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  1. the intentional dumbing down of America so that we are no longer the world leader is necessary for their to be a one world government. we went from booming manufacturing after WW2 to what amounts to is service industry . importing more than exporting. corruption and greed. everyone is for sale . it hasnt happened by accident.
  2. this is a very nice amp. unlike most class D this is a decent weight amp @ 26lbs. solid case and quality parts. has the heavy duty RCA jacks that dont break and XLR ouputs to run balanced. its rated 250rms X 2@ 8ohms . There is not a lot on it but if you google it there are some nice reviews. I am only selling it cause its easier to change amps than the change speakers and I have some power hungry speakers. I am talking 250-500rms rated and I like headroom so I am going to a carver 1.0 with the mods. this is class D ice powered amp and if you google it , its not like the old ice powered car amps. I have run it for a few months and had zero complaints with the sound. I will get pics later today $600 shipped. new was 1400 .. I am not sure when they stopped this model. they have one now but its got the MKII designation but same power.
  3. I hope so. Hard to work to be able to buy an amp this high. I dont want to buy any more unless spare
  4. ill consider any of the carver amps but they must be rebuilt
  5. I had to wait last time I had the chance to buy but now I can make the move. just need to find one that is done or in the works even. it will take me a day or so to pay. I have some things to move and I wont move them until I have a replacement. I just cant shake the urge to have one of these beauties. lmk what and how much. what color bulbs matters ..I prefer the blue..it matchs my other stuff.
  6. im telling myself that these are the perfect amps brawn and beauty.... I run Polk RTiA9's which some say are bright. will these sound bright?
  7. happy birthday to the hero of the carver community
  8. I don't really have a preference. older or newer. I just want it to work like it should and not need anything.
  9. Sorry guys. Bumped prematurely. Have obligations to a Bama game i need to meet. May never get another carver till next year
  10. still looking unless that mk didnt sell. waiting to hear back. I had to delay my purchase of the carver here.
  11. the 500t that is in the pictures in this post...
  12. I have decided to get the m500 with the blue leds. $500 is about the max I felt comfortable in my system to spend. unless I find a suitcase with money in it!!!
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