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    Still a favorite Douglas Adams moment
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    Or start using the pre-existing forum : Home >The Audio Chain>Source Units>Digital>Digital media servers/transport/playback
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    not absinthe; this is my 'irresistible bliss' formulation of Alkyl Nitrites (colloquially known as poppers) I'm now getting unheard of purity and potency; If anyone is familiar with modern day OTC stuff, it's wretched, mostly because manufacturers don't care much about quality In this picture the bottom (pale blue) phase is the waste phase, and the green top layer is the yield
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    Homegrown copper sulfate crystal
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  15. I went a bit (further) down the rabbit hole with CarPro products. I'd already used Iron-X and eraser to prep the paint. I applied cquartz UK edition to the paint, and dlux to the trim (both very nice products) Reload really bumps the hydrophobicity up a notch (and protects cquartz while it's curing) EcH2O is a great quik detailer Perl works wonders on tires (dlux on the wheels) dlux in the engine bay