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  1. MLB111

    Carver Reference System

    I like that. Just about as expensive (or more); but without political blow back or notoriety. And at this stage, much more attractive. Money spent give her a deep beauty and not a cheap make over.
  2. MLB111

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I like it when performers can play instruments. Example: Mandrell Sisters. The Dixie Chicks were booked to a Venue in the Tucson area and (I believe) the tickets were in the $170 area. I am not interested in going to a concert at insane prices and listen to political puke and vomit. If I want that, I will go to a political rally for free.
  3. MLB111

    A happy & noisy 4th of July, everyone!

    Happy 4th of July.
  4. MLB111

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I have two or three Hendrix cds. I think I listened and tried to agree that he was the greatest guitar player. Never happened for me. He came along with such greats as Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, and the great Magic Sam. Always did like his rendition of "All Along The Watch Tower"; a Dillon written ditty.
  5. MLB111

    Free Trade

    Ya know, it does not get any better than this: Carver systems, anatomy visuals, and trivial pursuit. Good job Zumbini.
  6. MLB111

    Free Trade

    Me either. However, it might warrant a serious investigation.
  7. MLB111

    Eclectic Playlist Anyone ??

    B-Man you covered almost all of the artists and their music that I like. And there was were a few (very few) I am not familiar with at all. Also the dreaded Boston and Journey. lol.
  8. MLB111

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I think this is/was a fun exercise. As some of the erudite members have pointed out, music is a personal thing. We share many likes and dislikes. I really like AC/DC; Stones, and many others. However, not everything they have done or will do. I do not own an entire library of any one artist or groups music. The closest I have come to that is the original Fleetwood Mac. I have found very little, if anything they did, I do not like.
  9. MLB111

    Genuine Snake oil - only $299/1.5ml!!

    Funny you should bring that up Zumbini, that particular "improvement" also entered into the discussion; referenced quite often and apparently still practiced after almost 30 years. Also somewhat amusing was one of the biggest naysayers was fast to condemn others of the same persuasion as being trolls.
  10. MLB111

    Genuine Snake oil - only $299/1.5ml!!

    I book marked that thread and read it for about a month. I do not pretend to have .01% of the hearing of most audiophiles; but honest to God, I have never read anything like that. Finally it just got boring.
  11. MLB111

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I like the Stones, Beatles, Niel Young; but many of the artist listed I do not. My dislike intensely includes, anything by Kansas, Boston, and absolutely, anything by Rush. Many times I have bought an album for just one song by a particular artist and did not find anything else I care for. Then will go back later and find more cuts that I do like. B-Man's comment on the Beatles timing is very interesting. I do feel they may have opened the door for better(?) acts to follow them from England.
  12. MLB111

    RIP R. Lee Ermey

    R.I.P. Gunny.
  13. MLB111

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone. A wonderful day for everyone.
  14. MLB111

    New member

    Thank you Iamjohngalt. I appreciate your welcome.
  15. MLB111

    New member

    Thank you Dnspy007 and Oldtexasdog for the warm welcome. I have been dropping by for sometime and like it here. At some point I need to get some parts of my components up and running. I have not had anything up for almost 18 years. Not sure what works and what will not. Had been living off the grid and was not sure how it would affect the electronics so I never attempted to set my system up. I really liked off-grid living. Now I have to over come the inertia and get something going. Really do like my music.