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  1. jeffs

    What’s happened to our media?

    I think there are several drivers that you have hit on: 1) Need to get the story out first - regardless of fact. 2) Some political agenda, left or right - everyone guilty. 3) Kind of related to #1 and #2: No repercussions for poor reporting, no retractions, etc. Maybe some type of correction on the back page in the next edition. In other words, reporters have to do something egregious for there to be any type of discipline following an inaccurate/incomplete story. My doctor says "Don't watch the news, it's bad for your health". Not sure I'm going that far but it's unfortunate that when ingesting news, you always have to be aware of the source, and filter accordingly.
  2. jeffs

    Campaign against Solder Bridges

    Sounds like the last one took a huge chunk of effort to find ....
  3. Excellent! Consider changing out the elecrolytics, you wont regret it. In my experience the dual caps almost always have issues given their age, the large caps are next, followed by the smaller ones as outlined by @Turbo The duals are a challenge to remove and require patience. Sounds like you have the tools and skills ... but take your time with these. Working inside a 1.5 involves many obstacles, but still fun.
  4. jeffs

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    didn't mean to offend. agree the price is fair but this seller does not work for me. I should have indicated in my initial post that I was aware of the ebay item and did not want to deal with this seller.
  5. jeffs

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    Look at the estimated delivery, mid/late March, even with 5 days "handling time"....... when i see things like that, I try to avoid.
  6. jeffs

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    The inside holes on my rails are maybe a bit more than that but I could just make the holes a bit larger. I think it will work and will take you up on your very generous offer. Will PM my info. Thank You!
  7. jeffs

    WTB: C-1 rack mount face plate

    Functionality. Those holes don't have standard rack spacing, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't work. Standard 2U mounting holes would be 3" apart. If this unit was rack mounted then the holes were drilled to align with intermediate rail holes. I have no idea if the intermediate holes are a standard? Then there is a width issue. Unless the holes are slotted the rack width has to be pretty much right on. Let me know the spacing between holes and PM me if you want to sell it. If the holes work, I would consider it. Thanks
  8. jeffs

    RCA Isolation Transformer Karma

    Cool .... not in but nice karma
  9. Not crazy particular about condition but would prefer that the mount slots have not been bent. Thanks.
  10. Just for clarification, I'm referring to the same cap as Turbo. I had the PM1.5 schematic open and it's C35 on that amp, but appears to be C1 on a m1.5t. I literally pulled this cap out on one amp without a soldering iron.
  11. The input capacitor can get cold solder joints. It's the big one on the top right of the amp, C35. Green or brown. Wiggle it - might be loose. BillD is a good project if you like to tinker on the bench.
  12. Welcome. M1.5t cap mods require a bit of patience as it can be a challenge to remove the dual caps (8 solder points each). The rest of it is straightforward. The C-1 could possible be the easiest to work on out of all of the Carver gear.
  13. Good to hear that your following Bob's wishes and still measuring distortion! Just curious: If I were to buy this ... my names not Wayne. Short of showing up at the next Carverfest and having Bob cross it out and put "Jeff" ... would just the Wayne part come off without damaging anything else?
  14. jeffs

    Bad Eyes/Bad Drawings Challenge

    My guess is 22.1K, 1%. If it was 5%, the tolerance would not be marked on the schematic, it would be covered by a general comment. It can't be more than a 1/4 watt resistor because ..... why? The opamp can't supply the voltage or current that would require more than 1/4W. Probably matches R7, R9?? Best guesses. No software or reading glasses used.
  15. jeffs

    Niles Volume Control Karma

    nice karma Carter. Not in.