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  1. Old internal links FIXED

    Again nice work!
  2. Distributed computing

    Hmm wonder if I can setup stealth bitcoin mining. Thats soo cool !! Best I've done is a rapidfire weather station on Weather Underground. KMIPINCK18 https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/mi/pinckney/KMIPINCK18
  3. Howdy!

    We still enjoy pictures of any setup. Modest or not! What makes it special is its yours. Were audio buffs and its not a competition!
  4. Howdy!

    Ohh the fun is just beginning. Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder. Welcome to the site. I started with my m400t rebuild 1 amp Did a second one, rebuilt a couple of m1.5ts bought and I upgraded a M500t to a MKII (really sweet sounding) now on my TFM45 rebuild. 6 amps and I have a mild case. Some guys here are over the top.. Have fun!
  5. Berlin Party Barn

    Reminds me of back in the day when I had pringles can speakers in my fort boy I tell ya that was some serious audio
  6. Wishing TNRabbit were still with us.

    TNrabbit was the first one to greet me on the other site and point me in right direction.
  7. Daddyjt's older

    Congradulations on your Birthday Hope its a great one
  8. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great Karma! Not in
  9. Hey all

    Welcome to the Site!
  10. All the new features in android
  11. The Banned Game

    Greg Banned for excessive use of nomanclature Rod banned for being Canadian Gene C because haven't heard from him.
  12. The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    Perhaps its a residual oscillation left over from an asteroid impact. After all the moon rang for hours after we lifted off of it. We know the earth has been hit in the past wonder what kind of damping factor it has.
  13. The Earth Is Humming—Here's What It Means

    This is no mystery it been proven this is due to the canadian sport of curling. And you all thought it was just a game...
  14. WTB: Carver M-240 Mobile Amplifier

    Well crap I've reconditoned 2 m240's one my nephew has the other is my original I've owned since 1986. Allways thought I'd use it again but it's been sitting under my bench 3 years lol. Suppose I could fire it up and put it through its paces again. Had to use bigger main caps tywrapped to the bottom as I was unable to find proper dimensioned caps, but it ran full power and passed thd on the Distortion Analyzer. Any thing you find out there is in serious need of rebuild the switchmode power supply uses an electrolytic to isolate the toroid (pot core) and it's a full ripple load on the cap.
  15. m-1.5t going in protection mode

    I'm betting on cold solder joints on the transistor sockets