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  1. MLB111

    Keith Richards: Happy Birthday

    Honest to God if he is not the poster boy for: "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself." One hell of a musician.
  2. MLB111

    Revenge is sweeter than 'justice'

    Fart spray was a nice touch. Maybe should have used the dye packs banks use.
  3. MLB111

    Holy Moley!!! I'll take two...

    The large eye, referenced by @AndrewJohn,is probably the hot air exhaust ports used to dry clothes that are placed in front of, not over, these amps. Probably heat the house which would save on gas, but be hell on the electric bill.
  4. MLB111

    Holy Moley!!! I'll take two...

    Yep. You are right. If you can afford 1/2 mil, you can afford the insurance and hire someone for the wifey instructions above.
  5. MLB111

    RIP Nancy Wilson

    This. R.I.P. Nancy.
  6. MLB111

    Holy Moley!!! I'll take two...

    Wonder if that 250Gs per includes insurance for hernias and low back issues sure to follow trying to move and place them on/in a rack. The rack becomes a whole nother issue.
  7. MLB111

    Let's Celebrate Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a very Healthy and Happy New Year.
  8. MLB111

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    I use to use a lot of that stuff. It was called Coors Lite back then.
  9. MLB111

    What are you listening to?

    @Charlie, @Sk1Bum, @randog311 ; hit home runs today. Great stuff.
  10. MLB111

    Happy Birthday danowood!

    Happy Birthday Dan. Have a great day.
  11. MLB111

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    Yeah. Can't ja just hear this conversation. Him: Would you like to go out for dinner and a movie? Her: I will consider the proposal, I will have my attorney contact your attorney with the contract containing some of ( included but not limited to) the parameters that I must have in writing and then signed. O JOY!!!! Ain't this going to be a fun time.
  12. MLB111

    Happy Birthday Nahash5150

    Happy Birthday and wishes for a great year.
  13. MLB111

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    Almost a day later and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. @Daddyjt's reaction comment is as far as I can get. I wonder if I will start seeing this as I read my favorite authors.
  14. MLB111

    New Reaction - The Heart (yay)

    Just one among the guys.
  15. MLB111

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    Most of the ones I have seen look like a wilted stalk of celery. If they were a fruit, vegetable, or meat, they would be thrown out as spoiled or rotten.