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  1. Wish I was !!!! Could well worth a special trip from the west coast..
  2. Loving the looks of that SEXY system, Wish I could hear it!! and with those Ears , you can listen to what Mars is listening to... LoL Very Nice...
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    Very Nice, Makes it easier to keep up on the latest topic, Which makes it easier and quicker to keep up.
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    Well Deserved Greg, Congradulations and Thank you for all your great advice and help.
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    What a great move, I think it increadable that you left that job that was so depressing and dragging you down., and now doing your dream!! when your doing what you love and with passion, success will come... Congrads!!!
  6. Carver fest 2018 I havn’t had a moment to express how great of time and experience I enjoyed at attenting Carverfest 2018. Everyone there was increadibly warm and welcoming to me, and I felt right at home . I was finally able to meet not only My Hero, Bob Carver, But all the other names and friends that I’ve met and have spoken on phone , or through emails an such while on the site. There so many people I caught up with, it would take some time to name them all, But , That was the main reason I wanted to attend so as to meet all person attending. Bob Carver, is the one of the nicest man I’ve ever met, when meeting him, he makes you feel as if you have know him for years . To see him in action was an incredible experience for myself. To listen and see how comitted he is in making the finest tub amp for us, and how increadible sharp and focused he was working on the tube amp project. If anyone has has every thought of going, I would highly recomend it. You will meet some of the nicest and generous people willing to share there knowledge and insight, and make you feel right at home in all the different cabins where each had set up one of there audio system to listen and experience. That for me was also a great event, because I don’t know of anyone on the west coast that I can catch up and listen to there system. It was also great to see how everyone came together and worked extremely hard puffing all the the Carverfest Tube amp Kit together, so no one walk away missing anything. I thought that a week might be to long, but it went bye in a flash and I had a great time and experience that will not soon be forgotten. David
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    Train versus tractor-trailer

    Thats Crazy, You would think we at the movies...
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    Rest In Peace Senator McCain

    That he was, A true American Hero who gave so much to his Country...
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    Welcome, You have stumbled upon a great group of guys here who’s knowledge of not only the Carver audio world is finest , but just about everything else to deal with audio. I’ve never met a better group of guys who are increadable generous with there knowledge and time, But always kept an eye on me so as not to do anything that could blow up my systems in smoke. I too stumbled across this site mainly because every time I looked any info on Carver equiptment , I landed here. If you are planning on purchasing Caver audio and sending it out to be worked on, I would reach out to guys here who are incredible fair and you can’t find anyone or place out there that can match there knowledge and expertise when it comes to working on Carver system. As they said, Beware of the Carver black hole , I fell into it, But loved the ride.
  10. I haven't tried an external drive, really not sure how I would do that , at least not being to complicated. Thought my iPad , You get the album art work, genre and able to search for the artist your looking for on Tidal, If that what you are asking. Reach out if you need anything more specific, I'll get back you .
  11. I understand the "Limited Patience" thing also. Right now I'm still using the Omni P1 with great results using "Tidal" for high res music. So far the best that I have been able to find. With Tidal streaming source, I've been so far pretty amazed at it large library of music, at least in my taste. I just got my Oppo BDP-103 this weekend and have been listening to it and getting a feel of it's sound, so far very happy with it for playing my CD collection. This morning I was running a comparison test listening between the two sources, #1 being the Oppo and the other Omni P1 while listening to the same tracks of music, and so far there really close in sound to my surprise. I've only done a few tracks , like Adels " hello", Steely Dan "Dirty work" from can't by a thrill, and again the comparison between the two was very close. I plan on continuing to compare with different tracks and see how it goes. So Far, I haven't tested higher quality recorded sources like , SACD, or so far my own collection of FLAC CD recordings, that's next. So far in general, I do prefer the Oppo 103 over all, I feel I'm hearing a more detail to the music, But I'm looking forward to testing the higher Res recordings. I haven't explored the Oppo 103 internet streaming sources , But for the Omni P1 I do like the ability with my iPad to just look up an artist and play the music chosen that I don't have available in my own library. I did order the the premiere version of the Avantree blue transmitter and awaiting it's arrival to see what it capable of doing. I never would of thought that Blue tooth would work with High res if not for Gregg information and articles given, So I'm looking forward to getting that and trying that out so I can access my own library and other sources. As soon I receive the Avantree Blue, I'll run that through some comparison and let the forum know of my thoughts on it.
