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  1. 67bird

    Carver Throws

    Ed I would be interested in 1 as well.
  2. No it was another kit name escapes me... The car was a bucket list car and I was lucky enough to own it. My wife called it the death trap. What could go wrong? Big block ford basically on your lap, no PS, no PB, fiberglass, 4 inches from sitting on the ground and one roll bar. It weighted so little. The 5 point racing harness was only there so they could recover my body if I was in an accident.
  3. I just turned 49 in Nov. and last year my wife and I decided the stress hit it's peak so we are planning for an early retirement. Unfortunately that meant I had to start to let go of my toys... Not audio though! Last year I sold my 2002 supercharged Corvette convertible and my 1966 cobra 427 kit car. We hadn't driven them in over a year so no need to store them. Next to go is my Harley's this spring. Financial freedom is more relaxing than the toys.
  4. I was reading up on the tube upgrades. Never tried it so I'm a bit nervous cracking it open. I'll try if I can't do any damage! Thanks! It's my work phone... I keep it out of the way. It's a Cisco IP video phone. My day job is program director of the network engineering team. I attempt... I have a small collection of electric guitars. I'll post a pic of them later this week.
  5. Thanks for letting me hang out here. I have been a carver fan since I heard my first M500t and pair of Amazing back in 1990. I purchased an M500t and have been addicted since. As some of you already know from the post Hashy's Bench I have 5 M500t's now. 4 of them are in my home theater and 1 is spare in my 2 channel room. Here is a pic of my 2 channel room with my silver 7t's and my Carver speakers. I only run one pair at a time. They both have different characteristics and sensitivity. They are amazing in their own way. The CD player is a Carver SD-490t I bought last year. I love the analog non harsh dynamics of the player. I also play vinyl on an older ADC Accutrac 4000 turntable. I use a Sunfire theater grandII I retired from the home theater as my preamp. I do have an old C4000 and CT17 in the rack but don't use them at the moment. Here is the rack...
  6. I will sure post pics soon. looks like I need to load them and point a URL so I'll see if I can get some time this week to add a page to my personal website. I have 4 of the M500t's running my aging 5.1 home theater. I run one on the center ( only one channel now that it is a MKII... It was mono prior to). One is running the two two rear and I use one bi-amped to my Martin Logan Aerus I's. They were running Mono on the Martin Logan's prior to Greg's magic. They are absolutely amazing Bi-amped now. The 5th M500t is a spare for now since I picked up a second pair of Silver 7t's The Silver 7t's are running two pair of Carvers in my vinyl/ music room. I only run one pair of speakers at a time though. One pair is the original Amazings with the amp killer ribbons. The second set is a pair of the ALSIII plus. Both are amazing in their own way. I use a gunfire theater grand II for the phono and CD in the room and found an SD-490t last year that is the most beautiful cd player I have ever heard!. The turntable is an old ADC Accutrac 4000. The M4.0t's are going to be used for another project when I get the one I fried back. I have a very understanding wife! Tom
  7. So Glad I found Greg over a year ago for my Carver amp repairs! He is a great guy and very talented. To date Greg has upgraded all five of my M500t's to MKII, refurbished a pair of Silver 7t's and just restored the M4.0t I fried with my Carver Originals "Amp killers". Thanks for breathing new life in all my aging audio gear!
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