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  1. narkotic

    A dreaded Scintilla Owner!

    What about the Sunfire Symphonic Reference 2 Channel Amp? No Joule meter, but has the same "load invariant" text on the faceplate. Is this the same amp?
  2. narkotic

    A dreaded Scintilla Owner!

    I wonder if any of the subwoofer's had "Load Invariant" technology with a power supply large enough that I could rob from and use as well?
  3. narkotic

    A dreaded Scintilla Owner!

    Curious - I see a lot of "Cinema Grand" models (>2 Channel) - If I didn't use all of the channels, would it just deliver power to the used channels in the same manner and be used? Like, if I used a 7 channel amp as a 2 channel, would it essentially be the same? Or is the power supply discreet for each channel? Or is it shared? I'm asking as I see a ton of multi channel versions on the secondhand market.
  4. narkotic

    A dreaded Scintilla Owner!

    How exactly? Is there a master thread to identifying these amps? So far from what I've gathered, some have a signature in the upper-left corner (ironically there is one for sale now that seems to have a "fake" signature on it), some have plastic some have metal binding posts (I believe plastic to be more recent) and some have verbiage in the lower-left front corner with the wattage spelled out. Recently I've only seen ones with the "Bob Carver" signature in the upper-left corner. Le Sigh.
  5. narkotic

    A dreaded Scintilla Owner!

    You ROCK for posting that. I remember forever ago finding that thread and thinking - man I better bookmark that sucker. Every time I find one of these amps for sale it looks like it was run over by a car.
  6. Old time Apogee fan, looking for old Apogee dudes. I still have my Rich Murry / Graz Scintillas. Packed away, moving soon to a new home with a room to set them up in. Need amps. Been researching older Sunfire amps. Talk about confusing. 300x2, 600x2, signed, not signed, signature, blah blah. Are the guts all the same?! I remember as a kid (early 80's - sorry geezers) going to Fedco in Ontario, CA to their "AV Demo room" where they had carver gear and Ohm Walsh speakers!