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  1. Rod H

    Help Identify this cartridge!

    Looks like an AT11E The specific model will be stamped on the top...
  2. Rod H

    Parts units available and who has it

    Will we be able to upload excel files?
  3. Rod H

    Funny Memes

    Did you receive yours from the AppleStore yet?
  4. Rod H

    What does the W stand for?

    The mind is willing........?
  5. Rod H

    Apple Karma

    Cool! In @ 2XBarry: 444
  6. Dammit. I want the last red one. 🤤
  7. Rod H

    Hashy's Bench

    He's still clearing out all the malt liquor bottles for the photo-shoot.
  8. Rod H

    Variac Wanted

    Is it grounded?
  9. Rod H

    Want to be a moderator?

    Actually, that depends on if the emphasis is on the second 'A' or the fifth..... #ewetoo
  10. Rod H

    Want to be a moderator?

    Anyone ****** enough to be a moderator has to put up with me and Mark 24/7....
  11. Rod H

    Variac Wanted

    The one you bought looks like it runs on coal........