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  1. My favorite form of motor sports by a wide margin. Top Fuel engines are incredible. The aural experience of two 11,000 horsepower engines launching is a necessary experience to have before you die. The specs on those engines are stunning.
  2. What’s old is new again. Everything stated in your last post is spot on. You seem to be on exactly the right track. While the 200 isn’t a power house, it will indeed handle brief transients easily with minimal clipping. I loaded mine at near 3 ohms for hours on end. The headroom obviously isn’t great at that load, so I monitored it pretty carefully, but it never let me down and only shut down thermally maybe once or twice a year.
  3. I wouldn’t worry about the initial power up. I own 2 M-200t amps. One was my first Carver. I beat the hell out of that amp for 10 years at obscene loads before I started seriously building and it has never let me down. Ever. No joke. It was the sole reason I based my system around Carver. If it was stored clean and dry you should have no issues. Clean the external connections with some isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you have a clean source. Enjoy. And we do like pictures. Welcome to Carversite.
  4. When an original McLaren F1 is mid pack.....!! https://jalopnik.com/when-even-a-mclaren-f1-cant-steal-the-show-1833844062
  5. Iirc the Hellcats are actually an 8hp90 which is engineered to 900 lb ft tq. As well as the fact Chrysler engineering added a ‘trans brake’ to the software (which engages the forward and reverse clutches at the same time to hold the driveline, combined with a factory ‘two step’ intentional misfire to increase intake boost pressure at launch) to get more accurate launches in a timed drag race situation. Imagine the stress on that trans with a Demon on the two step holding the trans brake. Chrysler engineering tested the Demon driveline to 2500 consecutive launches before it would certify the driveline warranty. Eeeyikes.
  6. Maybe a little clarification. The new M (and the E-AMG) is quicker because of the awd.(Too bad the CTS-V is not, and therefore still a half second back). In full out race situations the DCT is a better tool. But it cannot beat the smoothness and accuracy of the ZF during every other situation. And because the ZF is so good, the trade off in performance isn’t worth putting a clunky erratic DCT in a $140,000 performance sedan. A DCT will always be more efficient because it doesnt use a fluid damper (torque converter) in between the torque producer (engine) and the torque multiplier (trans). But because it looses that light ‘cushion’ it can feel more clunky on and off the throttle especially.
  7. Abslutely. The 8HP is behind most Hemis these days including the Ram truck. You can hear third gear just barely holding onto the asphalt during a hard Hellcat launch. It’s also used in many Bentley models including the Conti Super Sport. Car and Driver says it puts the new 10 speed from Ford/GM to shame. My brother owns multiple franchises of each and he drives nothing but Chevrolet. I told him he needs to drive a ‘19 Ram for a while. Theres a Jalopnik thread on why it’s so good I’ll see if I can find it. Edit: Nope. Car and Driver. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a23367341/automatic-transmission-best-zf-eight-speed/
  8. I’ve had a few. A ‘95 Grand Caravan ES a ‘91 Voyager shorty. And my just retired winter beater an ‘89 Voyager shorty with a 2.5 turbo three speed (that one of course I had to bump the boost a little, got rid of the cat and had a manual boost controller. I had lots of fun with that old box, she flew). And my wife’s ‘05 and ‘12. I get her beat, retired ones to recondition. I think I’m gunna pass though because this ‘02 is one of the best. Weird thing, my sliders you can shut with a pinky, and you can unlatch them from the motor drive gear by just operating the handle, If you want to change direction etc. I think that’s another thing the bean counters got rid of, especially when Cerberus owned Chrysler for a minute. I think that’s around the year you have. But they are usually durable so if you have to operate them on auto so be it.
  9. A few years ago I got into some license trouble so I parked everything I had with a turbocharger and a stick shift and started dd ing a minivan. I’m on my third now and I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever sell it. Looks exactly like this one. ‘02 Town + Country Limited. Killer factory Infinity sound. Power everything including sliders and hatch. Factory hitch tows light stuff like my SeaDoos. I have a Yukon for the heavier stuff. Excellent highway cruiser. 199,980 miles as it sits. I’ve done nothing to it except tires, brakes, a few bulbs, and struts up front. After this year the bean counters cheapened up the Limited interior with less ambient lighting etc. (I park everything decent and drive junk from Nov-March because of the salt bath Michigan treats your car to every winter. ) Nice to see fellow Mopar guys here.
