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  1. Magnaryder

    FedEx Home Delivery

    Wow, that's just beyond lazy. Put it on your phone and show it to his supervisor ray
  2. Magnaryder

    Happy Birthday BluesMan57!!!

    Happy Birthday!! ray
  3. Magnaryder

    Favorite Soundtrack

    Without question for me it’s Easy Rider. ray
  4. Magnaryder

    Check Out This Shelving Collapse

    I worked at a Tier 1 Honda supplier that installed a racking system right bebore I left to go to Whirlpool. They choose to put containers containing brake rotors on the top shelf. I warned that someone would push one of the containers off the back onto an associate standing on the back side. Sure enough about 6 months after I left a container with 120 rotors in it was pushed off the back onto an unoccupied lift truck. Happily I was working elsewhere. Brake wires were kept on the bottom shelf. ray I had been my department OSHA rep. Glad to be elsewhere.
  5. Magnaryder

    Desoldering Tool Karma

    Congrats, great Kharma! ray
  6. Magnaryder

    Catfishin' NSFK*

    Bwaahahaha.... Dean Wermer talking to DDay, Bluto and Flounder, ‘Drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life son’....IIRC ray
  7. Magnaryder

    What are you listening to?

    E Pluribus Funk-Grand Funk Railroad on TheNewOfficeRig(tm) ray
  8. Magnaryder


    Welcome aboard, Harry Williams(hewlew1) will be happy there's another Cerwin Vega guy around. Harry loves him some Cerwins ray
  9. Magnaryder


    Bailey Quarters(Jan Smithers) from WKRP, Joyce DeWitt, Mary Crosby, Denice Crosby, Lexa Doig.... minds working overtime. I wish the phone let me drag and drop pics. GiGi Rice ray i love Markie Post
  10. Magnaryder

    Do you know any jokes?

    There’s a TFM-35 on sale at Reverb for(hold on) $1400. Gotta get me 2 of them ray
  11. Magnaryder

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingman!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Wayne!!! ray
  12. Magnaryder

    testing topic

    As forums age(and their participants) they tend to go by the wayside or morph into/onto something else like twitterbook. Many of my forums have become strictly social meeting places (to arrange get-togethers like SabMagNOE and CarverFest) as members have moved on to other bikes. Same people different rydes. Listeners tend to cycle gear and move on also so you'll see them come and go. Other than the CarverFest project amplifiers and Lightstar, I have no Carver gear in my home rig. I do however have a pile of it in the office. Right now its all about the tubes...... ray
  13. Magnaryder

    testing topic

    Shit, I can't find my way out ray
  14. Magnaryder

    The one that you let go - greatest regret.

    2 hours ago, DrummerJuice said: I had a friend who's ex-wife put his Nakamichi Dragon in the bathtub and filled it with water. (Very cruel and unusual) And I thought my ex taking my Dylan sighed copy of 'Concert for Bangladesh' was beyond cruel.