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  1. MLB111

    Joe Bonamassa "Evil Mama"

    He did a two cd set with Beth Hart that is outstanding...I agree that he does keep getting better.
  2. MLB111

    DaddyJT's home theater

    Well WOW.....
  3. Absolutely outstanding MarK. Congratulations to Taylor for such a great achievement. Kudos to you and your wife for showing her the path. Thank you for sharing.
  4. B-Man I could not agree more. Apparently the audience watching have never read the books. A midget playing a giant. Like the rest of the characters also.
  5. MLB111

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    I sold all of my vinyl;but, still have my b&o turntable. Have always liked cds. I, too, find them much more convenient.
  6. MLB111

    Ordering music online

    Daddyjt, me too.
  7. MLB111

    Butterflies in the kitchen.

  8. MLB111

    Audio publications

    Born in Sheridan. Lived there on and off in early years. Tried to move back after retirement. Did not work.
  9. MLB111

    Audio publications

    4krow where in Wyoming?
  10. MLB111

    Audio publications

    I use to read and enjoy $ensible $ound. Nothing else of interest for a long time.
  11. MLB111

    A few "life" updates...

    Hey Charles I like the cats and the racks. Need to get couple of the racks and get a system up and running. Glad you got everything sold. Good luck.
  12. MLB111

    Carver Reference System

    I like that. Just about as expensive (or more); but without political blow back or notoriety. And at this stage, much more attractive. Money spent give her a deep beauty and not a cheap make over.
  13. MLB111

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I like it when performers can play instruments. Example: Mandrell Sisters. The Dixie Chicks were booked to a Venue in the Tucson area and (I believe) the tickets were in the $170 area. I am not interested in going to a concert at insane prices and listen to political puke and vomit. If I want that, I will go to a political rally for free.
  14. MLB111

    A happy & noisy 4th of July, everyone!

    Happy 4th of July.
  15. MLB111

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I have two or three Hendrix cds. I think I listened and tried to agree that he was the greatest guitar player. Never happened for me. He came along with such greats as Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, and the great Magic Sam. Always did like his rendition of "All Along The Watch Tower"; a Dillon written ditty.