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  1. Karma New Hendrix CD Both Sides if the Sky

    I would like to be IN please. Unreleased studio stuff should be very cool.
  2. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congratulations! Grandkids are one of life's great joys.
  3. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    And the winner is: Congratulations! If you send me your mailing address I will get them out this week.
  4. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    OK here is the final list:
  5. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Thanks! All fixed. They were all here on notepad but when I cut/paste 2 dropped.
  6. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Here is the list so far... (If I have missed anyone please let me know) The drawing will be later this afternoon. trav0810 chiroacademy Schurkey Sk1Bum kve777 dennismiller55 xavionics BluesMan57 AndrewJohn zumbini peck555 Dnspy007 morris Charlie B-Man sea UncleMeat hewlew1 oldtexasdog BarryG Maddmaster BrianD Blues Pwr weitrhino pindrop Rockster2U PhilDent
  7. What are you listening to?

  8. I have been holding off on these waiting for the new site to be up and running... It is a box of 100 CD's. They are assorted titles with a little bit of everything. (I suspect they are mostly things you have heard of...) It is open to all members (200 posts) Just say in and I will have my granddaughter draw a name out of a hat on Sunday 3/11
  9. Many thanks!

    This is greatly appreciated.
  10. Sad Day...

    That is a sad day. Hopefully you will be able to recover at least some of them. Be careful not to make any rash decisions. About 35 years ago I had a fire that damaged a 2 car garage filled with electronics and records. I got discouraged and ended up sending it all to the dump. I have regretted it many times over.
  11. Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Hmmmm.... Chickens and goats sounds like a line to increase WAF. I bet those outbuildings will be filled with Speakers and Amplifiers.
  12. Here is a link to some of the Heathkit catalogs. It is fun to look back at all the kits. http://www.pastcatalogs.com/#heath
  13. The Banned Game

    The best Banned of all...