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  1. Zoom

    New Kid on the Cube

    Welcome Uncle Meat!!! I did much of the same when I was browsing back in the late 80s....I found a decent to me Kenwood reciever, and a pair of CVs to jam with. (I still have both) But I did LOTS of browsing into things that were waaay out of reach. I heard my first pair of Maggies and still remember the exact time and place. Superior Sound, across from Classic Stereo, 28th street, Grand Rapids, MI. And then I came upon a used M-200t, and was sooo proud....I ran that poor sucker at 3-4 ohms for days and weeks at a time....I still have it also. It's never been touched. Welcome to Carversite. We all know why we're here. Its a love for great, affordable audio. And this is some of the best.
  2. +1. You don't think you can actually stop us from pitchin' in and helping you get these, do ya Mark? You have helped many people here. It's the least we can do.
  3. Zoom

    weitrhino's moveable audio feast

    Bravo. I've overthought things, tried a repair and made the problem worse, only to find something stupid from the start. Good thing that SF never left your house, Rod. It might never have sounded the same.
  4. Add my $25 to the kitty if we need these...... They look to be a decent set someone here should stash.
  5. Zoom

    A long and winding road

    Welcome to Carversite, William!! Let me try to help..... I have a CT-17 that I love. I have had a few small cold solder issues with it over the past 15 years...but it has a great Holography circuit, and PLENTY of output voltage for running multiple amps if you need to. Remember the second room output runs flat, the tone controls have no effect on it. (I don't use the second room output on mine.) I have a 400t. The little cube that can. It is very reliable, but I wouldn't run it under a 6 ohm load and expect much headroom. It'll pound out an 8 ohm load all week..... I have a 500t. It is a favorite SS amp around here, and has lots of potential. A recap and a tuning up, plus the possibility of a 'MKII' (one of the masters is Daddyjt) makes it one of the best solid state amps ever built. And it has a musical sound unlike most other Carvers. I use mine for my critical listening fronts. It easily takes my 6ohm load with lots of headroom. And mine is stock. Speaker preference is up to the ear. The best part about Carver power is you have your choice of drivers, since the amps will take just about any reasonable load. Good luck and keep posting.....
  6. Zoom

    weitrhino's moveable audio feast

    Damn stunning rig, Rod. Call me jealous. I will eventually move that direction for my critical listening fronts. First a ribbon/dipole pair....I might have to talk to d_a_c about his Plats if I dont find ALIIIs soon. Then eventually replacing my C-11 (rue the day) with a Sunfire tube Pre. Very Very Nice.
  7. Zoom

    The "Trip"

    Great to see these things shapin' up, Bean! Long time comin'.... What power did you eventually decide on...because that's a Zoom question and I know you were on the fence for a while.....
  8. Great idea for a thread, Kev. Simple alternatives if available>>>> Pre/tuner? C-1/11+TX-11 ......or......CT-17. Has enough output voltage to run a stack of amps. a great tuner. and Holography. Affordable clean power? 1.0.....or.....TFM-35. I think the 400t struggles a bit in the headroom department and runs warm under a 6 ohm load....ask me how I know this.... CD changer with a very good DAC? Denon DCM 340/440. I found one at the local Goodwill for 7.99. Bought it for my daughter. Speakers? Shit, the possibilities are endless since the load doesn't matter. Paradigm, Kef, Polk for critical listening Cerwin Vega /Infinity for punch/rock.
  9. Zoom

    What are you listening to?

    Precious Time. soooo kickass jam
  10. Zoom

    *Sneaks in* Boo!

    Don't do that, Jim's in there. I just heard the echoes from the throes of the sand box....somethin' about a Party Barn..... It seems I'm a bit late to the Party, ma'am. Greetings and Welcome, Ms. Raven, from just south of you in GR. Greg and I chatted the first few weeks I started here and he is one of the reasons I stayed. There is something amazing going on here, the more you see the more you will agree. Some of the most creative, opinionated, generous, free thinking people you will know. Once again, welcome to Carversite.
  11. Zoom


    Congrats, OTD!! What a great thing, Barry. I love this place.