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  1. I made a mistake with the previous screen grab; you need to pitch transpose A4 to A4 and 440Hz to 430.54 (i took a screen grab of the wrong settings) Has anyone tried this? I did, with the same two tracks I used for the MP3 challenge a few years back (only two people were able to distinguish the original from the best MP3 btw, one of whom was BillD) Silver Springs: a good example of a modern recording, with average amounts of dynamic compression, busy intervals and quiet intervals. I also have the dvd, but must have missed the part where Stevie put on a glowing headband (a la Mark Knopfler), because the halo of air around her lips was incredible! Brown Rice: a good example of a well recorded jazz ensemble with little to no dynamics compression. You can not only tell when Nevitt changes from Jildjian to Paiste, but the now audible lag (from Greenburg being sick at the time and recorded his parts at a separate location) is entirely frustrating; it's like the band is there in front of me, but Chuck is on the phone in another city YMMV
  2. Groovy; wamp isn't intractable though. I had a similar situation when migrating a wordpress blog to another domain and subdomain; wamp worked great to re-write the existing db entries' pathnames; wordpress itself took care of things after that
  3. another mind blower, even if you'd heard of its other name before. The of and to. A in is I. That it, for you, was with on. As have ... but be they.
  4. can the raw database be manipulated with something like wamp?
  5. php must have a replace function like MSSQL has?
  6. My parents played around with vegetarian diet for about 2 years when I was a kid; it wasn't fantastic or horrible, but I had been of the opinion (shared by Maynard) that being able to cook and eat meat gave us big brains; it was an evolutionary advantage. With this in mind, I was, for example, confused when my daughter and her fiance decided to become vegans. Another millennial thing I didn't understand? AS it turns out, and remembering that a human's ability to duplicate its cells (not epithelial cells, which are produced and reproduced several thousand times) stops after about 50 duplications. After that, these 'zombie' cells, no longer able to be replaced, start to work inefficiently, produce more toxins while doing their job and otherwise start the long slow demise of the host. This puts a human's immnune system in a constant state of low-level activation, which contributes to aging and death. Thus, a human's life span is currently only increased by slowing down the dying process, not extending the living process. The reduction of inflammation therefore becomes paramount in trying to settle one's immune system. And one thing that promotes inflammation is the ingestion of meat. Life's funny like that
  7. James Cameron Says Men Should Eat Vegan to Get Better Boners The director of 'Avatar' says ditching meat and dairy will make your D, uh, titanic. https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/vbxaam/james-cameron-says-men-should-eat-vegan-to-get-better-boners
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