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  1. recapping is a big part of the BillD mod. Best to buy a functional unit , then get the BillD done. they have been pretty scarce for a few months.
  2. The Carver gear is running really high on ebay right now, probably because there is not much available. I don't see any C-1. Not sure what you mean by "serviced"?
  3. +1 If I need to review a schematic, I usually just go to this site and load it live. A few weeks back, I downloaded the ones I use most frequently. Glad I did that. Kept me going on a few projects but sure is good to be back live. Great work Greg!
  4. Runs nice and cool. Some of my m1.5t run hotter than others at idle. I don't know why as they all seen to have about the same idle current? All of the Carver mag coils seem to have an idle sweet spot. Take the pm1.5 for example, the mag coil is huge, but if it doesn't have enough load, then there is a problem. Bunch of current with nowhere to go, buzz increases as does idle current. I've found that by loading the secondary a little, LOWER idle current and less buzz can be achieved. Similarly, increasing the voltage of the m1.0t, which can only be done after the mkII mod, allows it to idle less restricted, and consume less power. I measured mine recently as i did not have a current meter when I built it, surprised as to how low it was. I think lower idle current is mentioned somewhere in one of the longer mkII write-ups. I seem to be in the minority with this opinion. Not the first time that's happened. I read so much good about the mkII mod that I was expecting some type of significant sonic improvement from the m1.5t. I just don't experience it. The m1.0t sounds boomy to me on the low end, where the m1.5t is tight, more punch, thumps you right in the chest. If I was short on power, instead of doing a mkII mod, I would buy another m1.5t and run two units in mono ... that is, connect left chan signal to both inputs on one m1.5t but only load one output with a speaker, same config on the right. This configuration allows the loaded side to "borrow" current from the unloaded side ... I think you can get 750wrms to one channel this way. This IS NOT the same as bridged, the m1.5t CAN NOT be bridged. The cost of the extra m1.5t is in the ballpark to the cost of the m1.0t mkII upgrade.
  5. I tend to lean in this direction as well, but do like the m500t (see next comment). The m500t is my preference for lower listening levels, preferred over the m1.5t. It seems to provide more definition and soundstage without needing the volume at 11. The mkII opt002 is a $250 disappointment for me (cost of parts nine months ago, now even higher) . I prefer the m1.5t over it, at least with my setup. The one advantage of bumping the voltage up 12% is the mag coil appreciates it. The idle current on mine is under 275mA, lowest of all of my past and present Carver amps. M1.5t seem to run in the 400-450mA range, m500 seem to run right at 400mA.
  6. Is that ash? Really matches the dresser nicely. I've always liked the look of the Carver gear mixed with wood.
  7. Welcome Bradrock. Sorry you missed out.
  8. Agree 100%. Recently got hooked on the m500 ...... but deep down I know that eventually something else will pique my interest and I'll move on ...again. It's funny when I visit relatives, often they are using gear that used to be mine. LOL.
  9. Welcome. Should be able to DIY. You will need a decent soldering iron and some good solder wick, plenty of it if you're going to do a power supply recap. I sometimes use a manual solder sucker for the large solder joints, but these tend to leave solder fragments lying around. Figure out ALL of the parts you need and order them in one buy if possible. Mouser and Digikey charge $8 shipping, Mouser has a Fedex 2 day option for that price, Digikey does not. Lots of good resources on this site.
  10. SOLD. I recently acquired a C-1 in a package deal. I don't need it. It has a nice faceplate, a small bit of marking on the top edge, not visible from the front view, barely visible from top. Missing the grounding screw "knob" in the back, just a post, no knob. Few chips on the selector knob and one on the volume knob. This unit needed attention as follows: - replaced volume pot with a take out from another unit, deoxit couldn't save the original. - gain was very high, even by stock C-1 standards, adjusted to be consistent with the gain found in the common upgrade. - replaced mute comparator threshold resistors to eliminate switching chatter when the unit comes out of mute. - Replaced mute fets. - Deoxit all pots and switches. Good candidate for an upgrade. $195 + shipping
  11. Thanks. I'm thinking new member as well, most members have them or 4000 or ....... I must suck at searching ebay. I've seen very little Carver amps or preamps lately. I only see one C-1 on there and it's at least $100 over value and it's in Canada - which basically doubles shipping costs. Maybe a bunch just sold, I know there were some C-1 paired with amps, because I bought one. 😐.
  12. Bump. Headed to ebay in a few days ...
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