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  1. The novel focuses primarily on a project proposed by the main character, Vannevar Morgan, known as the Orbital Tower. The tower is to stretch from the Earth's equator to a satellite that is in geostationary orbit. Such a structure would greatly reduce the cost of sending people and supplies into space. The main story is framed by two other stories. The first one tells of King Kalidasa, living thousands of years before Morgan is born, who is constructing a large tower. The other story, taking place long after Morgan has died, deals with aliens making contact with Earth. Due to many technical issues, there are only two locations on Earth where the Orbital Tower can be built. One is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and the other is Sri Kanda (now Sri Lanka). However, there is a Buddhist temple on the island, and Mahanayake Thero, the head of the order, refuses to give permission to begin construction. Hearing of the difficulties, a group of people living on Mars contacts Morgan and suggests that the tower be built there instead. It would be smaller than the one planned for the Earth and reach from Mars to one of its moons, Deimos. After a few setbacks, including some fatalities, construction of the tower gets underway. Although the engineer's heart is failing, he rides up the tower to take food and oxygen to a group of stranded students and their professor. After overcoming serious difficulties he succeeds, then dies of a heart attack on the way back down.
  2. I was going to post this, but it seems that I already have
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    Yiikes; Children has a hard stop. The next sentence starts with IF
  4. 16) so, you stay here, and make sure HE doesn't leave?
  5. I watched the mini-series recently, and remembered that about him as well; you really CARE about his characters, and the backdrop may be some futuristic situation, but the stories are about being a human and what that entails
  6. Have you read the 'Rendezvous with Rama' stories? They started out as a small novel when he was young. He returned to the story in a big way in later life, (and with the help of another author, both good) Rendezvous with Rama (1973) ISBN 978-0-553-28789-9 Rama II (1989) ISBN 978-0-553-28658-8 The Garden of Rama (1991) ISBN 978-0-553-29817-8 Rama Revealed (1993) ISBN 978-0-553-56947-6 Along their journey, they run into resource crises, which are, of course, denied by what has become the de-facto leadership (eerily similar to what's going on today, yet this story's last book was written in 1993; Fractal geometry comes into play, an overall wonderful series
  7. A SyFy channel adaptation of the Arthur C. Clarke novel; they did a fair job
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Childhoods-Clarke-Arthur-Market-Paperback/dp/B00OVMABW0/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=childhood's+end&qid=1566347858&s=gateway&sr=8-3 A classic read
  9. I've put the guides up for sale, again, although I agree with Greg that the human touch is more powerful, particularly with those not accustomed to the magnetic field operations. Any proceeds (I pay for shipping mailers, printing, binding and shipping) will be sent to Greg to support cee-bang. They are BOTH available here
  10. That's one of the answers in the video, yes. It really hits home how inefficient electronic storage is when you compare how much the DATA weighs with how much the energy that SERVES the data weighs. If this race wants to be sustainable, it has to do MUCH better
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