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  1. Favorite Pictures

    Could have been album cover for Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
  2. comparing M4.0T amps

    anyone have an idea as to why the added resistors in photo one compared to photo two? one amp is a year newer than the other. Was this a change in design or a modification? if so for what purpose? It's the first set of photos in the post. Thanks,
  3. comparing M4.0T amps

    Thanks Jim and what about the first group of pics showing resistors on one and none in the other?
  4. comparing M4.0T amps

    Yea, not sure what happened. They were showing when I posted. I used the plug in Gregg provided. I revised the first group of pics in the original post. This Section I was asking about is in the top left of both photos. This is the section on the left and right channels. Different cap or whaterever that is thats blue while rest are green.
  5. comparing M4.0T amps

    I am replacing big caps on a M 4.0T. Was comparing with another I have and noticed a few things that were different. They are a year apart in manufacturing date. The newer one appears to have resistors where the other didn't in the circuit. Not sure if this was a manufacture change, or a modification. Any one have any ideas? Also will post a different change on left channel right channel with what appears to be a different cap and am wondering if this was a repair with the wrong spec cap in it. Will post that pick next.
  6. How to edit pictures [pending]

    Is there a walk through how to use for dumb azz's? LOL
  7. Amazing Young Talent

    Another young Wayne Newton on the horrizon?
  8. How does one edit a pic so that they can draw on it before submission. I see where some draw red lines or circles around schematics or pictures of circuit boards.
  9. Time for a little house cleaning?

    Amen Brutha well stated.
  10. So I Guess Knives Are Next ?

    Just so you know where this is going https://conservativedailypost.com/dem-rep-debbie-dingell-to-introduce-gun-confiscation-legislation/
  11. Amazing Young Talent

  12. Weird headline of the day

    Hope the court room is big enough for the car to enter. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/03/27/self-driving-car-ticketed-san-francisco/
  13. Weird headline of the day

  14. Forums requiring Moderator approval

    I understand your tenacity of your concerns, I at times I have had mine even though it wasn't really about me; however, I have found that is best to leave things be that tend to resurrect issues that merge into confrontations, especially when there are no resolves. Yes, it may be a cowardly way out, but, it doesn't change your opinion even if you keep it to yourself. Leave it up to others to make their own observations. One thing I finally realized here is there are restrictions on some dialogues here, (you don't have a first amendment here; due to the ability for some to keep their candor in control. My advice is to try and go with the flow, and if not skip over it, it's not worth the harm to yourself or others respectfully. Even family's have infighting, but it's just not healthy. Just MO.