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  1. Hey birthday boy! You can rock out with 2 beers at a time today!
  2. Rod H

    Weird headline of the day

    Sex geckos die in orbit on Russian space project
  3. Rod H

    testing topic

    What exxacly is this?
  4. I can always count of the generosity of the folks on this site. Enough has been raised to get the job done! Thanks to everyone involved - except of course the dufus who caused this mess.
  5. It seems one of our members paid to have one of the CF18 amps built for him. He received it and it is not working properly. The builder is unwilling to sort it out. I have arranged for the amp to be sent to one of our technical gurus to be corrected. If you would like to help in funding this endeavor, PM me for the particulars. I am not naming the parties in this debacle, and this thread is locked. This is not about shaming anyone, I intend to fix the problem, not the blame. I do not want to see any discussion or speculation of this matter in the forums or the chatbox. Thank you for your understanding and your support. Rod
  6. Rod H

    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    No. You trade all your gear for Bose. It'll take care of itself shortly.
  7. Rod H

    Explosion Proof Museum Piece?

    They were labelled 'explosion-proof' because intact they are isolated from external combustion fuels, dust gasses etc. In a sealed glass envelope. Remember timer relays of old were often open frame and contacts sparking, well.....
  8. Rod H

    C-1 pre-amp for sale.

    Daddyjt really needs it!
  9. Rod H

    What's cookin?

    I know I'm not the only one here with a food/cooking obsession. One of my favorite parts of my Saturdays is in between the kids swimming training sessions I have enough time to visit some of my favorite butcher shops and farmers markets. Cooking is one of the best ways I have to relax. Anyway, today's plan: I picked up 1-1/2lbs of minced lean veal and 3/4lb of uncooked chorizo style sausage. I'll skin the sausage and mix it in with the veal and make 6 - 6oz. burger patties. Sourdough buns, swiss and cheddar cheese, dill pickles and red onions. Double cooked spicy potato wedges and a spinach salad. Also scored a 10lb capon today - that's Sunday dinner. What are y'all eatin?
  10. Thanks for the generous offer Brian, but it's already been arranged. And thanks to all those that have contributed so far. This is truly a giving community!
  11. Rod H

    What's cookin?

    The infamous (well here anyway) 'Dad-burgers' That's an 11" plate....
  12. Rod H

    Members avatars

    This is an official warning. Any long time member without an avatar will have a random avatar image assigned to them. By me. I might be sober when I do it, I might not. You all have the power to assign your own. You have been warned. Carry on!
  13. Happy birthday Barry!
  14. Rod H

    67bird's toy box

    OOOOH! Looks like you have more than enough amplification to drive everything.
  15. Rod H

    What are you listening to?

    Because I just had to watch Wall*E with my girls for the 500th time......
  16. Rod H

    Weird headline of the day

    Did it have pineapple on it?
  17. For streaming neophytes, I have a Startech BT2A bluetooth receiver. I originally used it to stream Tidal from my iPhone to my rig. I have other (more expensive) options now, so it's not being used. It's a funny looking little puck of a device, but it has always worked well. There's a Wolfson WM8524 DAC chip in it for the analog output, plus it will output on a Toslink optical for those who have another device to decode with. Unit, power supply and the analog output cable are included. Tell us what you intend to use it for and pick a number between 42 and 776.
  18. Another item collecting dust. Accepts bitrates up to 24/192 Also has an analog input! USB powered or external wall wart. Drove planar headphones surprisingly well. USB to SPdif converter as well. Does not ADC. Pick a number. I'm not setting limits. Ha! Comes with all the crap it came with (No wall-wart)
  19. Rod H

    What are you listening to?

  20. I'll throw in an outboard DAC if anyone needs it. SMSL Sanskrt 6th gen. Wolfson WM8740 24/192 with multiple inputs. Better analog output section than the puck. Also a Toslink optical cable to connect the 2.