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  1. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    GrandPa Dennis. I like it!
  2. Help me out of the Darkness

    That's the old site. This new platform is quite different. And no, it doesn't do that here.
  3. Berlin Party Barn

    Must have pink Floyd.........
  4. Final Push

    Greg to give us a progress report so we can develop a plan to move ahead.
  5. It's been said the 'Image is everything". Managing your profile and personal settings You can access your account settings by clicking on your name or Avatar at the upper tight hand corner of most screens. The pull down menu gives you a number of options Profile is where you can load or change your avatar - It's called Profile Picture in this software BTW. Click on the image button to access the image menu: "Account Settings" will take you to your personalization options plus more:
  6. Insert picture or video You have likely noticed there is no "insert picture" or "insert video / YouTube" buttons on the New Topic composition toolbar at the top of the post box. You can either copy/paste or drag n drop pictures directly into your post so long as they are jpg / jpeg / png or gif files. Your image will first appear in an 'upload' window at the bottom of the screen, once the upload is complete, click on it and it will load into the body of the post at the point of the flashing cursor. As you add images they will all appear in the upload window. Resizing is available directly by left clicking on the inserted picture and dragging one of the corner frame points to change the size. Also, you can edit the uploaded picture by double left clicking on it which will bring up the 'Image Edit menu. Direct image links Web images: right click on the image and select copy image then paste directly into your post. You do not need the image link location. Resize as required. YouTube Videos Click on "Share" on the YouTube page. The highlighted link will appear, copy and paste. There is no need to get the embed code now. Removing images If you are editing a post and want to remove an image, You must to go to the Uploaded Images box at the bottom of the page and delete the image there. If you delete it only in the body of the post, it will not actually go away.
  7. Follow up: The first disc was never delivered - lost in the mail? (lost, yeah....son of a......) Found another copy of the same after some hunting, 4krow received it last week.
  8. ...and it gets better!

    Are you allowed to keep the venison in NJ?
  9. Sad Day...

    Oh Shiit! Sorry Kevin.... Once you get through the worst of it, let me what albums need to be replaced, I may have a few for you.
  10. Sold: Carver C-500

    It's a sweet piece. I would like to have it, but.................. Hopeful another proud owner will have it soon.
  11. This is getting personal and unproductive. Don't want to do this, but enough is enough. I'm locking this thread in the hopes that we do not get too far into cutting each other up. This site is about sharing experiences and supporting one another in our pursuit of fine music reproduction and enjoying Bob Carver's creations. As the man said: Enjoy the music. fukk it, let's go bowling. The Dude