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  1. Every time Watershed changes/loses help our process suffers. Victoria is the new girl in charge of reservations this year. It took a little while, maybe 10 minutes but she got me registered at a great price. Painless!! and the best audio Fest going. ray
  2. Tash Sultana-Live at the Paradise She's got chops, worth checking her out on TheNewOfficeRig(tm) ray
  3. Happy Birthday 🎂 Doug ray
  4. Magnaryder

    New Jazz Albums

    Sherry and I shared a conversation with jazz singer Anne Bisson yesterday in the Gathers Lounge. She autographed one of her albums for us. She was singing in the Focal room for 3days of Axpona. She was a joy to talk with. ray
  5. Happy Birthday Mike!!! ray
  6. Looks like the green pen guys are at it again. ray
  7. Happy Birthday Bill! ray
  8. Sorry Barry I didn’t read the post close enough can I have 421please? ray
  9. No, some are not and come from legitimate sellers. Most notably AngeloD. He's always selling parts Bob gave him. ray
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