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  1. Mach 5 speakers radio shack jr high lol
  2. Nice animation, to think it was made by brain power with no computer model.
  3. So sorry about your loss. They become such a good part of our lives. Take solice in the fact that she lived a great life with a good human
  4. https://m.phys.org/news/2019-02-reverse-cool-future.html
  5. Justice is served or pehaps glitter was. Lol
  6. And now theres this gem https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11607 God did not get Marys consent. Wow when I was a kid professors smoked pipes and seemed smart.
  7. Happy Birthday. Best wishes bro.
  8. My proplem with this PC culture is its taken too seriously. Just because you have a thought doesn't mean it's the truth. The universe doesn't really care about it, one gamma ray burst and were all toast. I recommended Blazing Saddles to a friend of color. He told me he laughed his arse off. I won't use the term the movie used but Mel Brooks lampooned society pretty good. Don't think you could make that movie today.
  9. Ok so heres a puppy to model for an awe shucks reaction
  10. Sorry I was too busy eating Kale to opine on this subject. Gotta love the NPC memes lol A radio station banned "Baby its cold outside" as being to rapey?
  11. No cover here buy them! With the help of the experts here you'll get them up and running. I started with my original m400t bought new. Moved to 1.5t then to M500tMk2 then added Tfm45. All rebuilt aquired another m400t, 1.5t along the way. Couple of sunfire subs too. Enjoy and welcome to the site!!
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