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  1. MLB111

    Heinz Mayochup

    Yeah, I think so.....especially women.
  2. Hope you have healed completely and it is great to see you posting.
  3. Happy Birthday and I hope it is a great one.
  4. Then there is Boones Farm and Annie Green Springs. annie green springs An alcoholic product labeled as wine, similar to boones farm or mad dog 20/20. Bottom shelf sweet stuff that'll get you laid every time, too bad they quit making it in the late 70s. Dude, get some Annie Green Springs(AGS) and you'll be throwin down on her before 10. boones farm Nectar of the Gods. The official beverage of Odin and Crew. Hera and Aphrodite guzzle this stuff and then go have orgies with their brothers. This stuff has started wars and ended civilizations (just ask the Sumerians). In summation: Cheap and Good. Fruiter than Richard Simmons, but a lot more fun. The best wine on this planet..... Thor and Freya were chillin' one night. Freya tried to take the last sip of Boones Farm. Thor zapped her ass with a thunderbolt. Why????? 'Cause Boones Farm is worth killing for.
  5. Man I love those old steam locomotives. My uncle (who worked for Union Pacific I believe) would take me an my two cousins down to the train station to watch them get ready and go. We would get ice cream cones and watch those old babies get a load of steam and haul. A true highlight in my life. This was in Sheridan, Wy. were I was born. Mark I'm really glad you posted this; it brings back great memories. Fantastic.
  6. Maybe the first time I have ever went through a "site withdrawal." Felt like a little kid running home from school with a straight A report card; running into the house to show his parents and the house is bare and the parents gone. Terrible feeling. Thanks Greg and all for their hard work. Yep never miss something until you don't have it any more. Except for my 4 wives of course.
  7. Not in, but a wonderful offer.
  8. Be calm. Stay cool. Grab your cell and and say: "Please excuse me. It's my wife and the oldest of our 10 kids is sick". Turn and (as Sk says) run.
  9. Might be a great conversation starter with a woman you just met. "Oh, say, do you stick wasp nests up your vagina"?
  10. Happy Birthday Dnspy007. Have a great day.
  11. Absolutely outstanding. Beautiful wood work. What a great gesture...WOW!!!!!
  12. Happy Birthday and I wish you a great one.
  13. I make no bones about the fact that my electronic skills and understanding do not exist. I read the questions and answers by members because: 1. I'm impressed by the collective knowledge; 2. because of the kindness to help one another. However, if I'm walking in a cow pasture and I step in a pile of bovine excrement no one well versed in semantics or linguistics is going to convince me it is anything but cow/bull shit. The smell alone causes my eyes to water and burn. The only link I might provide is to the local mental institution where I currently reside.
  14. I first became aware of BillD because of his make over of the small Fender amps, the Blues Jr. in particular. When a topic of the Blues Jr. came up his name usually followed. Never read a thread about his work that was ever regretted. Was not until I stumbled in here that I discovered his work with the carver equipment. He is missed were ever music is appreciated. R.I.P.
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