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  1. work done by allflehisequalwhenburnt he is member here you all know. yes I actually do own one..have owned 2 others and a carver sunfire processor. once you try one you always want another i guess Carver TFM-15 Amplifier Restored. Has been fully torture tested and ready to provide many more years of loyal service. The amplifier was stripped down and cleaned Old dried out thermal paste was removed New silicone thermal pads were added to all heat sink mounted transistors All electrolytic caps replaced Power caps were replaced with 22000uf 63v nippon chemi cons rated at 105c instead of 85c This will ensure the amp lives a much healthier life. The amp draws more then what the 50v caps can provide, with the increased heat they fail. Audio signal caps were replaced with Nichicon muse and finegold and Nichicon in the power regulator board. The lamps were replaced with 3mm square top blue LEDs ran in series with a 7.5k resistor. Which will allow adequate brightness and longevity of the lights. They don’t flicker under load either. Meters recalibrated Idle current dialed in according to specifications Rcas and speaker terminals in good shape didn’t see a need to replace at this time. Cosmetically 9.5/10 Operation 10/10
  2. the yamaha sounds fine on the polks . plenty of bass if I need it. I havnt come close to the limits of it. I think i would melt the voice coils first even though they are rated at 500rms. the yammie does 650 but I havnt pushed it there. sounds just like this carver tfm15 I am testing right now. the yammie is not a class D its some other special class they have and it runs mostly A/B. website explains EEE better than I can. it sounds nothing like a crown drivecore. I just replaced a NAD c160 stereo preamp. when I ran it I wasnt needing my subs for lows. the yammie was plenty full and sounded like vintage sansui. now I am running a Krell multi processor and its clearer and more seperation.. honestly I am fine keeping it. I Just always wanted more carver after I sold my m1.0t ..... the carver meters are cool. the yammie has meters too but different.
  3. Just got this one in before I realized I was going to need more power. I initially bought to run on some surround speakers but I have a whole other monster for that . I need a tfm45 or 55 not the little 15 although it does a really good job on my power hungry Polks . I do not like to run at the limits I like to have headroom. for most people this will work wonders. I havnt run it to the max but at pretty loud levels its neck and neck with my monster Yamaha . its been tot ally rebuilt and some things upgraded. blue meters look fantastic. $350 shipped . ok once again my pics are too big. if someone needs pics message me!
  4. folks I dont need a trade for all your stock...I just need a recapped m1.5t or TFM45/55 .....1 amp for 1 amp......I figured this was the easiest way to get a swap and not have to go into piggy bank and I know some of you folks have extra back up for the backups ... I have pics and videos I can send direct to you. apparently too big for here .
  5. do to the future plans I went ahead and bought the Krell...just to see what its about always wanted one. they are pretty popular so if I dont like it I can sell it fairly surely
  6. its all up in the air. I have multiple amps and speakers I can use but I have been using a 2 channel preamp. I sold it and bought a multi and I just got it and during testing I found it was defective. Im open to see whats out there. music is priority really but I am seeing what you guys have. its not like there is an oversupply of carver stuff that is solid and ready for another decade. if I dont find something I have my eye on a Krell preamp not to far from me. its ht but its pretty nice.
  7. Preamp I just recently bought is faulty....great time to see if anyone has a Carver preamp that has been gone thru....meaning its not going to fail on me next week. no preference other than it has to sound good and be solid. let me know. I have my eye on another option but I am trying to get my carver groove on. already have 1 amp.
  8. I am also interested in a m1.5t I think more than the m1.0t or the m500t. it would be more suited to my polks .
  9. and it now looks like I am out of this as my preamp I just got has a bad channel and I have to figure out what I am going to use for my source after I return this one.
  10. I have to keep the lights on too....I figure one of these Carver addicts is being greedy but actually could use a big power amp and trade me. lol
  11. now you have my full attention. they would be all blue ? right...?
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