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  1. Nice to see there are some rye enthusiasts here. Could not agree more with the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Voted by Jim Murray (writer of the annual whiskey bible) as the best whiskey of 2016 - and that distinction was overall, meaning best whiskey in the world. Of course all this is very subjective and is a matter of taste. But at the bargain basement price charged for this product, it is a must try. Note this grain bill is about 90% rye. Here is another absolutely phenomenal rye, this one 100% pure rye... Low price too!
  2. Great question. I don't think so. The Ohms will stay downstairs with the big Hafler mainly for marital reasons. Ohm offers a really sweet deal to owners of the Ohm Fs. I can get a hefty discount on a new set of speakers if I return them, or I can send back the drivers (regardless of condition) and they will sell me a pair of modern Walsh replacement drivers with new grilles. The new drivers will bolt on right onto the cabinets. Because of the massive size of the old F cabinets the response is boosted relative to the factory set-up for the modern speaker (F2000). The price for this latter option is $1500 US. It is really tempting. I wonder if anyone here has heard the new Ohms?
  3. Update! I tried out the amp last night! Brought the C-1 and a tuner upstairs and this will be the new living room system. Heard a Carver amp for the first time last night. OMG this thing sounds so sweet I could listen to it all day! Even my wife commented on the sound. She described as 'clear' - I have to agree with her. For now I am driving my Cambridge Ensemble (two minimus style satellites with two passive subs in parallel, 6 ohms). Here is a picture of the current rig. The Luxman tuner must return to the basement (it just doesn't match), and the Kenwood receiver will be relegated into storage. I sold my house and will be moving into a new one in a couple months. The new rig will see the Cambridge replaced with 901s on tulip stands. Thanks to you all for the excellent advice! David
  4. Thanks for that! I tried the new (for me) amp last night. OMG does it sound fantastic. Even my wife noticed the difference in sound, and both my wife and sonncommented how the matching amp and pre look awesome and that therefore a matching tuner is required. I knew about the TX2 being shorter but did not know the TX11a being available in anthracite. Now I am looking for one of those LOL. PM sent.
  5. Hello: I am looking for a Carver tuner to round out my living room system which will be my new M-1.0t, My old C-1, and my Sony Jukebox. Need a tuner in the living room for sure. Visually I think the TX-2 and a TX-8 could both work. Kinda partial to the TX-2... Anyone looking to unload a tuner? Thanks! D
  6. Okay - thanks for the advice... I will open it up and look at the large caps to check for any signs of distress. If I see bulging or convex tops, then I will be at least doing a cap upgrade first. Best regards,, D
  7. Is there a list of techs who can do the MkII upgrade? I saw it once but I have not been able to find it since...
  8. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know my quest is over (for now :))...! Finally got myself the amp I wanted - an M1.0t. This one is the inverting model, and the owner says to his knowledge it has never been opened. No issues apparently... He was using it bridged to drive the sub in the picture (it has a blown plate amp). I asked the seller to throw the sub in and he graciously agreed. I have not seen this baby in person, I should receive it soon. My brother did the transaction for me and tells me the face plate looks really good (not perfect, but very clean)!
  9. That is a 1090. Quite fond of that unit. The controls need a good cleaning and it undoubtedly could use new electrolytics, but it sounds great and cosmetically it is very good. I paid about $200 for it, but that was 7 years ago. If I were to do this again, I would hunt for a pair of series IIs. After refoaming all 18 drivers (it took months of an evening here, an evening there type work), I have to wonder how long it will be before the foams are toast again (I can hope that modern foam lasts longer). But with the series I and series II, the surrounds are fabric and in theory never need to be replaced. I have A/B'd the series IIs against the series III and I cannot tell any appreciable difference. If anything, it seemed the series II sounded slightly better.
  10. All that gear is totally stock. The Halfer pre-amp (not shown) has been re-capped. I am quite proud of the job I did on the RCA connectors, shown here... Next I am going to replace a few of the key resistors with metal film, and replace the coupling caps. Currently using Niobiums (a modern replacement for Tantalum) for the output couplers, with Nichicon gold electrolytics for the input phono couplers. these did not degrade the sound at all, they just did not improve anything. I think that by getting some suitable films in those positions I should be able to create an audible improvement... One of the challenge amps I think would be a cool piece to have. I suppose its not a need... Here are a couple of pics of the 901 restoration I did. That was a fun job. These are in service in my Dad's living room for the forseeable future, but I would love to have a pair in my house. It seems they are not popular in among audio folks, but I love the sound.
  11. Story goes that SRV laid this track down in just a few takes on a borrowed guitar. What a fabulous recording this is.
  12. I was looking for someone in Vancouver who reportedly was good at rebuilding these. When I contacted the boutique where he used to work he unfortunately had passed. The gent I was speaking to was very helpful and actually suggested I install a set of tweeters. The thought of crossovers put me off. Your active EQ idea is cool.
  13. Yes! Thanks for asking. There is a foam liner inside the upper portion of the cone that Ohm says they could never repair. Oddly, those still appear intact on mine. The suspension has been replaced on both drivers. To me the bass is terrific, but I feel they lack in the treble dept. They are very powerful in the bass dept without any mushiness whatsoever - just outstanding bass. They are very power hungry 4 ohm speakers.
  14. I should have known you guys would ask for pictures! Here are the before and after shots of my brother's SR-903. It was grimed up with nicotine and coffee stains and all bulbs were burnt. I converted everything to LED, but then I slipped with my probe when setting the idle current and severely fried the left channel. Ended up replacing all the output trannies, several drivers, and some diodes - and of course did the same repairs on both channels. The troubleshooting was tricky and took a long time - but it works great now. My bro has an amazing vinyl collection and he is now blasting music in his new man cave with his cherished receiver. I'll dig out some other project pics and post them this evening. Happy Friday everyone! David
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