference" Now that's love.
  7. Greg Giraldo was one of my all time favorites. His roasts were epic.
  8. Years ago I lived in Germany and I remember one of the popular street foods was "Pommes Frittes Rot Weiss". Translated this means "French fries red white" It was French fries with the thin, tomatoey Euro style ketchup and mayo. I'm sure "mayochup" is equally popular in certain parts of Germany as well.
  9. Straight from the Miss Manitoba Moose Knuckle Contest, I nominate this gal for the honor of Miss Sonic Holography.
  10. Interesting that you should say that. One quote that stuck with me from an owner of one of these private rail cars was this: "Buying a private rail car makes the purchase of a yacht look like a financially sound and wise decision". Truly, they are absolute money pits.
  11. Well done Mark! I love the black and white photo you posted. I appreciate your effort to get the great shot and to separate yourself from the lemmings. Years ago I worked on a Travel Channel show called "Tricked Out Trains" I took a lot of train rides around the country on private rail cars. The owners of these cars called the train fans "foamers" (meaning they foamed at the mouth when they saw trains that they liked). -PhilDent
  12. I'm just glad that the site is back up. Thanks to all to those whose hard work made this happen.
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