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  1. Fantastic Karma... Thank you for the offering! Having never owned a Carver preamp, I'm in with 31.
  2. Having never heard one and looking for the "perfect" lower power Carver amp since I don't need much to drive my speakers and the fact that I love amps with meters, please count me in! What a generous offer!
  3. I just started a thread about these adapters and their use that includes some info about the 6N1 and 6N2 tubes and rolling tubes in the preamp.
  4. There are adapters available to allow extensive tube rolling the the new preamplifier. They're available on Fleabay for a nominal cost. These adapters can be used to roll 12AX7's in place of the 6N2's and/or to use12AU7's in place of the 6N1 tube. Our preamp case height was specifically designed to allow room to use these adapters without any height restrictions placed on them. Also...in most cases the 6DJ8 can be used as a sub for the 6N1 directly although the gain is slightly different. In these cases with the 6DJ8 or 12AX7's and 12AU7's ( with adapters ), it's all subjective as is the case with all tube rolling. To each his own although we have tried many combinations with excellent tubes and brands and have both felt that the "EV' or "EB" series 6N1's and 6N2's have a better sound than anything else we've tried....and the prices on these is far less than on most other tubes since they can be purchased from Russian surplus dealers. Just make sure that you insist on the "EB" or "EV" suffix to the tube. They are the extended life...( greater than 5000 hours and greater than 10,000 hours in some cases ) and the ultra low floor noise level and low microphonic models. They are extremely quiet with exceptional tonal qualities. The "OTK" printed on the tube signifies the quality control "stamp of approval" signifying that they were approved for military use and are of the highest build quality and specifications. Silver plated anodes and triple mica units are the most desirable, but also a bit more costly and harder to find. ( When I say more costly...they are still far below the price of any quality 12AX7 you can purchase...less than $10 per tube in most cases and as low as $5 per tube in some cases. )
  5. Thank you Brian... I seem to recall that he said that's what it was..., but it didn't look like any Gecko I'm familiar with. He (she) is very friendly although quite shy, but has a big tail that looks like a stack of inner tubes glued together! It has a really fat tail, but has blues and reds and lots of pretty colors on it. It just sits there hiding under one of the logs all day. He used to handle it all the time though. My last experience with a lizard was with an Iguana named "Iggy" that my daughter had when she was about 12. It was small when we got it and you could easily handle it. After it got to be about 3 feet long though even though you could still pick it up and it was friendly it would scratch the heck out of you when it wanted to run up your arm. The claws on it were like razors. I finally had to give it away. It was getting too big for our terrarium! Just looked them up....yes...that's what it is....and they live 20 years! I definitely need to find it a home!
  6. OK.... Need a little help here. A non paying downstairs tenant moved out owing me quite a bit of money....several months worth and just left everything....nothing of any value, but also left this, which I've been keeping alive since he left. What is it? It's very colorful...doesn't show in the photos, but has a really fat tail, is about 8 inches long and eats dried meal worms. What's it worth and does anyone want it? I have 2 pups and no use for it....I already have enough native snakes around here to cope with! HELP!
  7. Thank you... 40 years in the Industry after 10 with IBM gives me a lot of time to have experienced many, many fascinating incidents! Working with Audrey Hepburn in her last film was one of my best. I had the opportunity to sit alone with her and chat for almost 45 minutes. I've always felt that it was one of the highlights of my career. What an incredible lady she was! Another was working with Dolly Parton on "Rhinestone" when she came out in a bathrobe covering her low cut sequined gown. She walked straight over to the 4 of us working effects on the show, opened up her gown and said... " I thought you effects boys ought to be the first one to see my titties tonight"! What a funny, down to earth sweetheart she was...and is.
  8. Very true.....surplus scopes were not available back then. It wasn't until I started with the studios in the late 70's that we actually started hiring guys who knew electronics and could make circuits with transistors and TTL logic that could blink lights and such. I was one of the first 5 people hired by Universal to start on the original Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Green...and then Buck Rogers and Knight Rider. Before then everything was built by carpenters since it was originally a carpenter's union for set construction. Even the early effects men were basically carpenters who had some other mechanical knowledge. They had some rather ingenious ways of doing things that were actually quite easy if you knew electronics, but most of the movies before then never really required any of that....westerns, mysteries, dramas, etc. When I started it was the beginning of a whole new era for special effects and even more years before PC's and CGI had even been imagined. 1983 with "War Games" was the first huge show that actually had major electronics in it. It took almost a year to film and PC's were still just a dream. It took several more years before the first IBM PC came out. We were using Apples and even the "toys are us" Commodores with DOS to accomplish simple things....cassette tapes and all!lol I saw unbelievable changes in the almost 40 years I was with the studios.
