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  1. Yup - same here ... she uses her phone to control volume. Her BillD C1 has remote volume as well.... Envy of all her friends who visited last weekend. It's great to see these kids understand and appreciate the difference between average and excellent.
  2. No marks on face, light foot marks on top from stacking, these are not scratches. Will ship in Carver box, SN on box does not match unit. $330 + shipping PPFF
  3. I have a stock m1.0t for sale. Non-inverting. This is a mint item, no marks on face .... maybe small marks on top where two were stacked. No scratches, just a footprint. If you are planning an upgrade and are particular about condition, not many better than this. Appears to have been used infrequently I will PM pics to anyone interested. Comes with original owners manual, also mint condition. Will ship in Carver box, serial number on box does not match item SN. $330 + shipping PPFF PM if interested. Thanks.
  4. Not to mention the "Pinkie Pie" Variant colored vinyl .....
  5. He got back to me. He just uses a samsung phone (tmobile) tethered to an Asus router. Says it's good for 20GB a month before throttling commences, so not good for those who stream significant video. He admits that DSL would be a better long term solution if his data consumption goes up, but at this point it's 2x the monthly cost, and he doesn't need the data ... yet.
  6. My brother is building a house in the woods. Not sure what his solution is - I'll ask. Think it's similar to what Greg is doing. He asked Xfinity (Comcast) for a quote to run cable .... I think it was $40K.
  7. If anyone has a m500t they would like to sell, please PM me with price and pic. Description in lieu of pic is OK too. Thanks.
  8. Doubt this is off the beaten path? I know there was a recent remake, but I just don't think it could possibly compare. No desire to see it. I bought this movie on DVD about 12 years ago. I'd seen it several times over the years, but wanted to see it again. I used to watch a lot of movies with my kids, mostly Disney and the like. Youngest was probably about 10 at the time. They wanted to watch it so .... OK. They sat thru the entire movie - loved it .... it's 2.5 hours long.
  9. For me "Shooter" is one of those movies that I stop to watch if I happen across it while scrolling thru the stations. Stop every time and watch whatever is left. I'd guess others do this as well (with different movies). Shooter is somehow on this list for me. Not sure why?
  10. Not a big Tom Cruise fan but this is a good one.
  11. looks great! ..... but far too neat and much too much sun light for a shop....LOL.
  12. I've noticed this as well and it's puzzling how these things could be so consistently beat up. My guess is that their weight/size ratio is large. Someone picks up a unit but miscalculates the weight based on relatively small size ... immediate drop.
  13. I've found it very difficult to sell anything on this site. Everyone wants a deal or wants a unit they can mod themselves (myself included). I stopped trying. I just go right to ebay and take the hit. I sold 6 amps in the last few months, only one of them on this site. I used to think this would be a good place to sell, but with m1.0t mkII barely moving at $550 .....
  14. If still time .... In with 83
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