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  1. AndrewJohn

    C-1 Karma

    WOW, what a wonderful karma. Call it a "Dual Karma." John for the core unit and shipping, and Dennis for the refresh. Unbelievable! OK, temptation has me smitten. I'll go in with 58.
  2. AndrewJohn

    Sony Karma

    That is a great find! and then to pick up the accessories, and then Karma it ?? Wow - Charlie you are a saint! Great karma, great camera. Not in though - I'm well equipped at the moment. Good luck to those that are in, today!
  3. AndrewJohn

    Roy Clark passes away at 85

    Watched Hee Haw a lot as a kid! Will miss Roy.
  4. AndrewJohn

    new to site...

    Welcome ! There are Amazing speaker experts here on the site . I'm sure they will be along in a minute, or day or so.... Glad you found us.
  5. AndrewJohn

    R. I. P. Stan Lee 95 yo.

    R.I.P. Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee). Thank you for the entertainment here in this world. May you achieve your dreams and finish your novel(s) in the next.
  6. AndrewJohn

    Happy Birthday MLB111

    Happy Birthday
  7. AndrewJohn

    My Sunfire 300~Two is on eBay if anyone is interested

    I see you have some bids !! Hope it goes sky-high for you. Good Luck!
  8. AndrewJohn

    Happy Birthday Zumbini

    Happy Birthday Dom, now and in two weeks - at this age, you can celebrate as long as you like. Miss you on the site - come back soon.
  9. AndrewJohn

    HELLO (again)

    Welcome back, GarciaFan. Nice avatar !
  10. AndrewJohn

    Dim Bulb Tester,... anyone?

    I pulled a few 3-way bulbs like that out of service. I may save those, and hold onto them. I have not found a 3-way 30-60-100 LED bulb,..., but I haven't looked that hard.
  11. AndrewJohn

    This made me laugh. Out loud.

    This guy does have a good delivery... (Thank you Mark for starting this thread - need more humor !) Along the lines of spam mail, I caught this one this afternoon - I've thought of writing a similar script..., but it's more telling of the level of service that passes for "customer service" these days... No AI here, for sure.
  12. AndrewJohn

    Silver Carver C-1 for sale

    Wow, that's nice!
  13. AndrewJohn

    Dim Bulb Tester,... anyone?

    Anyone need a dim bulb tester? I just replaced about 150 light bulbs with LED's. I'm behind the curve... I was a laggard, because: I'm cheap, waited for price to drop. Wanted dimmable LED's. Simplicity to get rebate - Costco had a sale..., gave the ComEd power company rebate at the register. (6 60 watt dimmable LED bulbs for $1.99 out the door!) I wanted to do it all at once... so I could see a direct month-to-month impact on my electric bill. We'll see about that last one... Now, what to do with all these... Everything I read says to put them in the garbage. Nothing recycling stations want?? Or, like vinyl, will the have value someday?
  14. AndrewJohn

    Craigslist Carver Gear

    I have those speakers, in black. I love them. I paid $500 about 5 years ago to a guy that got divorced, and couldn't fit them in his new man-cave apartment. With the amp they are worth it, in my opinion. I have a CT-23. Nice pre-amp, often overlooked as a good entry point for stereo. Of the later pre's, I like this one - but they bring only $50 to $100 on ebay, when they come up. You may like it. Ask the guy if he has "cables"..., often overlooked in ads, guys that put $5000 in a system, a while back, may have purchased some high-end cables. And, having them thrown in, is the only way I'd suggest paying money for "high end" cables... ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž You can always sell that too, as a way to justify the expense. WAF? I think it's just a matter of framing this to get what you want..., these speakers have a much better WAF than say, the big baffle Amazingsโ€ฆ maybe that's your angle ! ๐Ÿ™„ Or tell her you are going to "flip" the units..., for profit, then put them in your chain, and โ€ฆ, well..., time passes. Yes, I'm an enabler...
  15. AndrewJohn

    New guy here !

    Welcome, Trubo1. You are hooked. The "enablers" have all responded..., me included. OCCD is impossible to beat - this is the OCCD-Anonymous group - but our intent is not to cure you with 12 steps, but to take you so deep, you'll never break free! Welcome