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  1. No cover here buy them! With the help of the experts here you'll get them up and running. I started with my original m400t bought new. Moved to 1.5t then to M500tMk2 then added Tfm45. All rebuilt aquired another m400t, 1.5t along the way. Couple of sunfire subs too. Enjoy and welcome to the site!!
  2. Retriever

    Quick Intro

    Welcome Prism I love both amps M500t MK2 and my TFM 45 for sheer man handling of my speakers. You've come to the right place! Kickback post some stuff and have fun. Very freindly people on this site!
  3. Retriever

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Man this is a super sweet karma!! I would feel guilty if I was in I'd have to send my C1 off to family and use it in my system. Alas as I have 2 C1's I will have to pass. This Karma qualifies your Dudeness!
  4. Retriever

    Weird headline of the day

    Bagel heads WTF Drilling holes in skull perhaps to let out stupidity? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/695748/tattoo-piercing-extreme-body-modification-bagel-head-trepanning-biohacking
  5. Retriever

    comparing M4.0T amps

    Dan: Probably a different supplier of the cap. ( blue vrs green ) Most likley same value mylar but different manufacturer. Certainly allowable if theres no noticable performance change.
  6. Retriever

    The Banned Game

    Charle banned because Lord Humungus is a better avatar
  7. Retriever

    Time for a little house cleaning?

    All the mods are doing great! I have zero issues with the site. Friendly place good company!
  8. Retriever


    I intend to repair as much as I can Using Postimage.org may be a slight delay my pc is borrowed right now. More Important my Dog will be making his final trip to the vet tomorrow, 16 years for a big dog. Ate my ex wifes shoes, (really pissed her off!) most excelent buddy..
  9. Retriever

    Some new little speakers for work

    Sound pretty good so far Really smoooth highs
  10. Retriever

    Some new little speakers for work

    Plate amp ready for install. (Repaired not recapped yet) Some might consider a sunfire sub at work a little bit over the top but you don't know until you try lol
  11. Hoppfully my M400t will run them ok lol. Polk audio S10 Also debating taking in my spare sunfire sub into work My plan run them with my laptops flac player into the amp sub combo Thought about a used wave radio instead but this seemed more geeky
  12. Retriever

    Crashing warships. How does that happen?

    I allways wondered why, even my little 24nm Ratheon gave possible collision course paths over 10 miles out, and showed radar echos from ship if it was broadcasting
  13. Retriever

    new guy says hi

    Welcome to the site Turbo. Lots of good resources in here for carver gear. You've come to tge right place!