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  1. Sad Day...

    Damn, Kevin sorry to hear it. PM me your address and I'll send you any 2nd copies I have. ray
  2. My girls are forever asking me to turn the TV down. Their hearing is waay better than mine. I continue to be surprised how often they can identify a system change and not know I've acquired a new component ahead of time. They've been around hifi enough to recognize good from marginal. Shaylee, my oldest twin, asked for a record player for Christmas. My work is done with them ray
  3. FS: various crap

    Travis, will you take $125 for the 'phones? ray
  4. Please provide scientific information that describes what this process does and how it could benefit vaccum tubes. I cryo brake and machined engine parts on my race bikes. Many parts of my new engine build will be cryo'd after they're machined...then re examined to verify spec. My cryo'd brake rotors last almost 20,000 miles longer in my daily drivers than the same part without the cryo process, suggesting the material becomes less susceptible to wear. They also appear not to rust as quickly. Many tube companies offer the process for their more expensive tube product lines. ray
  5. Jozefína Lichtenegger is the owner of EAT, a Czech Republic company claiming to build the best tubes in the world. I'd love to hear some of their stuff. At $500 each for a KT 88 I think it's a bit pricey with my engine build and all here is the addy for their web page. they certainly cater to the high-end crowd http://www.europeanaudioteam.com/ ray I can't get Bob or anyone else to comment on which tube sounds the best in the CF amp.....although Jess is a huge fan of the 6550 and I do have some vintage 6550s I bought a while back to roll into it.
  6. This space for rent

    Jim, I think this spot is the ad space you need for your fledgling audio biz. ray
  7. What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

    B-Man and Maddmaster....that's what I'm talking about!!! Enthusiasm ray On my way to the speed shop now. Doing my leg work. Picking up the 340X heads this weekend 'if' I can get hardened seats installed. just got back from the machine shop, they can install the hardened seats...for a price of course. Now to get some assurances from Gavin that I'm not pissing my hard earned $$ away if they're fuckd up some other way.
  8. What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

    fluidcool, I'm a 'Vette fan too. I'm my youth I owned a '68 L-88 convertible, '72 T-top car and a 1998 coupe. ray
  9. What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

    I live in Bucyrus, a little north of Columbus. Thanks for the invite. I'll try to make it down once the weather turns and the track opens. ray
  10. What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

    The Dodge 360 arrived at my office Friday. Oh yeah, it's a mess. But at least it has not been out in the weather. Tomorrow I'll get stared on the cleanup and prepare for the tear down. It has to be scrubbed and lathered down with penetrating oil to assist the tear down. As you'll recall I bought some workbench reference manual on rebuilding and stroking the Mopar small blocks. I'm beginning to formulate a rebuild plan for the motor. I've solidified the bottom end(short-block) will be competition forgings making it scalable to almost any extent down the road. I decided not to mod the RV heads at this time and I'm picking up a set of 340 X heads this week. The plan is to clean up the bowls, port match and polish the runners. I'll need to have the guides cut down to accept the larger lift from the roller cam. These heads flow really well and will be a great addition to the build and the cost of the X heads plus machine work is just a tad more than the RV heads and there is much greater potential in the X heads. I acquired a Dana 60 rear end with 3.55 gears for some EI gold pin tubes I had on hand. SCORE!! While I'm a huge fan of the Torqueflight 727s, I'm still trying to find an overdrive trans that will handle the additional horsepower or some lower gears <3.23 that will get the highway revs and noise down to acceptable level if I ever expect Sherry to get in the car.I've come up with a paint scheme for the exterior that's unique too!So all i need is a car.ray
  11. Carver 350 Tube Mono Blocks

    Congrats on the new toys Itch! Very Nice! Warm 'em up and let loose. If your ears aren't bleeding....turn it up ray
  12. What are your hobbies beside HiFi?

