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  1. It is time for another CD Karma. This is for another box of 100 assorted CD's. The titles are at random and most genres will be covered. Just let me know you are "In" and I will have my grand daughter draw a name out of a hat next Saturday. (3/30)
  2. Again, a big thanks to John @Dadvw. Dennis and I got together yesterday and I was able to pick this up. It looks great and sounds wonderful. It is upstairs now but will be hooked up down in the living room with my Carverfest amp when I get time over the next couple of weeks. The karma is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use! Thanks again...
  3. My grandfather was a design engineer with Pratt and Whitney. One of the engines his team designed is on display at the Smithsonian. He always told me "Be quick to listen and slow to speak."
  4. For years I used a VPI and it did an acceptable job on records that were in decent condition to start with. I had a chance to play with 3 variations on the cleaners with ultrasonic tanks and even the cheap one did a significantly better job than the VPI. Side by side, the Audio Desk cleaner was more automated and "tinker free" but didn't do any better than a basic ultrasonic. There are a few similar fluids available that do a great job or if you will use a large amount of it you can mix your own. As long as it contains Tergitol (both 3 & 9) it should work well and be safe. (If you need to clean records that have been left to mold in the basement there is an anti-fungal additive that is recommended but I haven't used it)
  5. This ended nearly a year ago. (May 2018)
  6. This ended more than a year ago. (Aug 2017)
  7. This ended more than a year ago. (Jan 2018)
  8. I have never had a chance to play with one of those. I would like to be in with 20. Thanks for the great Karma!
  9. Welcome! It is always nice to have new faces.
  10. Congrats 4kRow! Thanks CT-Seven for the wonderful karma.
  11. I find that things scroll fast and smooth with my Win 10 desk top using either Chrome or Edge. It can be a bit sluggish with my Kindle or Android phone, but no slower than would be caused by the wireless connection.
  12. This seems consistent with what I was told about 10 years ago by the manager of a UPS Store in the DFW area. Packages travel through their distribution/sorting centers on conveyors that can be up to 6 feet off the ground. Every now and then something jams and a few boxes can fall off and onto the concrete floor. She claimed that this is where the packaging rules come from.
  13. Have a great Birthday!
  14. I have a neighbor that breeds Nubian Dancing Goats. Come late spring there will be 30-40 of them bouncing around on the hillside.
  15. I have tested 3 times over the years and always come up INTJ
  16. I believe that the media has become much more of a “for profit” venture and less of a calling to find the truth. The most effective way to generate revenue is through loyal listeners that keep tuning in. This is accomplished by telling them what they want to hear. It is human nature to seek out input that validates one’s own ideas. This has left us with a collection of sources that all present the news filtered through the bias of their brand of ideology. The fact that is nearly impossible to find neutral and uncolored news tells us that there is not enough money to be made presenting it that way. I find this concerning and very sad.
  17. Your Welcome. I will get it out in the next couple days when the storm is over.
  18. It looks like they are about 1 5/8" apart. If it will do what you need you can have it. It is one of those things I have sitting around because some day someone will have a use for it...
  19. Are you looking for appearance or functionality? I have a C-1 face here that was drilled for rack mounting. The holes are more protected so it may be a bit sturdier if actually screwed into a rack.
  20. I remember having a copy of Santana Supernatural on DVD-A and it sounded fantastic.
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