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  1. https://www.fastcompany.com/90403645/mozilla-and-creative-commons-want-to-reimagine-the-internet-without-ads-and-they-have-100m-to-do-it
  2. Thanks for that informative reply to the post A.J. you are dead nuts on your observations. I've noticed too at software I have bought in the past that carried lifetime user ownership now only offers updated versions to a yearly subscription rather than an updated version. I do not want to rent, I want to own, so I don't update them. I wouldn't mind having to pay a nominal fee for updating, but that isn't offered. It's all about the money....
  3. Nice place, looks like neighbors will be far enough away, crank it up. Congrats
  4. Really guys? I'm just trying to figure out what day it is.......
  5. sounds like it will run good until the muffler bearing goes out.
  6. Sister recently lost a friend to Colon Cancer. His illness left him without work. With no work had no insurance. He lasted about 3 years before he succumbed to the cancer. It takes about 7 years to get to that stage. He failed to have tests done when he did have insurance and he paid the heavy price. There are other preps procedures available without having to drink a gallon of stuff. Sodium phosphates Magnesium Citrate, after a round of ducolax. Ask your dr. for an alternative than the gallon crap.
  7. danowood


    We have posted many losses over the years. Perhaps we can create a new Forum or Topic OBITUARIES. We have lost another Icon member from the Easy Rider film, Peter Fonda. RIP Peter. https://people.com/movies/peter-fonda-dead-at-79/?fbclid=IwAR12eTJGmq5MzlBfAAnbCTwlV5LYnio20Brt53W181yXhC8cJblmraUuFcI
  8. Didn't know where else to post this. News Update. I didn't know this till today. I found out that God's Real name is Howard......... I thought I would share it with you so that you too may feel more educated.
  9. The fall of companies after NAFTA were as popular as a fart in a fan factory.
  10. Yes I watched it, Reminds me of Longmire.
  11. Another perspective view of the Civil War, and it's affects on the Nation. An oldie but never forgotten. James Stuart in the epic story of Shenandoah.
  12. I'm glad it made the trip damage free Tushar, even though I try to pack it so no damage becomes of it, you never know how it's going to be treated.
  13. I enjoy history related movies, especially ones that shows our past and rights that have been restored. And not to be negligent in respect this one's on my list too.
  14. This is one of them on the list of my fav's. It was actually filmed on the Gettysburg battle sight, which only a select few have been done. Has some great actors in this movie.
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