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  1. A number of years ago I hit a screwdriver (shaft minus the handle) on the highway. Not only did it puncture the tire, it punched through the alloy rim as well. The tire was destroyed, but I did have the hole in the rim repaired.
  2. Heinz offers a product called Mayochup - a combo of mayonnaise and ketchup. (Why?) In the Cree language mayochup means 'shit is on my face' or shitface. uhm, OK.....
  3. Ha! That was informative!
  4. If any of my posts were lost, the universe gives thanks.
  5. "Oh Lord - I'll never drink again...."
  6. He might be the new site librarian....
  7. Nasty! "BumWine.com"
  8. Rod H

    Favorite Pictures

    Well, he did break the site after all........ I may change his user name to MALWARE
  9. Hey! I'm no commie! 🤨
  10. Too pretty for the roads I travel! Looks fantastic Rich.
  11. Wow D-jt, you've really mellowed since last we've seen you! 🤣
  12. Rod H

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!
  13. Pretty sure that was water. As for "ouch", they wouldn't have felt a thing!
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