  12. I thought this looked promising, It the Premium Version Avantree Oasis Plus apX HD 164 feet fpr $79.00 . https://www.amazon.com/Avantree-Bluetooth-Transmitter.../dp/B07BQYYDNJ from amazon. Whats your thoughts on this one. I thought I would give it a try, I liked to try this to replace the Omni P1 with hopes of streaming HD music and mainly to access and stream my HD music library from my iTunes library. It seems to have the range, and ideally the iPad can run it. . Does itunes supply high enough data for HD streaming music through itunes. Any thoughts on this one!
  13. Greg, Thanks again for the great info, and I was speaking to you. Your information is alway right on, understandable for all, and backed up with various options as above. it's amazing!! Thanks.. This is what I've Been looking for and at such an affordable price. I'm thinking of getting the #1 , or #2 if it has the distance range like the definitely Oasis long range blue tooth system. My music library is on one side of the house with my HT System, and my 2 channel system is on the other side. Greg, If I understood in the article of a recent post, it is best to look for a system that has the AptX technology, or capable to work with other AptX devices so as achieve the non lagging/ instant streaming of HD music, TV, Games etc.. I' m not sure if the #1 definitely Oasis has that, It's looks like the #2 does have AptX . Earlier I was speaking of the Polk Omni P1 , which does has RCA connections, Was that it has been working great for me for streaming HD music from Tidal, and other streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, etc.... as long as you have a good internet connection. But, The biggest disappointment the Polk Omni P1 is that it does Not stream my music library , which I run Mac OS system. I've also heard from another with a PC of having iTunes of streaming there music library . It does have it limits and having to connect your iPad, phone device to the Omni P1 each time does take some time to hook up. By the looks of these bluetooth devices, it seem they could be a much better fit for me , and foremost playing my music library in HD for me has alway been my main goal. I"ll definetly give one a try, just need to figure the best fit and hopefully there definitely.
  14. Great post about blue tooth tech , when I originally looked into it I was told it wasn’t able to transfer high res files, but I see with your article you supplied about AptX, compression enable Bluetooth to that. When looking AptX product list that AptX is used in, which is quite large and varied, so do you know of any products that could be used for accessing and playing ones own music library , through iTunes and Pc bases sources to play high res music from streaming sources that would n’t be that wouldn’t be to crazy expensive. It looked impressive what AptX can do, just curious. Thanks again for all your detailed post that enable me and others with basic technical knowledge to understand.
  15. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on a update of the Omni P1, But I had surgery a few weeks ago and just getting back on my feet. When asked about other units out there, I really couldn’t find anything out that offered what the Omni P1 at first said it was capable of doing. But after using it for some time now, it defineitlhy has it limits and doesn’t quit do everything that it states. For one, It was said that it could play your music library , which I’ve found is not the case if your running iTunes. I spoke with Polk about this and was told that it can’t stream your music library from Apple iTunes . That was disappointing for me, since I do run Apple Mac for everything. On the positive side, My main goal was to be able to stream High res music files , and the only source I’ve found so is from the music steaming source of “ Tidal “ , and I can say it works great for me. Tidal music library is available for apx. $25.00 a month. , has an extremely large library I have found so far, anything I’ve looked with different Artist, I’ve found and have been able to stream there high files for hours, as long internet service is running smoothly . I can’t say how “ High Res” these files in numbers are in comparison to what Caseletti was making reference to, in no way can I compare with the knowledge that most of you all have on the Carver site, But for the sound I’m hearing with my system, “ Tital “ high res music is the best I’ve been able to find so far from a music source offering “ high res music files” , and with the Omni P1 . It would be great to hear of some more options if there out, hopefully in my budget, which I still havn’t set as of now , with either a DAC music streaming source, or music high res source like Tital. I’m just enjoying the sound and experience of it all. As time goes on using the Omni P1, I’ll give updated status and If I do find another source I’ll give that a try also.