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  1. Sad Day...

    That is so sad.... If you separate the records from any paper before they dry, The vinyls after cleaning should be fine . I live on a lake and had all my records on the bottom floor and the lake flooded and I lost all of them, didn’t Get them in time.
  2. That has to be it!!!, Ive been driving my self crazy these last two plus days looking for one. Ive completely screwed everything, carfefully and nothing was found !! Then it must be the transformer, I would think. When I bought it, they said everything was working great, no skipping,etc then one day, nothing I didn't think they went out. There's power to it, but after that I couldn't find anything. I appreciate that info, I was going nuts David
  3. Carver DTL-100 Would anyone know where and if there is a fuse located on the DTL-100. I can't seem to find it. Any help greatly appreciated, I've torn it apart looking.. Thanks
  4. I reached out to both Madisound and Parts express, they both need the valuations of those caps. Ive looked on like and found nothing, not a whole lot of info. Left an email with Snell asking for such info, with them out of bussiness right now, not looking good. should I open them up, one suggestion what through the bass speakers. If any one has that info bye chance , just let me know. Thanks
  5. I'll will keep the volume down, I don't need another Plant stand. I'll try those two company's for caps, and see if I can get a part's number, or what ever is needed from Snell, though I'm sure they are on the pricey side. When the volume is under halfway, I hear a little distortion at times, but the sound is falling apart. should I try the a TFM-45,or m1.5t to help it out on the low end , if I am running out of amp, with the goal not making it louder, more efficient. Thanks again guys for the help, David
  6. Thanks again to all, That all makes complete sense, especially not overs powering them from here on out till there’s redone. I never knew of speakers being able to recap as we do with the amps. The first thing that I noticed was that the voices, or mid range was weak, the music overpowered the vocals and mid range. But at times, you could hear some really nice music, and if the speaker performed or like various music over some others. The last time I tried to see how high the volume of the speakers would be able to Perform, I was Running my m500t, non modified, once I was over halfway in the volume control, it was as if the speaker completely failed, there was distortion , but then everything fell apart in the sound, and music , you couldn’t go any higher because it was basically done, not by distoration, it fell apart in all ways. So recapping, defiantly seem the a good place to start , then go from there. Thanks for the good advice from everyone, greatly appreciated. David
  7. Thanks again, I think it could use a second amp, I have the m1.5t I could hook up, each back of the speaker has 2 seaperate speaker inputs, right now there tied together. I had some pictures trying to post to, have a hell of a time. should I try hooking up one amp to each speaker. I have a tfm-25, same amps, 250w, or a m1.5t I can. Never done it before. When you say don't get away, what should I do with them, just recap, Save the monies and keep looking,,
  8. The 2 Channel System, This is the place for me. I Picked up some Snell Type D tower Speakers, Thanks to Kevin's great direction and Help. I can see that this where you can really step it up in quality and sound that right now is probably out of my reach. These Snell are good start, But I think they need a "tune up". These Snells have all the quality of a great speaker. They have sound stage, in the sense that you hear the music's high and low's just where they are suppose to be, but somethings not quite right. The mid range seems low, what I mean is the Voice down really stand out over the instruments, Which sound really nice. I'm not sure if the mid's are blown. I don't hear and distortion until the bring the volume past half way, and they fall apart with the distortion. The speakers right now like some music over other's , where one can sound really nice, and I think they have a hard time with the rock music, Does anything stand out with the speakers that you guys could help me out.It's like I said, they need a tune up. I spoke briefly with Les Wolff, and he has a pair and said they his may need recapping, which I'm these snell's. Which the distortion happening past halfway, does suggest their something up with the speakers also, I don't any distortion from them at low levels, Ive place my ear all the speakers, I don't believe anything standee out. Again, Any suggestions, or directions would as always greatly appreciated, I believe they also could be helped with a Sub Woofer too.. Thanks to all again for the help and suggestions with the speakers, David
  9. Thanks for the info for the disc, I look forward to putting that together on a disc, and see everything sound. By the way, Great choices and I too love the narative,
  10. Again, Thanks every for all the information and help in getting me pointed in the right directions. There's a list of speakers here I would of never found if left on my own. Anything else , please keep sending. David
  11. I couldn't find the post... You don't have a copy??? Where do you find or down load that disc you are talking about, I"ve heard it mentioned before, but couldn't locate the CS Test disc ???
