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  1. (If I posted this in the wrong section, mods please move. ultimately, it is about a WTB quest) I have a C-500. I can't tell if it is Champagne in color (could be my tired eyes, or could be that I've never laid eyes on another champagne unit). My quest for a few years now has been to find a matching 4000t of similar faceplate color. Although, lately, I'm wondering if I need to find a different color C-500? The questions I have for those that might know if they exist: 1. Were all C-500 amps the same faceplate? or were there silvers and anthracites? The ones I have seen on Ebay and Craigslist all seem to be champagne. 2. Is my C-500 a "champagne" or is it another variant (in my picture)? 3. Did Carver ever produce a 4000t with a champagne faceplate, or are they limited to silver and anthracite (if I have, or have I, identified them correctly)? Two ways to go - match the 4000t to the C-500, or the other way around - but it would be good to know if I'm looking for something that doesn't exist. I know that the C-4000 preamp came in champagne, but I'm looking for the 4000t. Hoping someone might know.
  2. AndrewJohn

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    I'm with you, Dennis. I have a vivid imagination, but my priority list is on the KISS. I'm definitely not going to be the kid who gets an A+, I won't even be in the class !
  3. AndrewJohn

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    My imagination sees raspberry pi controllers..., and not just lcd meters, but a full Linux or Android OS (basically a phone, without the service) that has connectivity to wifi…, all on the front end, giving the user of old gear new unimaginable control, with a dashboard of analytics and stats in real-time showing the performance of the signal going through the amp at various points where sensors could be added..., and VU meters. Oh, yes, and remote control to change the dials on the connected C-1. Pandora's box has been opened. Some smart kid will get an A+ with this project.
  4. AndrewJohn

    Well, I am back to visit the site.

    Waiting may have got you better care! My sister had both hips done at the Center for Special Surgery about a year ago. They went in from the front, no cutting of muscle like the older technique from the glute side. Her originals wore out too - lives in Manhattan, doesn't drive, walks miles every day to get around. The CSS in NYC had her w/o pain, and walking in less than a week. Crazy how the hip surgery has improved. She's in the best shape of her life, now, at 63. Glad to see you are back - like Dominic asked, I'm thinking we need to see some of that ironwork art.
  5. AndrewJohn

    Hello! New to the Carver Site.

    You have the OCCD bug. Don't fight it, breath in deep, and enjoy. Nice score - $100 each, that is a bargain. There's a number of us on theCarverSite! here in northern Illinois. I'm a member of a few local audio groups - the resident "Carver guy" in them - our paths should cross if you get out there. The dude you bought those amps from sounds familiar... 🙄 Welcome , and show us some pics when you can.
  6. AndrewJohn

    There’s nothing like seeing your kiddos succeed!

    That is awesome ! She was brought up right. I know this feeling - my two kids read 2 books a week - even now in their mid 20s. Nothing better than seeing kids surpass their parents, and early!
  7. AndrewJohn

    Hello ..... finally

    Welcome to the forum. That setup is not too shabby. Actually, the way you have it configured is intriguing, and worth experimenting. What preamp are you driving your Main (surround?) system with? I have something similar - and really like the (Hashy-refreshed) M1.5t I have driving the center channel - that amps seems to produce more for dialog (speaking) that pierces through the other surround channels, making movies/tv with 5 or 7 channels a "clearer" experience (for me anyway). Welcome to the group, AJ
  8. AndrewJohn

    9/11 Remembering...

    This event changed an awful lot for many, directly and indirectly touched by losses that persist today. Praying for those that lost and mourn, and supporting those that serve.
  9. AndrewJohn


    I'm alive. Itch let me know a few were asking about me. Just been' busy. I won't bore anyone with the ongoing saga - but suffice it to say, I'm not unique. I got some catchin' up to do.
  10. AndrewJohn

    Mis-placed topic

    Yes, of course - no worries. No intention other than to point it out. Thank you guys for everything - the site is great. I'll try to use better language - I know it might sound less than appreciative - didn't intend that. You all are knocking this thing out of the park - a monumental effort of epic proportion and saving so much history. THaNK YOU.
  11. AndrewJohn

    Mis-placed topic

    There's a thread from april 2017 on a 400a amp, in the "Members Map" section.
  12. AndrewJohn

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    What a great inaugural Karma. Thank you! IN Please! May the magic of a child's touch pick the most worthy winner !
  13. AndrewJohn

    Sad Day...

    Sorry to hear this, Kevin. The key is to keep plowing through the clean up as fast as you and any army you can muster, can get through it. Speed will prevent the inevitable mold and mildew from getting a foot hold. I know you are on it. Really bummed for your loss. Trying to find something to learn - This might be a great reminder to all of us with basements... If you don't have a Sump Pump, install one. Test your sump pump annually - just fill the pit with a hose until the switch engages.. Install a battery powered back-up sump pump. In the rain, go down and make sure it is on, check outside to see the outlet is ejecting water. Check that the outlet where the pump pumps the water outside is not obstructed regularly (mowing the lawn). If your sump is over 10 years old - just replace it, good insurance investment - seals dry out, floats rust stuck. Put down platforms to hold stuff in storage off the floor 12 inches. My man-cave and some gear is in my basement, and when I built it out, the contractor checked my sump, 20 years old at the time. he warned me that they do not last more than 7-10 years - original home builders don't put in "commercial grade" grinder-trash pumps - they "skimp" to save cost with a Walmart sump. Well worth the investment to just replace it with a high-end cast iron pump, my guy said. All my shelving in my shop is wall-hung industrial grade. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I don't want anything on the floor, or touching the floor, unless absolutely necessary. Even the new Trane HVAC unit I had installed a few years ago is raised off floor with a platfom designed for that purpose - the HVAC contractor insisted. The way I have it, water will wreck the carpet, and some furniture, but everything of value will survive except the speakers that sit on the floor.
  14. AndrewJohn

    The Banned Game

    Rod banned twice in one morning..., this time for "trolling."
  15. Happy B'day Itch. I have a number of notes from my son and daughter that make me tear up - keepsakes forever. Frame that one for right above the rack.