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  1. Zoom

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    I almost didnt copy this whole post but ...but...you got it. the sound. Listen to the sound. sound is a weird, small word. Part of this post defines specifically what an audiophile is not. Money is obviously not it. You sir, are an audiophile.
  2. Zoom

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    Errrrr....I’m consum-mated. And. If it isn’t reproduced by something from The Bobfather I am super critical. And. I spent plenty on my cables....from day 1. 😁 I am an audiophile.
  3. Zoom

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    +1 I have my first receiver, a Kenwood KRV77r, and my first set of CV AT-10s. The CVs are still part of the front of my A/V rig, and the KW is upstairs for the kids. Tough sob that old kenwood. 30 yo and still perfect. Never needed any kind of service.
  4. Zoom

    Campaign against Solder Bridges

    Kevs acronyms are epic. He had one for the Carversite sampler disc a few years ago. IIRC it took him about 15 seconds. Oh, and I feel for you Hashy. I’ve been involved with the diagnostics and repair of new cars from various manufacturers for the last 30 years. Hours and hours and hours of wasted time from the stupidity, negligence, or just plain ignorance during the manufacturing process. It kills the relationship you depend on to build your business or product.
  5. Zoom

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    This is spooky. And very cool. This is what it’s all about for me. I don’t need to say another word.
  6. It just happened to be on Jalopnik FP yesterday and I thought about ya, Sir. I have 4-5 old Chrysler turbo cars. I love tweaking them to perform how they shouldve come from the factory. A little freer air in, a little freer flow out. Hot spark and more boost. Yep.
  7. That color combination is the hottest on the road. I love it. I was looking for a liter bike recently to replace my old CBR. Found a 10 year old R1 for well under $5k off season. I'm going to jump on one of those maybe this fall or next. Got some work to do on my rig first. Priorities!!🤓
  8. Found today on Jalopnik. 😎 Someone here has a tt. https://jalopnik.com/almost-nothing-has-changed-about-the-2019-audi-tt-rs-an-1832378679 Crazy crazy UAE hillclimbs. https://jalopnik.com/sand-dune-hillclimbs-in-the-uae-are-intense-as-hell-1832361416
  9. Zoom

    New Kid on the Cube

    Welcome Uncle Meat!!! I did much of the same when I was browsing back in the late 80s....I found a decent to me Kenwood reciever, and a pair of CVs to jam with. (I still have both) But I did LOTS of browsing into things that were waaay out of reach. I heard my first pair of Maggies and still remember the exact time and place. Superior Sound, across from Classic Stereo, 28th street, Grand Rapids, MI. And then I came upon a used M-200t, and was sooo proud....I ran that poor sucker at 3-4 ohms for days and weeks at a time....I still have it also. It's never been touched. Welcome to Carversite. We all know why we're here. Its a love for great, affordable audio. And this is some of the best.
  10. +1. You don't think you can actually stop us from pitchin' in and helping you get these, do ya Mark? You have helped many people here. It's the least we can do.
  11. Zoom

    weitrhino's moveable audio feast

    Bravo. I've overthought things, tried a repair and made the problem worse, only to find something stupid from the start. Good thing that SF never left your house, Rod. It might never have sounded the same.
  12. Add my $25 to the kitty if we need these...... They look to be a decent set someone here should stash.