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  1. Portageguy

    SOLD: M1.0t MKII (Rich Pecoraro modified)

    Hello Everyone - this amp has been sold. This is a great forum - thanks for the work setting it up and running it...
  2. Portageguy

    SOLD: C-1 Pre-Amp For Sale

    Thanks for showing it's been sold. I took a quick look around and wasn't sure where to remove or move the post. Yes, it was in good shape and sold fast. FWIW I still have a Rich Pecoraro M1.0t for sale. A few bites but no serious interest. Any suggestions on whether or not my price is in the ballpark? I paid that for it, seemed to be a good place to start...
  3. Portageguy

    SOLD: C-1 Pre-Amp For Sale

    This C-1 has been sold...
  4. Portageguy

    SOLD: C-1 Pre-Amp For Sale

    Thanks. Looks like a good, informed group.
  5. Making a speaker change and am selling my M1.0t MKII. Currently in service in non-smoking home and no issues with it - sounded great last night...am moving to a bi-amp set up. $695 plus UPS double box shipping and PayPal fees. Please get in touch with questions and thanks for looking.
  6. Hello: C-1 from my second system for sale. This is the one mentioned a few days ago with the M1.0t. (That's going on the For Sale list in a few minutes...) Pulled from service in a non-smoking home a year ago and was working then. As far as I can tell am the 2nd owner. Will be UPS double boxed for shipment with original box inside. $195 plus shipping (including insurance) and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking...First time seller on Carver Site, so put a ring in my nose and pull me along, please.
  7. Hello: Haven't been on The Carver Site in quite some time. Currently running an M 1.0t MK 2 with no issues into modified Magneplanar MG 12-QR's. Arcam gear ahead of it. Long story, but just received a pair of 1968 AR 3A's that I've rebuilt and fallen in love with all over again. Considering replacing the Maggies and certainly don't need the M 1.0t power or the spare C-1 downstairs - and the wife would get a big piece of the living room back. I can list the M 1.0t and C-1 on C'list or Ebay but would rather see if there's interest within this group. No intention of violating site protocol, so forgive me and take this down if I needed...This is a general inquiry from me and I'm happy to answer any questions. Cheers,