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  1. Spin-Clean, made in Pittsburgh and used at the Smithsonian. $76 last I knew, I took mine to CF'18 and cleaned 40 LPs in short order. Now there are motorized units but the cost is huge. I'd prefer to spend the $$ on new vinyl, TT an arm or new cart. ray
  2. They’re available new....$4,000 at a stealer near you. ray
  3. Nice score Harry! It does appear the mid-woof has been changed to a poly cone. ray
  4. I live with a house full of women, they all think that. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!! Enjoy the caffeine and have a GREAT DAY!! ray
  5. If I did I don't remember it. I'd have to look to see if its in my library. ray
  6. Didn't Robert Heinlein(sp) use this as a premise in one of his books? Slipstick Libby? Something like that as I recall. Character that yelled 'Front', who were 3 young women IIRC to do his bidding? It's been a while since I read the books again....like 30-40 years. ray Methuselahs Children...it's on a shelf somewhere
  7. Mark Lucas' CarverFest 2015 DVD-A disc on TheNewOfficeRig(tm) ray
  8. Pics or it didn't happen. ray
  9. From what I’ve read and heard from Moffat and Stoddard, they’ve latched on to the same thing. They’ve engaged it for musicians and for what it is to do Gadget has gotten positive feedback. BearJew heard it on one of his trips west. Steve is both a musician and a budding audio geek. He says it kinda works but has issues with higher resolution media. Pretty much what had been coming from the principals at Schiit. Still an interesting premise. ray
  10. In with 21, TheTerrorTwinz(tm) are 21. Great Kharma. ray
  11. Nice offer Ed. Any chance we’ll see a Lightstar throw? Jus askin’ ray
  12. Nice to meet you Perry, I’m Ray(Magnaryder) I joined my first internet mail forum in 94 or 95. SabMag centered around Honda first gen V4s. My ride du jour was a 1984 V65 Magna called Nightshade. So Magnaryder seemed appropriate
  13. Realizing it’s not piano.. but, from a story I read several decades ago Hendrix was playing at the Cavern, sometimes in the late 60s. Mitch told him he was out of tune. Jimi looked out in the crowd and asked Paul if Eric was in, his guitar was out of tune. God tuned his guitar. It’s a great story.... ray Schiit has been working on a project they’ve dudded ‘Gadget’. My understanding is it can adjust music in the digital realm to correct for recordings being ‘out of tune’, at least that’s how I understand it(YMMV). Interested parties can find details on their website. It’s an interesting idea. Moffat is a musician and his playing took him down this path. Dr. Ivana is working out the math.
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