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  1. Sorry guys. Bumped prematurely. Have obligations to a Bama game i need to meet. May never get another carver till next year
  2. still looking unless that mk didnt sell. waiting to hear back. I had to delay my purchase of the carver here.
  3. the 500t that is in the pictures in this post...
  4. I have decided to get the m500 with the blue leds. $500 is about the max I felt comfortable in my system to spend. unless I find a suitcase with money in it!!!
  5. I know you do. I saw your add on karma and you are the reason I am wanting a carver again. lol
  6. those are beautiful. I will PM u OMG... I will send you a pm
  7. I wish I had never sold my m1.0 but alas I did. I am looking to try out the TFM this time. like the TFM-25 maybe ...but I will entertain any carver amp period
  8. gentlejax

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    Okay. Well i guess thats why i have run pro amps for the last year. Not because i run 4ohms bridged but because i can if i want to. Good pro amps are built to take abuse. And they are cheaper.
  9. gentlejax

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    well is there a specific reason they blew up? or is there something much better about the tfm design? you have made me change my mind on the SS amps..lol..
  10. gentlejax

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    I had talked to Wade long time back, well more than 4yrs ago. he was taking all the old SS car amps and repairing them and whatnot. Had some issues for some and it turned into a sour deal and stained his rep. Not that it matters to me. his stuff was good and id like to run them in the future. I knew about his health as that was apparently part of the issue. he had peoples amps but wasnt repairning them. I dont need his info I was just curious if you had spoken to him. I am aware of a few out there and I am thinking about it. lol.....I miss my carver amp though....
  11. gentlejax

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    i know that they are different. I am a longtime Soundstream fan f rom car audio days. I have seen a couple DA1 pop up but never have the funds at the time. how much different does the 1 sound vs the 2 ? when you say you talked to the engineer did you talk to Mr. Stewart or someone at Krell?
  12. gentlejax

    SoundStream DA-2 RoadShow

    I have been hunting for one of these or the DA1 for a while. Would love to hear it .
  13. gentlejax

    FS: refurbed Carver M1.0T

    $400 shipped. thats less than I paid . its still under warranty
  14. gentlejax

    FS: refurbed Carver M1.0T

  15. gentlejax

    FS: refurbed Carver M1.0T

    still on the block. $425 shipped to fellow carver lovers