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  1. On "American Restoration" tv show's Rick Dale shared a trick …, take your fingers and rub some of the skin oil from your forehead, then rub the sharpie. It will come off, and leaves no evidence that it was there before, nor does it affect the underlying powder coat / paint. Helps if you have oily skin. No joke, this works! Couldn't find a video, but there is a link on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/123849058473449468/
  2. Welcome, @Johanar. This is a cool place to learn and share your OCCD journey. Now on your quest for another Carver pre-amp, you clearly have OCCD (Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder). Send a PM to member @BillWojo. He recently had a couple of C-11's he was interested in selling.
  3. Cash does Nine Inch Nails, cover, like no other.
  4. Gets me through the ... 😉 This is a great cover/duet by an AGT artist, who the original artist brought up on stage with her, to nurture, … Wonderful act of kindness, grace and beauty to share the light with this 14 year old talent. The original (about a year ago) AGT performance from Benecio. Great setup, but if you want to just hear the music, it starts at 3:00. Benecio Bryant first performed in Europe in a talent show (EU The Voice, I think), before getting on AGT. FWIW.
  5. Happy B'day, Rich, --- albeit end of day. Love that carrot cake, I get one annually too. Damn, I feel old, on birthdays for those younger than I... Have a good one.
  6. What a great Karma. I've been blessed a lot with karma, lately. Will sit this one out.
  7. Yesterday was "DennisMiller55 Day" ! Had a great catch-up conversation on the phone, and then the Kenny Wayne Shepherd CD showed up in my mailbox! Feels like I should play the lottery... Seriously, though, Dennis is one the most even-keeled super human beings on this planet. I always learn something from him when we connect. Thanks Dennis for all you do. Thank you @dennismiller55, for the Karma!. I'll be listening to this on my way over to @Ar9Jim's this morning for more F2F time with another Carver Super-Fan - and all-around super human being.
  8. Sure looks like a "Living Room" system to me..., My "shop" looks at the Furnace - no windows or view like that! Very nice, Dennis. Beautiful.
  9. Welcome ! You found the right place.
  10. I love "finger style" guitar. Watching my son advance on this technique is amazing. Super talented, expressive, Guitar Champion Christie Lenee will move you this morning ! The second piece starts at about 11:30. Equally beautiful as the 5-7 note classical Ostinato pattern of the first piece.
  11. I do a lot of accounting math..., but I'm no accountant. What I do know, is that youtube is your friend..., if you have XL. examples: CAGR (compound annual growth rate) APR (annual percentage rates) ... Just do a search on on YouTube for the type of calculation or formula you are trying to calculate for your accounting problem. Someone probably already posted a solution. ...just a thought. If not helpful, disregard.
  12. RIP. Thank you David. This is a big loss for latin music. The Bossa Nova genre is one that makes everyone tap their feet, and know that they can slow-dance with a beautiful woman - if they just get up, smile and try it.
  13. So Cool !! Thank you, Dennis! Can't wait !... Karma, it's a wonderful thing..., I did some preemptive impromptu instant Karma for a member on Friday, and that was a fast turnaround to get it in return. WOW, Karma works.
  14. Welcome to TheCarverSite! looking forward to pics of your system. Where about do you live north of Houston? I spent two years in Katy, working downtown H-town. Love that city!
  15. Excellent Karma - In Please. Thank you Dennis for offering this.
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