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  1. AndrewJohn

    Mis-placed topic

    Yes, of course - no worries. No intention other than to point it out. Thank you guys for everything - the site is great. I'll try to use better language - I know it might sound less than appreciative - didn't intend that. You all are knocking this thing out of the park - a monumental effort of epic proportion and saving so much history. THaNK YOU.
  2. AndrewJohn

    Mis-placed topic

    There's a thread from april 2017 on a 400a amp, in the "Members Map" section.
  3. AndrewJohn

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    What a great inaugural Karma. Thank you! IN Please! May the magic of a child's touch pick the most worthy winner !
  4. AndrewJohn

    Sad Day...

    Sorry to hear this, Kevin. The key is to keep plowing through the clean up as fast as you and any army you can muster, can get through it. Speed will prevent the inevitable mold and mildew from getting a foot hold. I know you are on it. Really bummed for your loss. Trying to find something to learn - This might be a great reminder to all of us with basements... If you don't have a Sump Pump, install one. Test your sump pump annually - just fill the pit with a hose until the switch engages.. Install a battery powered back-up sump pump. In the rain, go down and make sure it is on, check outside to see the outlet is ejecting water. Check that the outlet where the pump pumps the water outside is not obstructed regularly (mowing the lawn). If your sump is over 10 years old - just replace it, good insurance investment - seals dry out, floats rust stuck. Put down platforms to hold stuff in storage off the floor 12 inches. My man-cave and some gear is in my basement, and when I built it out, the contractor checked my sump, 20 years old at the time. he warned me that they do not last more than 7-10 years - original home builders don't put in "commercial grade" grinder-trash pumps - they "skimp" to save cost with a Walmart sump. Well worth the investment to just replace it with a high-end cast iron pump, my guy said. All my shelving in my shop is wall-hung industrial grade. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I don't want anything on the floor, or touching the floor, unless absolutely necessary. Even the new Trane HVAC unit I had installed a few years ago is raised off floor with a platfom designed for that purpose - the HVAC contractor insisted. The way I have it, water will wreck the carpet, and some furniture, but everything of value will survive except the speakers that sit on the floor.
  5. AndrewJohn

    The Banned Game

    Rod banned twice in one morning..., this time for "trolling."
  6. Happy B'day Itch. I have a number of notes from my son and daughter that make me tear up - keepsakes forever. Frame that one for right above the rack.
  7. AndrewJohn

    TX11a brought back to life

    James is wicked awesome. He probably won't see this 'cause he's out using the tractor-snow-blower he rebuilt last winter ! Makes for a great site, for sure. Oh yea, in addition to tuners, Retriever is also sxpert on Sunfire Subwoofer issues.
  8. AndrewJohn

    Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Thanks Kevin for this guidance. It's great to have a resident tube expert in the group. Do we have an idea at all of the number of tubes the CF amp will require? I was thinking of showing up with a couple sets, as options to try at the fest -
  9. AndrewJohn

    Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Weird Bowling references abound..., I may need to watch KingPin tonight...
  10. AndrewJohn

    Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Just got my first US release copy of this LP. Just seein' "what condition my condition is in..."
  11. AndrewJohn

    Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Speaking of Goats, with "The Dude"..., saw this movie the other night. surreal.
  12. +1 I have every model of the original Burhoe designed family of EPI speakers except the BIG M1000, and the smallest M50. Ed Grau (site member) has gone so far as to "Build" his own M1000's. I've heard an original pair at a friends, up the road. They are impressive. Wish l lived in fort meyers, a dude is selling a pair of pristine M1000's on CL. I was driving my pair of M602's (Bose 901 design knock-offs) with a TFM 4.0 last weekend, and they are silky smooth when positioned right. My favorite is the M201 called "the quartet." model. Rare, and many don't like them, but they sound great to me. Huw at humanspeakers.com still sells new and redesigned upgrade parts, from drivers to tweeters and crossovers. Great guy and is keeping these old Burhoe designs alive. Their specs are underrated on the power they can handle. Give them a carver amp, and they are old standbys. Bargains on EPI speakers on Craigslist come by often. Something to consider - and you can flip them if you don't like them.
  13. I heard the Elac line at Axpona last year. They were very impressive!
  14. AndrewJohn

    Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Costco in my area has this super hearty bread called "Dave's Killer Bread." It's loaded with raw grains - and as far as I can tell, little to no white processed flour. Taste is earthy - not the greatest, but passes the tongue with a little butter or jam as toast. Two slices of this bread every morning..., biology kicks in like an alarm clock. Instant weight loss.