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  1. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    @aslan; thanks for the thanks (); I don't know the plan, as I'm retired from the project; I'm just letting posters know if what they want is already available @balok: 2there are evidently incompatibilities that have dropped up since I merged the latest CE version with the latest YAF version. Both YAF and CE have changed since, but merging them would require a change and re-compile of the code (I have original YAF files, annotated (not the un-commented, compressed pages that are on the server) should they be required, but I think Greg is going in another direction @Nahash: sorry if these don't belong in this topic, I was just letting some know that what they want is already here. delete and/or re-sort as required
  2. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    Posts don't fall out of any que(sic) Currently, the leftmost column of the site's main forum page lists the most recent XX posts, let's say 10, for example; if member D makes a post, it will display in the left column until 10 more recent posts occur. After which, the post won't display in that column any longer; it hasn't fallen out of a que(sic), it simply has been delimited by an admin decision to show less than it's most recent count in that column. Member D can gain access to his post (x days later) by entering 'my topics' and selecting his/her own delimiter for recent posts to display (one day, 5, 10, 30 6 months, etc.. Auto flagging of new posts in a topic you are following is selectable through your profile The sub-forums grew organically from member posts. i.e. once a forum became XX pages long it was split into sub-forums based upon topic content, precisely to ameliorate 'I can't find post X anymore' complaints from members who don't like to scroll through pages of posts just to find repair content (for example) This is entirely dependent a poster's consideration for member Z, as well as a moderator's willingness to 'clean up' mis-categorized posts Case in point: CARVER site! » The Audio Chain » Media By referring only to the forum's title, one might expect it to contain topics somehow related to various mediums (an intervening agency, means, or instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished: i.e. Words are a medium of expression.) within the chain, on the Carver site! Additionally, once that forum became longer than 5 pages long, it was split into sub-forums. --DIY --Words --Music --Pixels For example, a DVD-ROM is a type of media. this media may convey: wrtten information (words, a book) visual data (a movie or video) a collection of songs {music} Member Z would expect that the former members post topics related to books (a written form if media) be found in CARVER site! » The Audio Chain » Media » Words A quick glance into that forum (and many others, this is just an example) demonstrates the problem
  3. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    All is possible within the search dialog using delimiters
  4. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    It was implemented 7 years ago ...
  5. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    if you like BBCode, choose a BBCode editor, if you like WYSIWYG, choose CE, if you like to not know the difference, chose an html 5 capable editor
  6. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    choose a BBCode editor rather than CE, which is WYSIWYG rather than the older BBCode
  7. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    First icon of the CE toolbar
  8. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    User dependent; if, rather than replying, you quote the previous PM, its contents will be included in your response known centers are listed in the main domain's shelllisted easy to add, the problem being that map pinning sites typically go under after a few years (cee-bang went through two while i was admin, and the last one wouldn't even sell me his code, he was so sure it would be available forever Also available here
  9. Carversite Upgrade Top 10 list

    easily set with a switch in the admin panel
  10. Nick Cave

    182 seconds baby!
  11. Well, she dropped right into our lap; I've been looking for one of these for a couple of years now, and this one showed up just in time -2015 Audi TTS, Oolong Gray -0-60 4.8sec -drives like a dream (and snaps your head back too)
  12. Random de-compressions

    F*ck That: A Guided Meditation from Jason Headley on Vimeo.