  9. I have a Tek roll around cart that puts the scope at bench height and at a 45 degree angle plus has a shelf below for other equipment is anyone wants it.....unfortunately it's rather large and does not come apart. It would have to be a local pickup. I don't use it though. It's the same Tek blue color and goes well with the scope...( although it's been sitting outside for a time... I think it's fine though...).
  10. Great Karma!!! I just replaced my Tek scope and have a sine wave audio generator, but this should make life a lot easier and more fun to have for anyone needing them!!! Anyone who gets them should be thrilled. Early movie trivia..... O'scope screens in very early movie days used a piece of colored string loosely strung behind a plastic or glass screen. An air nozzle then blew a stream of air down the length of the string which then produced a nice "sine wave" and was illuminated from the rear down the string. You could vary the sine wave with different angles or pressure of the air stream! True story.....
  11. My daughter and friend live in Seattle. I'd love to see some photos if possible! Thanks for posting.
  12. Oh crap.... I thought I could flirt with Raven privately here!🙄
  13. This is nice....since many of my posts are off topic anyway!lol Thanks for doing this Greg!
  14. A bit similar but much newer than my old Heathkit 1640-AA 200 wpc which weighs close to 100 lbs, all discrete, works great and sounds much like a tube amp below 50 watts...and I still have the old boat anchor... it's still a great old amp! ( I should clean it....haven't touched it in several years. ) Greatest recent find... a pair of new tower speakers with 4- 8" woofers...( 2 active and 2 passive...one on the side and one on the front bottom, a 6" mid and horn tweeter. They actually play down to 20hz and sounded great out of the box except for the mids that sounded a bit muted...like a blanket over them. I changed the crossovers to Eminence 2nd order units with more overlap and a lower crossover point, added 8uf of capacitance to the mid crossover, changed the mids to paper cone closed back units from Parts Express and put L-pads on both the tweeter and the mid in each speaker. It took trying 5 different crossovers before choosing the one that did the trick....( Thank you Amazon for letting me return the others!). They now sound fantastic...and actually very close to my Altecs which are to the left and behind it.. and almost as efficient!... ( this one is still showing the original 6" mid before changing). Total price for the pair including all of the mods done....about $750. I'm extremely pleased with them and have complete control over the sound with the added L-pads. Quite a deal for an amazing pair of speakers!
  15. My AR Reference 1 preamp.....found in an auto junk yard, half full of mud and I purchased it off Fleabay for $500. After 2 days of cleaning out the mud and such it looked brand new.....and it worked flawlessly! Best preamp I've ever heard. I sold it for $2,000 again on Fleabay when I found something else that I really wanted. Never should have let it go! My Mac 240...purchased from Speaker City in Burbank as a non working amp for $400.... al it needed was a new thermister...cost $1.25 to fix it....sold for $2500 My Mac 275 Mk4...purchased as a store demo for $1800....another keeper that I let go....... and too many more in the past 25 years to list! My best find.... A curbsided HK Citiation II complete with tube shield and original British Gold Lion KT-88s....sitting next to a trash can...and working perfectly aside from a small bit of hum that power supply caps corrected. Sold the output tubes for $600..kept the amp.
  16. Thank you! What an unexpected and pleasant surprise!!...( and thank you for the effort and creativity of my avatar... I almost didn't recognize myself the last time I logged in!... I think I'll have to keep such a generous gift!!)
