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  1. Great, thank you very much. Now onto enjoying my new VS VR4jr speakers.
  2. Sorry, I'm trying to edit this post as I've sold the speakers ... but I don't see where I can edit the post, I only see "reply". I'd like to edit the post header to say SOLD. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. kcetp
  3. I'd throw in a recommendation for the Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC/Preamp. Should be around $300 and under on the used market.
  4. FM Stations

    Nice find, I'm listening now .. thanks. kcetp
  5. Wow, that's good to hear .. I didn't realize I got the full BillD upgrade .. Well, thanks again Wayne.
  6. thanks loner_t. About 3 yrs ago wrf upgraded my 2 M-500s to MKII and did a "refresh" to the C-1, I don't know why not, but should have gone with a full BillD, was my fault for not asking. All units sound great so I'm enjoying them. I'm bi-amping the Emeralds with the Behringer DCX and I'm vertically bi-amping the Von Schweikerts. The VSs take more power than the Emeralds but with 2 MKIIs there's never any lack of power and they sound sweet to me.
  7. Thanks PMAT for the suggestions. I had a much longer ad in the first draft, I raved on and on about how they sounded and how they were the best thing since sliced bread. The more and more I read it over, I felt like a used car salesman. I guess I'm sorta meek and shy away from a hard sell, I figure once someone hears them, they can't deny how great they are (just my opinion). The Emeralds are a bit off-scale type of speakers. Being open baffle which a lot of people are not familiar with. They need an external active xover and bi-amplification ... so not for the average buyer who just wants to attach speaker wires and go. I also figured that once someone hears them and we're talking, I'd mention that I'm moving on to another set .. the Von Schweikerts and that's why I'm selling. I felt odd to mention in the ad that I'm moving on to better speakers, which would diminish the Emeralds. Anyway, I thought that I'd start with my local craigslist before I posted to the various hi-fi market places like Audio Mart of AudioGon. I don't have the original shipping boxes so I wanted a local sale. Here are the Emeralds and the Von Schweikerts, I apologize for the poor quality cell phone photos.
  8. I loved the Emeralds, had a large sonic presentation, very dynamic, fantastic bass, very holographic even without the Carver SH which I use all the time. The Von Scheikerts are also pretty great, I feel the highs are a bit more refined than the Emeralds and they can match the bass slam of the Emeralds, they're filled with lead shot and weigh 137lbs. Moving them around to find the best location is a big PIA. kcetp
  9. I'm selling my beloved Emerald Physics CS2 speakers. I've recently had a chance to move on to a beautiful pair of Von Schweikert VR4JR speakers and don't have the room for for both sets of speakers. I'm not really expecting to sell them here but thought maybe someone would know somebody in the Los Angeles area who might be interested. Here is a link to the craigslist add that I posted: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/ele/d/for-sale-emerald-physics-cs-2/6528350818.html Thanks for looking, kcetp
  10. TNRabbit

    I did not know Gary personally, but it's always sad to loose a fellow "Carverite", especially through tragic circumstances. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. kcetp
  11. A big thanks to Wayne (wrf)

    just wanted to add to this ... Wayne generously worked on my C-1 and a pair of M-500s. He kept me up to date on his progress via emails and photos. All the units had unexpected problems but Wayne persevered, I'm forever grateful for his excellent work. kcetp
  12. Favorite Pictures