  12. Thats great advice, The C-1 easy, and I'll bring the m1.0t , m1.5t pretty easy to move those around, then get serious and bring out the m500t, my baby. But I'm getting some great help and advice for everyone, which is greatly appreciated. Kev77 has even pick out and shown me ones for sale out here the Los Angeles, he thinks they are great deal an start, That's the kind great help and consideration I've received , Thanks for all the help , David
  13. Thanks for the reponse: Right now, Monies are a little tight after buying my 13 carver amps,Love them all. But Right now I'm looking at around $1,000.00 My music is from the 80's music genre, Eagles, pink floyd , supertramp, fleetwood mac, ect.., and Willie and Waylon, But I'm not just limited that, At times some classical, nice, etc. Music volume level is on the loud side, but not bleeding ears. I love to listen speakers at lower level at times, But still have a sound stage. The room is apx 35 feet long x 17 ft wide and 8 1/2 feet high. All smooth walls, with wood floors and not so much carpet. On one end there is a small fireplace with room for speakers on each side, on the end is mostly glass sliding doors looking out to lake, Malibou lake where the fireplace is there large glass table, and the other end by the glass doors is where couches are with a small glass table. No window covers on any of the glass doors and glass windows,and the ceiling is flatt smooth drywall as the rest of the walls. Where to place the speakers, I'm not sure as of yet.I One place for the speakers is by each side of the fireplace, the glass dinning table is in front of the fireplace, But then the couches, sitting area is on the other side, which may better for the listing. As for past speakers, I really can't remember. But I have heard the sound and music from the speakers in the past but I've never had them . I have for my 2 channel system, I have a C-1 for a pre amp, m500t, m1.0t , and in the process of getting one more m500t, rebuilt by Less wolff, Concepts and circuits, He's the best... I hope this helps, as someone said above, It's the holly grail of speakers I'm looking for, and I know there out there. Thank you for all, David
  14. Hello Everyone, Again , I'm at a cross road trying to find that perfect sound I have in my head, which is still eluding me. Taking your your sound advice on having 2 complete separate system's, One being a Home Theater System, and the other being a complete separate 2 channel system, Which now makes perfect sense. My 2 channel system now consist of a Carver C-1 pre amp, A carver TX-11a for turner, and I've finally have gotten my first m-500t, which is my favorite so far.My thought to get another m500t for the system, and also I have a carver m1.0t which has a nice sound. Now for the speakers, I haven't found any place so far which has a variety of speakers to listen to for comparison. So I want to reach out to guys for a little help in getting me started on the speakers. My goals is to find speakers that have clean sound stage, which the sound feels separated with some life to them, so that the sound doesn't feel muted and and has some air around the sound, not compressed together and the sound feeling on top of each other, and what I've read so far is that's called a" good sound stage " if I'm right on that. I'm looking for a speaker that solid, like power within it , not weak , but solid notes and clean highs. So far , I"ve heard some speakers at" Best Buy "costing thousands and sound is Dead. I realize each of us has there own idea of what sound's right, But there way off. But to start off with, I'm looking for a speaker that sound as if the bands playing life in front of you. Ive heard great things about the Carver ribbons. Since I don't have a huge budget right now, I was thinking of the Carver AL-lll''s I saw out here in Los Angeles, for Apx, a $1,0000, But still haven't heard them. Also, any suggestion on Sub's would greatly appreciated. Nice looking design is a plus, for example not sure about the looks of the Carver's" amazing loud speakers,", though I heard great about some of them, But I still have an open mind. I know this is asking alot, and a difficult questions in regards to each personal taste in sound, But so far I received such great advice, or pointed in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks again to all for the great help, patience you have shown to me, David