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  1. It has been discovered the reason behind Whitney Houston's pysco. problems and drugs, all which led to her suicide, and were tied to childhood sexual abuse by her cousin Dee-Dee Warwick, (also kin to Dionne Warwick) Whitney's brother was also abused by her. A new Documentary movie is coming out with the exposure.
  2. danowood

    Society woes

    There was more to this interview, this part is even better:
  3. danowood

    Society woes

  4. danowood

    Society woes

    Perhaps something we can all agree upon?
  5. danowood

    Society woes

    That not too bad there but most are like this
  6. danowood

    What are you listening to?

    A long time friend of mine delivering a song he wrote a tribute to Merle Haggard.
  7. danowood

    Society woes

    Good one PR at least you can understand what they are saying LOL
  8. danowood

    Society woes

    Of course we enjoy new music but to me that isn't music. Again, to each their own
  9. danowood

    Society woes

    No offense to those that listen to this type of music but I didn't realize there were so many in our society that catered to this kind of crapola and call it music. And to top it off consider it more popular than the Beatles. No wonder there is such a divide in our society and politics. (I know, a prohibited word on this site) so please don't make it about politics) https://www.thewrap.com/drake-scores-7-songs-on-billboard-top-10-besting-beatles-record/
  10. danowood

    Technics turn table issues

    It's possible, however, it should be service if never done, to have the dampening fluid refreshed, if you notice the tonearm is not ideally functioning properly. It should freely raise up and softly lowered. What makes this a blessing is that parts that are no longer available can be 3D printed and used to repair vintage gear. So if you have a failure on your 1300 the broke part can be temporarily glued back together, then scanned and a new part printed.
  11. danowood

    Wrong Smoke Alarm

    just put a mini switch between battery and unit to shut it off. When done turn both switchs back on.
  12. danowood

    Technics turn table issues

    For those that have the technics turntables and have had issues with the cue arm not raising (an apparent design flaw, as most all have this issue). This is in regards to the MKII series, from the sl1300 up to the sl1500 series, there has been a fix for this hounding issues for years since the part hasn't been available. Futile attempts have been made to repair these with glues and other attempts but in the end they all have been futile because the reparis don't hold up. Now a company is making 3d prints of these in stronger plastics and beefed up the part. Here is a post on the issue. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=67144&start=15 and http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/fixed-cueing-arm-lift-for-technics-sl1300-1400-1500-mk2-series.585566/ this is what the part looks like and what the replacement part costs https://www.shapeways.com/product/HWP456QNW/technics-sl-1300-1400-1500-mk2-cueing-steel-bushi. A note as to the part having to be modded a little bit as to a notch that has to be filed off, which has to do with contacting the muting switch that was causing an issue. This was due to the 3d print over lap in the process. I have been dealing with this for years and found it a blessing to bring these back to life.