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  1. jeffs

    FS - M4.0t, C-1, TX11b, C-9

    Not necessary thanks. If it was some type of modified unit, then I was interested in the look, but I know what the factory rack mount plate looks like.
  2. jeffs

    FS - M4.0t, C-1, TX11b, C-9

    Not sure what this means? Does it have the rack mount face plate, or were rack ears added to a standard model? If the latter, pic please? Thanks.
  3. jeffs

    100 CD Karma

    IN. Will Karma duplicates.
  4. Understand .... which is why I phrased it "making your own PS Cap board" If I didn't have too many amps already - I'd jump on the NI unit. Can't hardly get to that price point with parts alone, never mind having the work done plus 3 year warranty.
  5. Do your thump fix boards for the NI unit use surface mount fets? That's a nice touch .... SM fets are much more readily available I see your point here ..... but I was asking why YOU didn't use a board for the PS caps. Curious if there was something performance related? Seems that with your volume of m1.0t upgrades, the added cost of making your own PS cap board would be minimal and would save time (and wire, and tie wraps, and drilling). Of course there are a handful of components that need to be relocated to the other side of the board.
  6. Noticed the last one on ebay yesterday and had the same question about the bolts. More ?s: 1) Do you make the boards that mount the parallel transistors? Those are nice. Are they available for purchase? It's the one part of my upgrade that I wish was cleaner, that looks almost stock (with the exception of the green PCB). 2) There are boards available that make the PS cap upgrade fairly easy and very clean. Why not use them?
  7. jeffs

    Straight-up STELLAR recordings!

    Thats a good song that I haven't listened to in many many years - thanks for bringing it up. I'm currently setting up a low end system in my sons basement. Mostly for sports and gaming. I always include Steely Dan's two against nature DVD as reference material. It's well produced in general. The DTS track has a lot of surround content at higher than normal levels. At times there is a high level of instrumental segregation - like the center chan might only have a drum. Not always to my liking but it's a good test of each speaker in a 5.1 setup, the stereo track is excellent as well. Higher listening levels never make me fatigued.
  8. jeffs

    C-1 Karma

    Awesome Karma - In with 22
  9. jeffs

    Silver Carver C-1 for sale

    Yup - wouldn't leave home without one.
  10. jeffs

    Silver Carver C-1 for sale

    Nice pics. Thanks for making me feel better about my OCCD. Also learned a new use for the Leek!
  11. jeffs

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    very generous! IN with 58
  12. jeffs

    Membership Medal Nominations - POST HERE

    Daddyjt sent me a flawless bass/treble knob for a c-1 ...... wouldn't even take money for shipping (and he sent it Priority Mail!)
  13. jeffs

    WTB - C1 bass/treble knob

    Thanks. It's better ... seems like more of a ding - which is more difficult since it's not smooth.
  14. jeffs

    WTB - C1 bass/treble knob

    Thanks - I thoroughly read this post a few days ago. It's excellent and creative work ... but far too much effort for one scratch. Thanks!