    After BrianT remarked he built a late '70s Camaro I thought about building a Cheby but everyone is doing it. They're putting LS motors in Mustangs and Darts. Travesty I say! Bet that was a fun build Brian. Today I'm putting together the 1000lb engine stand I bought yesterday. 2 of my reference books came yesterday. I spent the better part of last evening with my nose in them. Lots of good stuff. rayThen I found this.....ugly as hell but VERY RARE Looking at it Saturday
  13. My saga begins.... Last year I found myself in need of a new car. I first found a 1979 Trans Am. A red 400 4-speed car with fresh paint and in truly nice condition for an Ohio car of its vintage. It was in need of some incidentals and while I pondered the sale it was sold. Well in all truthfulness I needed a daily driver and not a toy(money pit). Next up were several Corvettes. Sherry wasn't a fan. I loved them but they needed more work than I wanted to do. Filling in at one of our residences, I stumbled across a 2008 Grand Prix. Nice condition, usefully optioned and only 127k on the clock. $4500. A day later it was mine. I promptly installed a K&N airfilter and modded the brakes and suspension. SS lines, Powerstop calipers and slotted/drilled rotors. Lemme tell you this bitch STOPS. A complete rebuild of the front end, oversize front and rear forged stabilizer bars, KYB struts and Eibach springs to finish the suspension. Then I ran out of things to do to it. There is no upgrade path for the 2008. No supercharger, no big cams headers...nothin. Damn!So, what's an aging hot rodder to do? Build a new car:-) Hell yes, but what?An associate of mine was scrapping an old RV. It had a 1978 Dodge 360 4BBL RV engine and 727 Torqueflight tranny behind it. $450 and it's mine. What to do now. Back in the day you just strolled down to the local bones and picked up some 'new' rod parts. Well not today. They're all gone. All that's left is new stuff.Hmmm. Lets peruse the web and see what's to be seen. The 360 has gobs of potential. With some hard work and ingenuity a guy can get 400HP at the crank. 500 is easily possible too! There are several stroker kits taking you from 360 to 468 cubic inches. What if....you shopped a bit in the used market for some hop up goodies to keep costs down. Off to Craigslist I go. This past week I found a pristine dual-plane MOPAR intake from a 1969 Duster, a jet kit for the ThemoQuad 900, an MSD ProBillet distributor, .500 inch lift Crane valve springs, and a set of Harlan Sharp roller rockers. Ferenghi approved at $375. BIG score. The Sharp rockers retail for $900 alone and the MSD distributor is close to $400. I did pretty well. Its a good start. More shopping. I met a fellow MOPAR enthusiast in Columbus whom I bought some of those parts from. Gavin belongs to the MOPAR club there and is helping me with parts acquisition. Buying parts is easy, planning the machine work is another thing entirely. There are alot of interwoven considerations to be made. I want to do a serious port and polish and possibly cut in a 2.02 in intake valve. The heads on the engine are 1978 360 RV units, and while they don't have any smog gear attached, they are smog heads. There are provisions in the castings for the smog add ons. A good port and polish will allow the heads to flow good enough for street/strip racing and cruising.All of this is going to require more research than I've done to this point. I don't want to machine or mod anything I can't undo. This week I'll be tearing the engine down and examining the parts. The block and heads go off to Magnflux and hot tank. The block gets checked for cracks, then gets align-bored/honed then the piston bores get examined to see if they need bored due to wear. At that point I'll know what size the new forged pistons will be.The reciprocating mass will get an internal balance to within <.1gm. I want to design the bottom end(block, crank, rods and pistons as sort of a stand alone unit. Meaning, building it with balanced forgings that will allow compression changes to be done via cylinder head, cam and intake changes to handle fuel management.This is where all of my planning gets convoluted. I've decided on a Forged crank, rods and pistons. The valve relief cuts into the piston are determined by your camshaft lift and to some extent duration. If the valve lift is over .500 inch at the valve the valve guides need machined inside the 360 RV head to prevent the retainer from impacting the top of the guide. That means you have to know what cam you're using BEFORE you can do any head work. Compression ratios supported by current fuel are limited to roughly 10:1 for aluminum and 9.5:1 for cast iron heads on pump gas, but that can change due to piston configuration (crown or dish volume) and chamber size not to mention gas formulations. E85 fuels will support higher combustion pressures as E85 has a 100-105 research octane value allowing the builder to raise the compression ratio thereby increasing power. While E85 is a staple here in Ohio, I don't know about other places I might want to drive the vehicle. Decking the block is also a consideration if the pistons sit too low in the bores. I may need to do that in order for the pistons to supply the correct compression ratio. Sheesh. This could be a long project. I think I've found a suitable platform(car) to complete the project, but we'll see. I'm still thinking about aesthetics.To Farmtruck or not to Farmtruck.....that is the question. ray anyone got any old MOPAR rod stuff lying around?
  14. For the Hell of it

    Do I spy a John Broskie board? ray