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  1. Huw at Human Speakers feels strongly that his new-design replacements for all those drivers and the EPI drivers, are way better performers. Sounds reasonable.
  2. Memory coming back to me... 😀 When I was 12, I was in and out of the hospital..., my mother picked this up from the local Service Merchandise (my first music-maker) to keep me company when parents drove home for the night, two hours away from Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL. In High School, there was a local "Lafayette Stereo" (on Lafayette street - not associated with the chain of stores) in my local town. I spent hours in that store..., saved up to buy Kenwood LS-407b speakers, KA-?? amp, KT-?? Tuner, KX-?? Cassette Deck and a Technics SL-220 entry level belt drive TT with an ortofon cartridge. The stack looked something like this (pick from internet): I had both the Rack Handles and the Solid Walnut side panels, which I swapped occasionally. I always coveted the TOL Kenwood of this era (mine was all I could afford). The TOL was some serious gear at the time, right up there with Yamaha and Phase Linear separates that were on display at the shop. The holy grail (I did not have, was the "b" version of these separates in a black faceplate (really "pewter"). I lugged these separates from dorm to dorm, home and off-campus rentals for years, keeping their original boxes. Even had them when I first got married. Wish I had kept them. Amp failed, and I sold the stack to a HS kid as a project. The Kenwood speakers were unique, they did not have a cross-over, but had tuning to the tweeters. I blew the tweeters more than once.
  3. Wasn't there a thread already on this somewhere? I need to reference it to recall what I had... memory lapse. LoL 😎 (Audio night last night with the local "stereo guys" I hang out with..., perhaps I was out too late, or had too many root beers' to recall.)
  4. C E L E B R A T I O N..., yay! Take the day, live, love, laugh... Happy Birthday...
  5. …, There's always the cult classic..., "This Is Spinal Tap"
  6. Just a few months ago, @morris was looking for the same. I posted measurements for the brackets, and the stand (feet) along with the angle adjusters. Link Here:
  7. WOW, Ed, thank you for offering these to the group. Those are great deals! 👍 No Risk to the buyer.
  8. Simply Awesome! Congrats to Hewlew1 and Way to Go Maytag. Nothing better than to see great pieces kept in the family.
  9. "Andrew John" is my first and middle name. My parent's lacked imagination, so my younger brother was originally named "John Andrew" - but that was about the time they started drifting apart, so my mother changed my brother's middle name..., I started using the name in March of 2003.
  10. Welcome to this great place.
  11. Great Karma !! Love seeing the love shared. Not in - I'm set.
  12. No cure for OCCD. Just life-long treatment by fulfillment. Wow, my first carver set up was a CT23 and a TFM-35x I picked up from Pacific Stereo in Santa Rosa, CA. I still have the CT23, on the shelf. Sold the TMF35x (two of them) after I picked up an M1.0t and had it MKII'd. @loner_t is selling a C-1 that is pretty suite. Already set up, BillD modded, and with a remote (I think, he still has it). You can pick a used one up, but by the time you do all the OCCD upgrades, you'll be at LT's price..., plus more shipping. Just a thought to get you to the end of the C-1 journey faster.!
  13. I think I have heard this as well. But …, it's 2019, and why racks and conveyors can't be designed to a) NOT allow a package to fall off, and b) to STOP if jammed so packages don't get backed up and pushed off, is beyond me. We live in a world of sensors. If they can get self-parking and now self-driving cars to work - shipping distribution center conveyers should be easy... at least that's what I think.
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