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    Thank you all for the welcome!
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    I forgot to mention that, until the m-500 arrives the juice powering these Klipsch's is the TEAC AI-101DA, a 26w/ch. desktop amp/DAC. I love this tiny unit. It will power any of my speakers, including the KEF C-40s, B&W 601se's and others, but with the 96db Klipsch's it really shines. I won't be giving it away to anyone, unlike the Denon receiver I never got around to plugging in. Still sitting here on this desktop, unused. I planned on using it and doing a 5.1 setup, but I find that I prefer 2.1 and the TEAC has been more than enough for near-field, plus it's hi-res capable.
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    I'll have to wait for my granddaughter to come by, because my phone has a potato camera. heh. I have a very modest setup anyway. An Emotiva PT-100 pre-amp/DAC/tuner, the M-500 amp, a pair of Klipsch RP-160m's and an SVS PB-2000 sub. I've been working on the sound side of this gaming PC, so the Klipsch's are on this desktop in near-field, so no room correction or treatments necessary. As for music I'm that kind of old fart; right now I have Type O Negative playing, and I lean towards the blues and jazz fusion when I'm not headbanging.
  4. So, I fell into a Carver M-500 on ebay. I am very excited for its arrival. I've loved the look of Carver gear since the late '80's when I first saw some. I hope I can get the amp in for the upgrades and repair, but first I will swap it into this system for a couple of months.
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    Hey all

    I am in awe of your Klipsch gear! I got my first taste of Klipsch a couple of months ago when I bought two sets of the RP-160m standmounts. I'm using two of them on this desktop in near-field. I'm utterly gobsmacked by how detailed and punchy they are and how efficient they run. Paired with an SVS PB-2000, it's just a sonic wall of incredible, though I'd much rather have some of those big Klipsch's you have. I'll see in week or so how they sound when paired with the M-500 amp I bought yesterday off of eBay.