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  1. Kind of like a first "true love", Mark. Might find something better later, but the sweetness of the first can never be replicated. My first system was a Yamaha integrated amp and Yamaha tuner. Had a pair of first production Klipsch Heresys. Had (still have it) B&O 4004 turntable. It has been so long since I have had system setup that I'm not sure what the hell I have or how it is going to sound.
  2. Yeah me too. Started a few years back.
  3. Happy Birthday Raven. Have a great day with many more to come.
  4. Yes and most of us do not know it. I love articles about the "Wrecking Crew." Truly phenomenal musicians.
  5. O man that is so wrong.....
  6. "Quoth The Raven, Nevermore."
  7. Welcome young man. Good people with brains and heart here.
  8. Happy Birthday. Hoping you are having a great day (everyday) and many more to come.
  9. If a picture like that was hung in your house, it would keep the little furry four legged critters out. Probably family, friends, and neighbors as well.
  10. Yeah and years ago when we were all young and it was late spring, we were all bouncing around on the hillside.
  11. Well that is certainly and interesting critter.
  12. @compwacoI believe you are right. I was channel surfing and ran across Colin Cowherd's sports talk show. His opinion is that we, as individuals, watch news to be validated not informed. I had not thought about news in that manner; but could see it in my choices. Frankly, it has come to the point I can not stand to watch any "news outlets". To make choices and informed decisions, we need relevant and factual information. We do not get it.
  13. Very interesting. I'm ISFP. I thought is might be: SHBEKD = Slopeheadedbeadyeyedknuckledragger.
  14. Happy Birthday Itchitch. Hope it is a great day.
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