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  1. david h

    Finally! Just Scored an M1.0t - Happy Day

    Congrats , one of the favorites....
  2. Hi Greg,

    For Donations, can you direct me to the site, or info needed to do so..

    $50.00,  is that a good average of a donation ' , first time doing so.


    1. Nahash5150




      Please send Paypal to Thecarversite@gmail.com.


      $50 is very generous of you - thank you for your support!

    2. david h

      david h

      Just a small Thanks and a show of gratitude for all the help and support I've been given from the men of the Carver site. I know you work very hard keeping and running the site,

      so just reach out when ever in need and I'll what I can. I wish I could help in another ways, I had a successful career in Advertising photography shooting lifestyle for  over 30 years, let know if I can be of any help there.


    3. Nahash5150


      Thank you so much! I will keep your skillz in mind.  :D


  3. david h

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Thats the great Karma which makes this site so awesome!!! I'm running a 4000t , No Thanks for me, Very great offer......
  4. david h

    mbskeam's System

    Hi Mike , Can you tell me some facts about your new tube amps, they look so nice an impressive. What can they do, and how they sound and the power, etc... I love the look....
  5. david h

    mbskeam's System

    Loving That!!! So Clean looking ...
  6. david h

    Chops' Modest System...

    Hi Chops, What kind of speaker Cables are you running in the back of those speakers to the amp. Looks very thick and serious. I just rewired my with 12 gauge, but I really like how clean it looks with the hook up.I'm not sure if I could afford what you have going there, Looks very nice..
  7. That's next, I'm saving my monies up for Bonzoro to do his magic to my 4000t, as he did with Chops!! Heard nothing but great things he can do. Luckily, this amps quite right now as was my C-1, But really looking for to having it upgraded..
  8. Thanks all, It feels really nice to just relax little and listen. I love the idea of turning around the speaker's and firing up the barbecue, That will definitely happen.. I'm not sure if I was specific with the Silver face plate C-7030 Onkyo CD player. As Kevin and L.T. said to me , It's one of a kind!!! It's the Japanese model that is sold manly in Japan, hard to find out here. Kevin designed and placed into it a Tube Buffer, which has real warmed up the sound and is still very clear and clean, sound great.
  9. Hello guys, With Thanks to all the Carver site guys and with Special Thanks to My Carver Godfather Dom, Kevin and L.T,, I'm finally where I want to be right now with my 2 channel stereo system. Here's a pic of my 2 channel system complete. For the time in all my life, I finally have the 2 channel Carver system that I've chasing all these years without success. Without your generousity, help and guidance, I would still be chasing my tail, and would have not chance of getting closer to that sound of the "Nirvana " sound that I am after in my head. Now I want to take a little break from buying and enjoy the music, keep learning and pay down the credit cards... I am still amazed at not only the generosity of the group, But the knowledge that everyone has been so gracious in sharing with me. Again, I thank you all. My Snell speaker recap was a success, to much of my surprise. I originally purchased the Snells as my 1st 2 channel stereo speakers. But when I first heard them, I could hear some really great sound in them, but my first thought was they needed an tune up . Thats when I reached out to the Carver site group and asked again for help on what was needed to be done, and it was decided a recap was in order. (I have some photo's during the reap process if wanted). I purchased the Energy Veritas v1.8 speakers thinking that the Snells wouldn't sound as great as I was after, , But after recapping them and plugging them in, No smoke or Flames, They sounded great... So Great , I'm running them now. My System got 3 great additions with the generous help from L.T.,, I've bought 2 Carver m-500 mkll., Dennis Miller built and they sound amazing, and a Onyko C-7030 ( Custom Built with Tube buffer By Kevin, Kev777, sounds great..) They have a warmth and Clarity, and sound stage to them when combined with the Speakers sound so good. I'm running an Velodyne FSX-12 sub woofer which also rounds off the sound. As you can see though with my environment , I have my challenges with the glass windows behind the speakers, and the wood floors, but when listening to them the views great. Any suggestions, without major changes to the environment , as always they would be greatly appreciated. I have a Rane Me-60 equalizer that I haven't set up yet for room calibration , I need to get the microphone and I believe software which I'm still in need of for the calibrations of the room. Now I am now doing the fine tuning of the system with hiding the wires, I'll need to upgrade my cables in the back, and my biggest challenge still is finding the right DAC system so I can access my digitial music from the computer library . I'm spending to much monies on CD's , and when said and done, I really don't have the space for the all. I think I'm getting closer to the DAC, I'm looking into Schiit right now for a DAC system. Finally, I am at a really good place right now with the system, Thanks to the Carver site , David System : Speakers: Energy Veritas v1.8 ( TRI- amped, 2 m500t mall's, 1- stock m500t for lows.) Snell Type D ( Bi-amped , 2 m500t's mkll's Dennis Miller) Sub woofer: Velodyne FSX-12 Amps : 2- Carver m500t's mkll's ( Dennis Miller) Tuner : Carver TX-11a CD Player: Onyko C-7030 custom built with tube buffer by Kevin, Kev777 Carver 200mk2 equalizer : Rane ME-60
  10. david h

