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  1. I always caught hell for responding to the "110% thing" with: so up to now you've been holding back?
  2. The list is endless. If the corporate wankers and the consultants could find a way to turn 1% of the buzzspeak BS into improvements, we'd all be rich.
  3. Back when I was part of the giant corporate packaging world, my office mates and I used to play the "Corporation Buzzword Game". We would count how many times the favorite words and phrases would get used in a single meeting or better yet - conference call. Paradigm shifting Leading edge Outstanding World class Low hanging fruit Outside the box Move the needle Wheelhouse Transformative Synergy Best practice Mission critical Thought leadership Right sizing (my personal favorite) Critical path Organic growth So many more.....
  4. Crack is often smoked in glass tubes.......
  5. You have to do it with a thlight lithp Perry.
  6. The starting of a sentence with the word 'So' is so annoying as well. I hear it from many younger professionals such as doctors & scientists. It's completely superfluous and the statement would be the same with it left out. So what do you think of that?
  7. Fuck it dude. Let's go bowling.
  8. You're looking for a second one?
  9. Does it star Tom Cruise?
  10. There are a number of eBay sellers claiming to sell MKII upgrades, some that do not follow the process. All of the recognized techs here follow the plan and do proper testing to verify. And they offer warranties. Hey Itch: So you'll be down to what? 45 of them now?
  11. I have a power button.....
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