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  1. Happy Birthday @peck555!!!
  2. Happy Birthday @niccolosito!!
  3. Happy, belated, Birthday @iamjohngalt!!! Hope you had a great one!
  4. Welcome to the Carver Site @Eric Fossen! You definitely have a great start down the path to OCCD! Kick back, relaxe and enjoy your stay. There's a lot of very knowledgeable, helpful folks who hang out here.
  5. Happy Birthday @DrummerJuice!!!!! Hope it's a great one!
  6. Welcome aboard @Bwest!!! Glad to have another fellow Utahn aboard here. I'm not too far from you up here in West Bountiful. This is a terrific bunch of folks up in here and best of luck finding that BillD modded C1, they're something else. Turbo
  7. Happy Birthday @Casaletti!!! Big 5-0, hope it is a great one!
  8. Happy Birthday @David H.!!!
  9. Happy Birthday BluesPwr! Have a great one!
  10. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day.
  11. Happy Birthday @RichP714!!! Hope you have a great day!
  12. Enjoyed him so much in MIB and the Larry Sanders show. RIP Rip! Will miss you https://www.npr.org/2019/07/10/740161336/actor-rip-torn-who-made-his-mark-on-the-larry-sanders-show-dies-at-88
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