  13. Thanks TNRabbit, Actually I cheated a bit, I used a 15mm lens on my DSLR and attached it to my monopod, extended the length, stood in a corner, lifted the monopod up high and took the shot. There's no balcony or second floor in my place though it looks like I might have stood on one to make the photo. The rugs? ... oh they're so old I don't remember where I got them, it's a good thing the photo is far from the rugs, they're actually a bit dirty ... ha. Cheers, kcetp
  14. Thanks for all the warm welcomes, happy to be here. To reply to a few comments: Sorry, I'm not a fan of fireplaces so it wasn't an issue for me to cover it with my rack. And yes, those Radio Craftsman C-500s do get toasty hot. The pics don't show it well, but they were taken before I sent one M-500 out for an upgrade. So I had 2 M-500s stacked and spaced apart with 1 1/2" spikes. The top M-500 was for the highs and since I'm using the tube mono blocks for the highs now, the top M-500 is disconnected, so no issue with ventilation. Also, what I mean about gain matching amps in a bi-amp configuration is: the speaker designer Clayton Shaw made presets for the DCX2496 based upon the distance from the rear wall. So it's real easy to set up, all you do is recall a preset based upon the distance from the rear wall ... my speakers are 4ft from rear wall (Shaw says the further out the better, but in my room 4ft is about all I can go or else the speakers are in the middle of the room.Unfortunately I'm using the long wall in a rectangular room). Within the presets there are settings for freq xover, threshold, attack, release, long & short delays, limiters ... ect. Settings that are way above my head in terms of understanding and I don't want to mess with them, at least as yet till I know more. The presets have a gain of 2.5db for the lows and -4db for the highs, but that's for using 2 of the same kind of amps. In my situation since I'm using 10w tube mono blocks for the highs and an M-500 solid state for the lows ... a -4db for the highs just doesn't cut it, way too low gain. I've adjusted it to +5db for the highs. But that's not what the speaker designer had in mind and I'm concerned that it's affecting the soundstage presentation and the overall sonic balance. I can live with it till I restore my original configuration of matching M-500s ... but I'm confused about matching gains between an ss amp and a tube amp. Cheers, kcetp
  15. Well, I've lurked long enough and it's time to make my first post. First, I'd like to give public thanks to 2 members here: 4krow - for performing his amazing upgrade to my stock C-9 .. THANK YOU!! wrf - for undertaking the MKII upgrade on my 2 M-500 amps .. FOREVER GRATEFUL !! I first met Bob Carver in 1979 (he wouldn't remember me from Adam, and I don't blame him). He was travelingaround the country promoting his new Carver products after leaving Phase Linear. I'd been a fan of Phase Linear but could never afford their products. Bob was demonstrating the new C-4000 and the M-400 at local hi-fi stores around the country and and I had a friend who ran a shop in Tucson,AZ and he invited me over to see and hear the new Carver products. I was amazed by Sonic Holography and the C-4000. The M-400 I decided was the best "bang for the buck" in those days .. 200wpc back then in a cute little cube was unique, who could pass that up?. I promptly bought both the C-4000 and the M-400 that day. I happily lived with both units for a few years .. till my house was burglarized and they took everything. It wasa horrible experience. It was the closest feeling a male can have to being raped (I don't mean to diminish thetrauma of female rape here, but you know what I mean). I replaced the stolen units with a C-1 and a M-500 .. which I still use presently. I've been through numerousspeaker systems .. Polk, Klipsch Hereseys and an ADS 1500 sub/sat system and Silverline Audio monitors. Currently I have the Emerald Physics CS2 open baffle speakers. If you've never heard an open baffle system, whoa .. try to get a demo somewhere. The CS2s have an open, airy sound .. not hindered by box resonance, an expansive deep sound stage and tight bass with authority and weight. Google for Emerald Physics CS2 to read the amazing reviews. The Emerald Physics CS2 speakers require bi-amplification utilizing an active crossover .. the Behringer DCX2496. I use a Cullen Circuits modded DCX2496 which lowers the noise floor a bit over the stock unit. Since I needed to bi-amp, I purchased a second M-500 on the used market. I didn't know about this site till recently and before I knew what a BillD mod was I sent my C-1 over toVintageHiFi for a recap and upgrade. I sent the C-1 in January and still don't have it back yet (are you listeningTom? .. just kidding :-)). So, in the meantime to hold me over I've been using a passive pre, a Reference Line1000. But I find the passive pre to be too thin sounding, loss of authoritative bass. So, I got a used tube pre .. aDared SL2000A, which is real sweet when you get into tube rolling. While I send each M-500 one at a time to wrf, a good friend has loaned me a pair of 1953 Radio Craftsman 10w. tube mono-block amps with NOS tubes as I need 4 channels of power for the speakers (yes, that's a downside to the CS2s but believe me,it's worth it). I don't quite know how to match amplifier gain, so if there's anyone here who can suggest a method I'd appreciate it. I can use the DCX2496 to do just about any kind of sonic tweaking, it's a pretty intense digital signal processor. I'm now just going by ear with the gain matching but I'd like to be able to set it correctly and then tweak if I find it not to my liking. Of course I started with vinyl back in the day, switched to cds when they first came out and now I'm all digitalbased. I put together a diy Win 7 X64 music server and play 2 TB of FLACs with J. River Media Center. I have 2 DACs and trying to figure out which one I'll end up keeping. They are the Cambridge Audio DACMagic and the Emotiva XDA-1. I've been a big fan of Carver products for over 30yrs and it was great to find this site full of others like myself. Again, a big thanks goes to 4krow and wrf :-) Cheers, kcetp