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  1. I just signed up (with a burner email) I am at 40,974... Good luck!
  2. Very nice Karma... Not In (I already have this) Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the Carver Site! (I moved your post to the correct forum) These adapters are like Hen's teeth. They show up 2-3 times a year and generally sell for $100-$135 each. Good luck with your search. In the mean time you can tell us a bit about your journey in Audio. It is a friendly group here.
  4. This should be an interesting journey. I will be watching to see how it goes.
  5. There seems to be two possible outcomes depending on the particular state's laws. If the states follows the common law, at the time they become legally separated (and both parties have notice), the wife no longer has ownership of the husband's property. She has an equitable interest but not a possessory interest. (Pending a subsequent division of the property) In this situation her breaking into his apartment is no different than her breaking into the apartment of a stranger who ran her off the road. If they are in a community property state there is no such thing as "legal separation" They are married until the divorce becomes final. The wife has both a possessory and equitable interest in all assets of the community estate. (including the leasehold interest in the husband's apartment) In a community property state she has likely done nothing wrong. (There are narrow exceptions where one can have separate property outside of a community but these are somewhat rare and not likely to apply here.) Note: Florida is a Common Law state
  6. I'm so sorry. Some of the saddest times in my life have been when I have lost pets.
  7. I received it today. It looks to me like boilerplate. I have not shipped any hazardous materials so it really doesn't apply to me. However, I think this is a wake up to folks who may consider selling such items. If they decide your package isn't sufficient you will incur a huge fee? I don't see any mention of due process or appeals. If there is any way to avoid it, it seems there can't be enough profit potential on a one off to justify this new risk to sellers.
  8. I'm going to guess Dierks Bentley
  9. There are a small number of topics (Like Website Support) that require approval to post in. There aren't many and you likely will not encounter it very often.
  10. If you take some detailed pictures of the pot and any writing on it there is also the possibility that it was used in more than one model which would increase the likelihood of finding one.
  11. Sounds like he found the Lord...
  12. Nahash, I am very appreciative for all you do to keep us up and running. it is greatly appreciated. As for the complainers, it reminds me of a couple weeks ago on the day Ben & Jerry's gives away free ice cream cones. I was going into the medical supply store next door and heard a large group of teenagers complaining that the line wasn't moving fast enough. I guess even free ice cream isn't enough to make some folks happy.
  13. compwaco

    Key Lime Pie

    I used to make Key Lime Pie a couple times a year and it was one of my favorites. Now that I need to avoid the sugar I get my limes in Gin & Tonic.
  14. I would like to be IN please. This is a wonderful offer!
  15. Those are beautiful! I am a big fan of wood and they really look top shelf.
  16. There are times I've used mostly new and times I've used mostly vintage. The only constant for the last 50 years is what I am using is sure to change. For me audio is a journey, not a destination. I look forward to playing with different toys. Sometimes they are an improvement and sometimes not. In my mind, settling in on the same system for many years would not be as much fun.
  17. The clearing house for snake oil... http://machinadynamica.com/machina5.htm
  18. This may be the end result of OCCD....
  19. OK... Here is the list: Cut them up, in the hat, and the winner is: Congratulations Barry! Please PM your mailing address and I will get them out this week.
  20. Here is the list so far... My grand daughter will be drawing it tomorrow night. Dadvw Zenith4me Maddmaster 69Chevelle BarryG PhilDent jeffs Turbo Magnaryder Rockster2U Packratt morris AndrewJohn
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