  17. Ahhh. Thank you! I believe one pivot end has just slipped out of the end cup...( with a watch it would be like the balance staff slipping out of an end pivot jewel). I'm just afraid that my hands might no longer be steady enough to reinstall it.......or it could be something completely different, but it does react to output...it just doesn't swing as it should. Perhaps that's the case with this one.... It does respond to signal but does not have a full swing to it...it just sits there and slightly wiggles. I've worked on railroad grade pocket watches for quite a few years, but it's been almost 10 years since I repaired my last one and I don't think my hands are steady enough now to do this. It's quite possible that the problem is simply a dirty pivot....and although I've used watch oil on many meters in the past, unless they are sealed it's better to run them dry.... I agree. I haven't removed it or even looked at it closely enough to see if the pivot is out of place or it is simply sticking, but I do think I'll take the expert up on his offer and send it up. Thank you @Nahash5150!😀
  18. Mods...if this doesn't apply here please remove it. I don't know if non Carver items are allowed here....but if they are.... I have several hundred video discs....the LP sized discs and a player that plays both these and standard DVDs as well. These were part of a non paid storage locker that I purchased years ago. They belonged to a Hollywood producer who had gone through a divorce and his ex "forgot" to tell him that payment was due and he lost the storage space. Part of the items were boxes and boxes of video discs....almost 400 in all and most of them are either collections or hard to find discs. He had a taste for B grade horror flicks that later became cult followed films and many, many other discs including collections like the Disney classics, cartoon classics... ( he was a cartoonist and produced a number of feature animated films). ( I even got a black rubber rat signed by Ann Rice!). There are Bruce Lee collections, Clint Eastwood collections....way too many to list. They have all been played just one time....when he originally opened them to first see them and they were then put back into their covers and filed away. For a time I was selling these on line and getting as much as $50 each for them...( the rare ones like the B&W Steamboat Willie and early Betty Boop). I'd like to sell the entire collection and would sell them all in "as new" condition for $1 each! They can be shipped in 3 or 4 large boxes with media mail for about $15-$20 a box anywhere in the US. If you need a player for them I do have a Panasonic dual disc player that I might be willing to part with for near nothing to anyone wanting the entire collection. If you've never seen one of these video discs before, the picture and sound quality is excellent! If anyone is interested I can try to take some time and make a long list of what's in there, but I don't think anyone would be disappointed. I think "The Swamp Thing" and "Creature From the Black Lagoon"..( if it's still in there) sell for quite a bit if someone wants to take the time to sell them off one at a time. Your profit margin would be probably well over 10 times what you would be buying them for! I simply don't want to take the time to list them individually any more!
  19. I have a non working meter in my little TFM15 and rather than trying to fix it and probably just screw it up I'd like to find a replacement for it if anyone has a "parts" unit sitting around. Please post or PM me with details. Thanks! Bill
  20. That should rattle a few windows!lmao!
  21. Thank you. That's funny... I did the effects on Family Ties for 4 seasons. He used to lose all of his weekly allowance to the grips playing gin rummy at lunch..... He was a great kid though.
  22. Since I forgot to make any statement about selection if more than one wanted it I think I have to say Charlie....it's yours! PM me with your shipping info and I'll get it out to you. It might take a few days to get it packed up and shipped..or if you don't mind waiting for several days I can ship it with the new switch that I just bought for it. Let me know!
  23. So.... you think your sub really puts out bass...and you like it? This might just be something you'd be interested in. I have 2 of them and am giving away one. It an ADC subsonic equalizer / synthesizer model DSS-100. Basically it's a bass booster for half of the unit and a bass synthesizer for the other half. Any note or signal passing through it at 100hz or less has a signal synthesized at exactly half of that frequency and it is controlled by a slide switch on the left. On the right is just the bass boost. You can either select to go through your main amp with the output or go to a LF amp...your choice. If you want really gut busting bass this will do it....and it sounds quite good! This particular one has a bad bypass switch in it that has been wired in the "on" position.....and I used it for years that way just sliding the control all the way down when I wasn't using it. It works fine that way, but I just discovered a guy on Fleabay that was selling a switch that will fit it perfectly so I bought it. You mission......should you decide to accept....is to either continue using it the way I did or install the new switch yourself. As soon as it arrives I will send it to you. Your second "mission" is to try to stop your furniture from walking away when you use it! It is also missing the side screws for the cover...which are in a box with thousands of other "orphan" screws. I'm sure you can find some for it easily though....they're pretty standard. You won't hear that 10hz note, but you'll sure feel it!! Post if you'd like it.
  24. I have 2 brand new 15" surrounds, glue and instructions that I am not using. They were listed originally as for a 15" Velodyne sub, but could possibly fit other 15" speakers. If anyone is interested in these please post and you are welcome to them. I paid about $20 each for them and they are still in their original boxes which I will combine into one unless more than one person wants them in which case I will split them and leave one in each box. Depending on demand I will ship these to whoever wants them. I'll leave these up for a week to see if anyone wants them. If I see more than 2 responses we can pick numbers.
  25. I have one here....not an electronic, but a stereoscope for working on Accutron watches. It was quite expensive when I purchased it, but it's the only way you can view several hundred teeth on a gear that is less than 1/4" in diameter. It's ridiculously difficult to use though since even it you put in something as small as a needle to move a part slightly the needle looks like a railroad spike in the scope..... almost impossible to use.
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