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  1. RIP R. Lee Ermey

    R.I.P. Gunny.
  2. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone. A wonderful day for everyone.
  3. New member

    Thank you Iamjohngalt. I appreciate your welcome.
  4. New member

    Thank you Dnspy007 and Oldtexasdog for the warm welcome. I have been dropping by for sometime and like it here. At some point I need to get some parts of my components up and running. I have not had anything up for almost 18 years. Not sure what works and what will not. Had been living off the grid and was not sure how it would affect the electronics so I never attempted to set my system up. I really liked off-grid living. Now I have to over come the inertia and get something going. Really do like my music.

    So sorry Retriever.
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    Thanks Kingman.
  7. New member

    Thank you for the welcome and sentiments. Lucked out in that none of the women like music like I do. However, my time references always go back to a period of a certain woman. Funny how that works for me. Daddyjt just read the words above Reeves. Pretty much says it all. PMAT had to look that woman up. Didn't think it could get better; it does.
  8. Howdy all. Joined a couple of weeks ago and decided it was time for introductions. I have had three different systems which, unfortunately, correspond to my different marriages. Started with Yamaha, progressed to larger Yamaha separates, Crown Psa2s and then Parasound HCA 3500s Still have the Parasound HCA 3500s and Crowns, Audiolabs 8000c, Yamaha T-2, Marantz CE63se, AR303As and B&O 4004 turntable. Just recently picked up a c-1 and m500 from a forum member. Found a nice M500t which I had to have. This corresponds to being out of the house for the 4th time. Always liked the Phase linear and Carver components. Have not had a system up for 18 years and still don't. I read the missives on repairs and questions on problems; but, have no desire for any kind of repair. Every time I put my hand and fingers where they do not belong I get burned, shocked, or married. The last being inclusive of the first two. I plan to flesh out the Carver system with a TX-11a or b. Great site.
  9. Back to Square One...

    Truth 4krow but it can still sting....