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  1. Thanks Greg for keeping on top of this and making this site Better and Better!! What may look like an easy task on a website can be very tricky and time consuming, Thanks for all hard work .
  2. Thats looks so Sweet!! Clean, Professional looking work...
  3. Happy B- Day Steve, I hope it's a great day for you... Have some fun
  4. Looking good!! Its a good feeling coming back from ther Ashes, Been there. Enjoy!!
  5. My follow up on the Cambridge 851n. I really liked this unit, But ended up returning it for a couple of reasons. One major for me was that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the DAC inside it while place SACD’s. Even though I don’t own a lot of SACD’s, the idea was that I wanted to improve my CD experience in any form that I played it. Another issue was for some reason I was not able to hook up the unit to My Oppo 95 via the hi def Co axial cable. The signal would fade in and out. I purchased this units as a refurbished unit, so there is a possiblility that is may have had some minor defect, But I’m sure that if I wanted to hang on to it I could of recieved another without having any issue’s. On the positive side, I really did like the sound and ease of how it played. It has a great look, and for the monies it comes with all the bells and whistles that you can’t find for that price range. It did upscale everything which worked out great when you were listening to Sirius, pandora or anything else less than the quality of Tidal, which is a HI Def streaming service, a must for us high end audio nuts. But, I was told that this upscaling , which there was no way of turning off is not nescessarly a good thing. I personally didn’t mind it, but can see where it may be an issue. I’m going back to my original plan of getting a new DAC, and using the Oppo 95 for the time being as a transport. After a lot of research on my end, I have settled on a DAC by the name of : L.K.S audio MH-DA004 , with dual ESS 9038 pro running in mono on each side , amanero USB Audio’s DAC , made in china which some may not perfer , for apx . $1,395.00. What I liked about it is the use of the two high end 9038 DAC’s by ESS, The various inputs including HDMI, which I understand is the only way to really transfer the SACD /DSD info back and forwth between the Oppo CD player and DAC, both optical and coaxial digital inputs, rca and balanced input with Balanced outputs. So Far, very good reviews on both build , quality control and sound performance for it price range. But my biggest project now will be my roomtreatment to handle all the issues of the reflections of the low ceiling, glass and hardwood floors. I hope you find some of this info of some help, please just PM me if you would like more detailed information.
  6. Thanks guys, So Far, so good...
  7. The original house was built over 60 years ago, now days you could not build that close and low to the lake. In normal times, every 15 years or so, it not to bad to deal with when you have insurance and use of the rooms, L.T.mentioned, either fires lately there’s nothing holding or slowing the water down. This morning having more serious rains, keeping the fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks about the cinder block, we got lucky it stopped within a inch of coming in . i got everything out, we have had 5 ft of water in the rooms 35 yrs plus ago, then a few other times of 3-4ft if water . We can go 10-15 years without an issue, but with the fire that went through here, we could be in trouble. thanks everyone for the nice feedback. David
  9. Hi Guys, First the Fires, Now comes the floods. Today, I came within an inch of flooding downs stairs which there is the Guest room, “For my Carver Buddies” to come visit out here in the west coast, and another bedrooms soon to become my new office. Here’s a quick look, There another storm following this one next week.... Mr. Wild ride this morning cleaning out the rooms
  10. Congrats and well deserved as I’ve been told by others, Great News!!
  11. From what I found out, that very nice unit that you are using. Free is good, I’ve been spending a fortune on Vynly and Cd’s/SACD ‘ s are hard to find locally. Cambridge from what I’ve read really stands out for the monies for network devices . Looking forward to the audition, and see how the DAC’s are for CD’s. Thanks for the info.
  12. HI Guys, After researching and looking into Network Player, The Cambridgge Azur 851n really fit the bill in what I needed. It originally started with looking for a new CD/SACD player and that alone had big price tag inregards to any kind of upgrade from my Oppo 95 cd/SACD player. I also was looking for a new New Network server since the Polk 1 omni was driving me crazy. It was a pain in the ass to get hooked up to the network, and then it would just drop off. So I was basically not using it any longer. I am going to use this as a DAC, and use the Oppo as a transport. It's gotten great reviews, it was a little more pricey than what I originally was looking for, But I purchase one of these on ebay, through Cambridges site and got a "Refurbished" unit for $1,124.99. I should get it next week some time, so I'll keep you posted with my thoughts and more important how it sound. If anyone out there is familiar with the Cambridge Azur 851n, It would be great to hear your thoughts.
  13. Hi Guys, Been unable to keep up with the latest or touch base due to the latest devastating So. Calif. , Woolsey fire . I was one of the Lucky ones not only to Saftey get away, but to come home to a home still standing and undamaged by sheer luck. I grew up in this home and area, moved out when I was after high school and 9 years ago came back and remodelled the home for me to settle down and live in. But , I have never seen a fire like this come on so fast and devastating in the last 40 plus years. Because I have seen these fires come anand thouout the years and miss us, I had stopped watching the news around midnight even with my girlfriend saying that we should leave after getting a call at 2:00am , I knew of the fires location and felt fairly secure. But when I had awoken up at 7:00 am to this” Errie” Dead quite and saw this Large black rolling smoke go by my window, and flames coming down across the lake,( picture below) , I said “Now” its time to go. There was no cell phone usage and all the power was off, so that was why we hadn’t received any Warning of the Mandatory evacuation. This being my girlfriends first experience with wild fires, she didn’t handle the situation so well, Sheer Panick would be the words I would use. As I tried to calm her down without much luck, I had her wait in her car while I was grabbing cloths and such to take with us. After coming back and forwth after a couple of times getting what was needed, I noticed the thick smoke and went back in the garbage to get some mask’s I had for the smoke and when getting back to the cars, She panicked and was gone when I returned and had left following a neighbor whom was new to the area. Not the smartest move, they took a left turn and went through the tail end of the fire , coming out OK and very shocked , But she took a video of her drive through “ hell “ which went viral on the news agencies, even interviewed by face time by Anderson Copper , if by chance you might of seen it. I myself , after driving around the area looking for her and seeing some homes around the lake on fire, I had ended up back at my house and ran in to grab my hard drives and seeing I has some time,. Grabbed my main 2 channel stereo system and was bringing the last of it out when a Fire truck came up and said, “ It’s really time for you to go” . I took a right at the corner, and drove through some flames, but mostly the fire had gone through where I was leaving out from. Everything was gone, The fire storm went through and burned everything in its path, but did spare some homes as it did with mine. As of today, I have no power, cell phone usage, gas and as of last night they were still closing the roads for car access to my home without notice. I’ve stayed there the last few nights there with a generator to run power for some lights and TV, but no live tv. Hopes are by the end of next week I may have the power back, with gas to follow about another 4 days. I was so lucky, There were two whom died trying to escape further up the hills in the car , 32 homes destroyed around the lake alone, with much more destructions that will take weeks to determine . I’m staying at a hotel tonight, so I thought I would touch base for the update of this devastating situation we went though out here. But again, I truly feel very lucky again to get out safety and to have a home still standing and undamaged. That’s the latest, I hope all is well with everyone .
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