    Chops' Modest System...

    Great Addition to a very clean and nice looking system. Love the rack also. I wasn't sure if you had built it yourself, Very impressed , I saw your post on how you purchased it . Nice looking!!
  11. Thanks Dom, I’ll do that to increase the air flow. I love the lines of the Tx-11a and. The m-500t how they works so great together. I hope I didn’t keep the spacing to tight. My goal is to have another m500t mkll under the top one, that’s why I kept the spacing tight, so all flowed great together. Thanks again for great talks we have had lately, greatly appreciated. Thanks to all for the great suggestions, I’ll see if I can track down the oppo and take look at the Slealth. My Cds sound great, and it’s that quality if not better . Now that I’m done with the Rack, I’m now working on the DAC system of getting the music from computer to the Carvers. I’ve replaced the TFM-45 with the M1.5t, the m1.5 power seems to work nice with my. Energy’s Veritas v 1.8 , which is running the lows along with a Velodyne FSX-12, . But my goal is to have another M 500t mkll under the one above. I’ll do some spacer in between as Zumbini suggested. If there comes any issues, I could take it apart send give it some space with new sized chrome tubes. I love the look of them tight together, but I Don’t want to burn them up. I Really appreciate all the info on downloading the FLAC’s and the DAC info. I have so music in the computer, I could use an iPad to control it, but I thought I heard tha the Apple TV , or Apple Music isn’t high res files. My brother runs his system with an iPad , some more expensive equipment , But I heard it cost a fortune, which I can’t affford in how he did it, I thought I heard over $ 5k , Ouch...
  12. Hi Guys, I just wanted to touch base to say "Hello" to all, and after a some work and design on my new stereo rack, My journey continues . Now I've been buying CD's to play on the new 2 channel system, I realize that it can never match in quantity of how much Digital music is out there vs apple Digital, and what I have in my computer right now. I've been trying different approaches for the DAC to the Carver 2 channel system. I haven't found a high enough quality so far with what I've tried. I'm able to plug my iTunes X into the system, but the sound just not high quality enough. I've tried a converters without much luck, and my next try will be to try blue tooth via my iTunes in the computer, or set up a iPhone laptop. It be great to hear how get the quality of the CD with all the separate Digital music I have in my computer now. I plan to get a turn table, but those records are on the high side now. Thanks for everything , David
  13. david h

    Sad Day...

    That is so sad.... If you separate the records from any paper before they dry, The vinyls after cleaning should be fine . I live on a lake and had all my records on the bottom floor and the lake flooded and I lost all of them, didn’t Get them in time.
  14. That has to be it!!!, Ive been driving my self crazy these last two plus days looking for one. Ive completely screwed everything, carfefully and nothing was found !! Then it must be the transformer, I would think. When I bought it, they said everything was working great, no skipping,etc then one day, nothing I didn't think they went out. There's power to it, but after that I couldn't find anything. I appreciate that info, I was going nuts David
  15. Carver DTL-100 Would anyone know where and if there is a fuse located on the DTL-100. I can't seem to find it. Any help greatly appreciated, I've torn it apart looking.. Thanks