  10. Just found the ‘Group Legend’ box mobile. Nice!
  11. Zoom

    Survivor bias

    Conclusions from Boolean logic only work if you have a complete set of data to extract from. I’ll agree with that. But it’s more complicated than that. If you have holes near the engine/cockpit/control surface, then you protect the them, regardless if the craft made it back or not. Because a successful ‘shooter’ thinks far beyond basic if/then theorems.
  12. I love those early Belairs. Better than the ‘57 which im just kinda sick of seeing. Not that it’s a bad design. I was wondering about the hitch at the beginning. ? And that patina is sooo perfect for that car.... ?
  13. A Jalopnik Front Page post from today. Cuz I’m a Mopar guy https://jalopnik.com/the-797-hp-2019-dodge-challenger-srt-hellcat-redeye-pro-1830862252
  14. I like it. State in feedback the information is free....
  15. I live in GR. I can pick up and ship to you if you need help. Let me know any known markings or I can snap pictures of them for you if needed. Do you have his address ? I’d rather not Get in the middle of a dispute but will gladly pick up and ship. PM me if necessary. Mods has my personal info since 2013 or before. Gosh time flys. Woops. I just noticed how old this thread was.
  16. Looks like the list made it but somehow the colors didn’t. Just fyi
  17. I know there’s a breakdown of the colors somewhere Greg. Could it be linked or copied/pasted on that page? Otherwise, nice. It’s cool to be able to have a one page directory of sorts.
  18. Happy Birthday, Mark. I’m not sure how I missed this thread yesterday.... apologies?
  19. The difference is functional. After years of ‘tacked on’ wings bolted to trunk lids.. this is most likely hard mounted to lower ‘frame’ or unibody frame rails. After years of bolted on ‘cool’ wide body kits, the current aero has useful and functional air tracking to actually cool brake ducts and to reduce underbody drag. The ‘80s it was ‘cool looking’ (sic?) in a 100 hp Honda. Today, This is more functional in a 450 hp 180 mph track car. They were called out. And 20 years later they finally responded. Or continued to be laughed at by those who understand that was bullshit. It’s time to get real.
  20. My first Carver was (and still is) an M-200t. It pushed all four of my CV AT-10s for probably 6-8 years and only shut down thermally maybe twice. Pretty damn good for a constant four ohm load....uh until I had to replace a tweeter in another CV....and found out that particular tweeter was 6 ohm. So that poor 200 was working many frequencies at a 3 ohm load. I was convinced. We all know what happens after that. OCCD.
  21. I almost didnt copy this whole post but ...but...you got it. the sound. Listen to the sound. sound is a weird, small word. Part of this post defines specifically what an audiophile is not. Money is obviously not it. You sir, are an audiophile.
  22. Errrrr....I’m consum-mated. And. If it isn’t reproduced by something from The Bobfather I am super critical. And. I spent plenty on my cables....from day 1. ? I am an audiophile.
  23. +1 I have my first receiver, a Kenwood KRV77r, and my first set of CV AT-10s. The CVs are still part of the front of my A/V rig, and the KW is upstairs for the kids. Tough sob that old kenwood. 30 yo and still perfect. Never needed any kind of service.
  24. Kevs acronyms are epic. He had one for the Carversite sampler disc a few years ago. IIRC it took him about 15 seconds. Oh, and I feel for you Hashy. I’ve been involved with the diagnostics and repair of new cars from various manufacturers for the last 30 years. Hours and hours and hours of wasted time from the stupidity, negligence, or just plain ignorance during the manufacturing process. It kills the relationship you depend on to build your business or product.
  25. This is spooky. And very cool. This is what it’s all about for me. I don’t need to say another word.
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