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    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    Having owned a shop that sold used equipment a lot came through and there was never a lack of new toys to play with. The thing I most regret selling was a Technics SE-A3 Amplifier. (R&B series) It sounded wonderful and was also one of the nicest looking amps I remember. Here is a pic (not mine...)
  2. compwaco

    Favorite Pictures

  3. compwaco

    100 CD Karma

    It is time for another box of CD's Karma. This is a box of approx 100 CD's. They are mostly titles/groups you have probably heard of. All genres are included. A bit of everything... Just let me know you are "IN" and I will have my grand daughter draw a name out of a hat Thursday when she is visiting.
  4. compwaco

    RIP Nancy Wilson

    Very sad... She was one of my all time favorites.
  5. compwaco

    100 CD Karma

    I made a list and cut it in strips. Olivia drew the winner... Congratulations! Please message me your shipping address.
  6. compwaco

    100 CD Karma

    Ok... Here is the list so far... The drawing is tomorrow. Maddmaster chiroacademy Dadvw BarryG Zenith4me Rockster2U AndrewJohn morris Packratt jeffs hewlew1 weitrhino PhilDent
  7. compwaco

    Carver Handles

    I could could these. I have multiple items that are missing handles. Thanks!
  8. compwaco

    If I’d only known... Need some help!

    I have a commercial resurfacer and can fix it if you send it here. It appears that there is no label side damage so it should clean up nicely.
  9. compwaco

    C-1 Karma

    Thank You very much! It will go upstairs in my office where I spend most of my day. Please send it to Dennis to be checked out. I really appreciate it.
  10. compwaco

    C-1 Karma

    I would like to be in with 74 Thanks!
  11. This is a C-1 in silver that is all original. It is in very good condition. $285 shipped (continental US) paypal FF.
  12. compwaco

    Do you know any jokes?

  13. compwaco

    Aretha Franklin Karma

    It isn't much but I just came across an extra New copy of the CD This Christmas by Aretha Franklin. If anyone is interested just say IN and I will draw a name on Saturday.
  14. compwaco

    Aretha Franklin Karma

    Last call... I have BarryG oldtexasdog I flipped a coin... BarryG heads oldtexasdog tails The winner is Heads! Barry, please PM your mailing address...
  15. compwaco

    Aretha Franklin Karma

    I will be drawing later today... Is there any more interest?
  16. compwaco

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Congratulations! I'm sure you will enjoy them.
  17. compwaco

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    After a lot of thought I would like to be in on these. I have always wanted a pair and this may be my only chance. (Not much shows up locally for me so almost anything requires shipping...)
  18. compwaco

    Do you know any jokes?

  19. compwaco

    Do you know any jokes?

  20. compwaco

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

    Thanks! What a wonderful Karma. This is greatly appreciated.
  21. compwaco

    What are you listening to?

  22. compwaco

    Karma: CT-3 with Remote

    I would like to be IN with 54 please.
  23. compwaco

    WTB: power button for CT-17

    This sure sounds familiar. I believe there is a thread from a while back that addresses potential fixes for this. If you do some searching through the archives you may be able to find it. Good luck with your repair!
  24. compwaco

    I need an intervention

    You know you have a deep seated problem when you go to the home of the enablers looking for an intervention...