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  1. compwaco

    Favorite Pictures

  2. compwaco

    What type are you?

    I have tested 3 times over the years and always come up INTJ
  3. compwaco

    What’s happened to our media?

    I believe that the media has become much more of a “for profit” venture and less of a calling to find the truth. The most effective way to generate revenue is through loyal listeners that keep tuning in. This is accomplished by telling them what they want to hear. It is human nature to seek out input that validates one’s own ideas. This has left us with a collection of sources that all present the news filtered through the bias of their brand of ideology. The fact that is nearly impossible to find neutral and uncolored news tells us that there is not enough money to be made presenting it that way. I find this concerning and very sad.
  4. compwaco

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    Your Welcome. I will get it out in the next couple days when the storm is over.
  5. compwaco

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    It looks like they are about 1 5/8" apart. If it will do what you need you can have it. It is one of those things I have sitting around because some day someone will have a use for it...
  6. compwaco

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    Are you looking for appearance or functionality? I have a C-1 face here that was drilled for rack mounting. The holes are more protected so it may be a bit sturdier if actually screwed into a rack.
  7. I remember having a copy of Santana Supernatural on DVD-A and it sounded fantastic.
  8. compwaco

    Happy Birthday itchitch

    Have a great Birthday!
  9. compwaco

    Did you play or do you play Video Games

    I used to enjoy the Infocom games. They were entirely text based. (This was when PC's ran DOS and very few people could afford a graphics card...)
  10. compwaco

    New Jazz Albums

    Laila is a great talent and this a fine album. (I prefer some of her earlier material but this is getting some crossover airplay) Refugee is my favorite cut. I suspect that the other nominees are worth a listen also...
  11. compwaco

    New Moderator

    Thanks to all for this wonderful opportunity. I will do my best to try to help this continue to be one of the most helpful, inviting, and friendly places on the web.
  12. compwaco

    Favorite Soundtrack

    This would be my two favorites... Both get regular play here.
  13. compwaco

    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    Having owned a shop that sold used equipment a lot came through and there was never a lack of new toys to play with. The thing I most regret selling was a Technics SE-A3 Amplifier. (R&B series) It sounded wonderful and was also one of the nicest looking amps I remember. Here is a pic (not mine...)
  14. compwaco

    Favorite Pictures

  15. compwaco

    RIP Nancy Wilson

    Very sad... She was one of my all time favorites.