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  1. AndrewJohn

    'Recently Posted In' Block and stuff

    My natural web-browsing tendency is to look for a "bread-crumbs" string at the bottom of pages/threads that takes me to the home, or just up one level in the bread-crumb string. This currently is at the top. Is it possible to just duplicate that code/widget at the bottom of threads? That would be a cool addition. I like the activity stream - and it does help one catch up..., but for just a day of catch-up, being able to look at the next page of recent posts in that block would be convenient. Having said that, People tend to navigate in different ways..., and, it will be hard to please everyone, or you'll have the kitchen sink... The site is quite nice currently, so no complaints here. Oh, one nice thing about this thread, is that is a "primer" of sorts. Any reader sees how you designed things, and its intent, when it's written down like this. Perhaps a small "getting started" or "primer of basics for navigating the CarverSite" for newbies is also a valuable tool. Something short, tight, and to the point. Right up top, pinned, in the party barn or ? covering navigation, uploading photos, becoming a member status, …, some of those things that you answer questions about all the time..., just thinking out loud. But, then, I am one that RTFM - not everyone is.
  2. AndrewJohn

    Happy Birthday BluesMan57!!!

    Happy Birthday !
  3. AndrewJohn

    Favorite Soundtrack

    High Fidelity is another one...
  4. AndrewJohn

    Favorite Soundtrack

  5. Welcome @Thrush Audio . Liking that avatar! And the moniker "Thrush" This is a great place to do all those things you mentioned. A few more posts, and you'll be sharing pictures of your set-up, along side the OCCD-members' pictures here already. WELCOME !
  6. AndrewJohn


    I don't have the C-5. I just happen to have a remote for almost every Carver unit that had one. ;-/ A twisted form of OCCD, I guess. Had it handy, thought I'd share the picture to help you out.
  7. AndrewJohn

    Weird headline of the day

    Seem's like secret travel plans are leaked everywhere ! LoL That rocket looks familiar.
  8. AndrewJohn

    Desoldering Tool Karma

    Super Karma, Carter. Congrats KPT
  9. AndrewJohn


    And..., Welcome ! …, Welcome to the OCCD Jungle...
  10. AndrewJohn


    I forgot about this one, the Maxell Tape ad... I still have it.
  11. Thank you Bonzoro. Your contributions to this site are very appreciated.
  12. AndrewJohn

    Do you know any jokes?

    Had a very weird dream last night. Rod and Hashy were at my house, drinking and working on gear. This was the best place to share that. 😉
  13. AndrewJohn


    That C-5 remote is a special deal. Carver Corp put a lot of extra features in that specific remote, to integrate it across a number of Carver Corp units. Read pages 13 and 14 of the C-5 manual - too much to explain here in the thread. The manual doesn't call out the model of that remote - but I have one, and it is an "RH-5" . BE AWARE..., there is a Carver Remote Model "RH-05" which is NOT the right one..., that controls the carousel CD player the MV-5. Set up a search on ebay, to notify you when one comes along. They are not very common - and when they do come up, the seller rarely knows that it is for a C-5..., and lists it by the remote model on the back. See picture below Good Luck! Link to MANUAL on the forum HERE.
  14. AndrewJohn

    Catfishin' NSFK*

    Poison Oak is bad stuff. Much worse than poison ivy. Had both. Shagged a golf ball off the edge of the #3 fairway at the Mill Valley Golf Club in Cali, when I lived there. Felt so happy I had recovered my wild drive. That night, my forearms - both of them, looked like Popeye's arms, sans tattoo. Hospital gives me a HUGE shot of cortisone, with a 2 gage needle a hamster could crawl through, and you could actually watch the flesh shrink back to normal. Would never want that where your friend had it, Rod. Oh, jeez. And I'm thinking with that swelling, you must have had to row the boat..., Leave the ball in the woods, pee off the boat. Good advice.
  15. AndrewJohn

    Now This Is A Head Scratcher !!!

    I'm not sure, but I think the dude in the denim vest was trying to guess what day the swinger was born on... (see "know any jokes" thread this morning) Hilarious. 😀