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  1. Miss you Gary, I think of you every time I crank up my rig. I still remember the "wall of sound" from the first fest.
  2. Roger Waters "The Wall". It was excellent and well worth watching.
  3. A Marantz 1060 amp with AR-4a speakers and an AR turntable. It was a very good sounding system. Wish I still had it.
  4. That was cool! Thanks for posting.
  5. I have a pair of Carver Plats and had a pair of AL-III in addition. I can highly recommend the AL-III's. I drove mine with an M-500T and the results were excellent. Very good soundstage, clean crisp highs thanks to Mr. Bob's ribbons. $1000 doesn't sound excessive if they are in excellent condition. Be aware placement is very important. The only reason I don't still have mine is that I swapped them for a C-19 with another Carver believer. Good luck in your search.
  6. Centerline of the path crosses directly over my house. Glad I don't have to travel to see it.
  7. From my experience with both the C-1 and my current C-19 w/ C-9 sonic hologram unit I have heard no drop off in base response at all. The holography seems to put bass and drums center stage. Both have excellent phono inputs, though I prefer the phono on the C-19. Tubes do make a noticeable difference even though I use Silver 9T monoblocks.
  8. Mobil Fidelity Sound Labs (MOFI) still cuts vinyl for the original tape studio master recordings. I believe Telarc does too. The MOFI recordings are excellent, as good as you can get on vinyl. They also do CD's recorded from the original master tapes.
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