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  1. It's hard to know what is being looked for; may be open up a contest?
  2. thyere used to be a topic entitled 'cannibalization units' or some such......
  3. Too pretty for our roads here actually, right now anyway, the potholes and closed roads for pothole repair have gone out of control since the city switched to that liquid ice melt that corrodes the roadway
  4. cquartz uk is the united kindom version of their ceramic coating; it's NOT spray on-wipe off. The paint needs to be pristine, since any oxidation or swirls will be under the coating if you don't clean them up first. I can do my own paint correction, but didn't get very aggressive with it (I idn't smooth out the factory paint's orange peel, for example, since that takes away too much clear coat). After paint correction, you should de-grease and decontaminate the paint so that the ceramic coating bonds to the paint carpro's products for that are eraser and ironX. After THAT, the coating goes on. 1 ounce will do my car twice; it's a very thin, but hard, coating. After a bit of cure time, another coat of cquartz; then after three days, I topped it with essence plus and reload Essence plus is a topper for cquartz that can repair ceramic coatings, it buffs in by hand or machine, and wipes off very very very easily Reload is the spray-on-wipe-off top coat for cquartz; kind of like a detailing spray, only for ceramic coatings
  5. This year I did two coats of cquartz UK 3.0, topped with essence plus and then reload 72 hours later; a bit shiner than last year. From some angles, the reflection totally overtakes the underlying color
  6. Mick Ronson showing us his special purpose
  7. My lack of roundness didn't develop from storage; they were like that from the get go; mine were all season G-FORCE™ COMP-2™ A/S "Our best all season performance tire ever"). I was trying to get away with all season's vice switching to winter tires; it was a total bust (for me)
  8. I don't have any personal pirelli experience, but on an m4 the pilot sport 4s lasted just about 32k miles; there are longer lived compounds, but the grip is fantastic
  9. WATCH A SUNSPOT CRACK UP: This weekend, one of the largest sunspots in recent years is directly facing Earth. The behemoth is not producing strong flares, but it is doing something rare and interesting. A canyon of light (called a "light bridge") is opening inside the sunspot's dark core, presaging a possible disruptive breakup. The scale of the spot makes it an easy target for amateur astronomers with properly-filtered backyard telescopes. Visit today's edition of Spaceweather.com to learn more.
  10. A sample of the same helicopter that Pink Floyd used
  11. Update: After a few more hours with these 16 channel brutes, the presence and air continues to improve; I can only attribute this to the sidewall break-in. I'm hearing things I've never heard before on my daily drive to Starbucks
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