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  1. looking to buy 1 used woofer working or in need of a re foam.thanks
  2. Hi does anyone have 2 carver platinum crossovers mk4 crossover like the photo.they want to sell or give away, i will pay shipping. thanks.
  3. Hi i was wondering if a mono block pair of sonic frontier power 160 rated at 160 watts per channel tube amps would be enough power to run the mk4
  4. welcome from canadian side of the border,my first amp and preamp was the 1.5 and c4000mpreamp.
  5. Hi All is there a section here to sell items ??
  6. Hi if anyone is close to the border of us and Montreal, I have a pair of Silver amazing in pristine shape for sale at 1200.00 Canadian equivalent to 925 us. If yo want to cross the border and pick them up. the only reason I am selling them ,is I bought a pair of platnium MKIV.
  7. ok, is it only one side that has to be taped, and if yes do you run the tape the length of the ribbon, and what tape do you suggest to use. I thought the ribbon was glued on both sides. thanks again for your input.
  8. Thanks cuda, i will be using a 2x4 the length of the ribbon, and 4 threaded rods, and loosen them up in increments. very slowly, the part i will lift upwards is the non flanged piece, i already got the locktite 945 glue. once i have re glued the 2 loose magnets , i will run a bead of glue down both sides of all the magnets, the reverse side of the ribbon all the magnets are intact. I won't attempt that side.
  9. ok I agree but I am talking about the ones who managed to get it done them selves and don't explain how,
  10. these speakers are not produced now, so why is the repair or disassembly such a damm secret, i searched the web for ideas on how to separate the ribbons and not one person revealed how he did it, its a damm shame .
  11. I understand , that's why the jig I am building will allow the front part to lift slowly using four threaded rods with nuts and washers to raise the front part slowly and evenly with no sideways or forward backwards movement. no movement. i have one magnet that came loose ,but once i have it off , i will re glue all the magnets. I also saw a guy who drilled 4 holes on each side of his als111 48 inch ribbon and put four 1 inch screws in on each side screwed int the wood to tension the ribbon ??
  12. Hi Guys I am building a jig this weekend out of wood that will allow me to separate the 2 halves of a 60 inch ribbon that 2 magnets came loose , but no damage to the ribbon. The jig will allow me to separate the 2 half's with no sideways movement and raise the front half in steps, i will update .
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