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  1. Now I finally understand what my Lunar Wane Shaft is for. 😉
  2. They are definitely making progress from both ends of the range calculation. Better battery, and more efficient use of power from those batteries. Read an article last week that Tesla truck engineers (Big Semi Rigs) have now exceeded 700 mile range with full-legal-load behind. The battery-power to weight ratio must have some interesting scale factoring when pushed down to a motorcycle. Anyway, the 700 mile range for a semi-truck exceeds the HoS (Hours of Service) regulations for drivers, so they are getting close..., I think they want to get the driverless mechanisms perfected, so they can move trucks like drones, across the country and really disruptively innovate the transportation industry. If I were a trucker, I'd be learning how to drive drones in school now, so I didn't fall behind. If I were in education, I'd be opening "Drone Driving Schools!" Hah! It's clear, GM, Ford, Audi..., you name it, they are all on board with the electric vehicle. I'm fighting the urge to buy a new hydrocarbon-based vehicle hoping I can get by with what I have for 5+ more years, when we really start seeing electric vehicle momentum take over. Gas stations, will thin out..., or reinvent into Amazon Distribution Drop-off, Pick-up and Return Merchandise centers..., maybe or become instant charging stations (magnetic pads in the pavement). The oil and gas industry is radically reinventing itself, largely unnoticed. Carbon-capture - you've heard of it..., capped oil wells are going to become carbon-capture depositories. And, the Oil Field Services industry is the one industry that already knows how to put things down well-bores (fracking)…, this will come to bear. And the charging stations for vehicles, they will go off-grid, using solar to build up power for that purpose. Utilities? Another industry for reinvention. Funny how many industries are going to be disrupted by this shift in transportation power sources. I give it 10 years, and we will recall today like it was ancient history.
  3. Have you seen some of the new Electric custom rockets that are at the track? Crazy what they are getting out of Tesla's and others' battery innovation. Silent Speed, perfect left-right balance symmetry, no muffler, no vibration but the road under the tires. These new entrepreneurs are accidentally, inventing "The Perfect Get-away Vehicle!" I wonder what BMW has on the drawing board with electric power?
  4. Enabling influencer ON ..., why not 4 Blue, 2 Yellow, and 1 red (at the top) indicating when headroom is exhausted. Enabling influencer OFF 😉
  5. At the banquet/dinner after the event, yesterday. They had a speaker, a Northwestern Medicine colo-rectal surgeon. Gave us some updates on the new guidelines... Colon Cancer is indiscriminate..., we know that. But now it has moved into even younger generations based on a number of dietary, statistically relevant family history and environmental factors. New recommendation is to have your first colonoscopy at 45, (not 50). 5 years, the surgeon said, can kill you. Don't put it off. It's usually covered by insurance - and is covered by Medicare. And like @Charlie said, they (typically) put you under anesthesia, so the only hard part making the appointment, and drinking the "juice" the night before. I met a lot of guys at the golf event that had a ~foot of colon removed, due to polyps found. All had their lives saved just by getting the screening. Tell your friends and loved ones. It's a subject that we cannot ignore, and colon cancer is 100% preventable - IF you think of it like your annual dental cleaning..., get it done, and know for sure. Thanks guys, AJ
  6. For me, the hard part is the prep of drinking that night-before gallon. Challenging, no matter what the taste. Worth every bit of the effort, though.
  7. Today is my annual Golf outing..., Played a lot when I lived in California. Twice a year, pilgrimage to Monterey Peninsula. Played all the TV pro-tourney courses. Playing 4 to 6 rounds in a weekend was a little "Psycho"..., our wives used to say. I played every course in San Francisco, private, public, muni, except for one that had a discrimination problem. Don't play but once a year now. A good golfing buddy friend of mine died several years ago, of colon cancer. The best hands at Stanford and UCSF medical centers could only delay the inevitable. He didn't get "screened", like we all should. My question to my C! friends: Have you had your colonoscopy? Has your wife or better half? (Colon Cancer does NOT discriminate based on Gender.) One of my good friends from Santa Barbara was saved as a result of our friend's death. He went in, got screened, and had a chunk of his upper intestine removed. Screening saved his life. In memorial to our buddy (we played golf at least once a week for years, back in the 90's), My friend started PsychoTour. a 501c3, to raise awareness for colon cancer screening. "PsychoTour: Together, we can prevent colon cancer one hole at a time." Read about it here, and the story of Tony. https://www.psychotour.org/mission Two golf tourney's, each year, one on the west coast, the other here in Chicago-land. Grass-roots. We have a speaker from a local hospital, for the banquet, usually. My mission, once a year, to push my good friends to get a colonoscopy. My work is done here.
  8. I'll noodle on it some more - mostly saw the granular lenses to look at this..., spark some ideas from others, perhaps. I wasn't really thinking that a page of just brochures, and perhaps it's really just a master "grid" of "X"s in boxes of types of materials that we have..., that would fulfill the need to see what is missing..., I'll keep mulling on it.
  9. Thanks for asking, Greg. Two thoughts come to mind... Maybe valuable, maybe not. 1. The obvious tables of PL, Carver, Sunfire begs the other obvious pivot, which is "Owner's Manuals," Service Manuals," "Service Bulletins," Tech Spec Sheets," "Marketing Brochures and Materials." 2. Cross-referenced arrangement in #1 above may also give an indication of "what is missing." So something that listed "We Need These Manuals" table to put the MIA's front and center. The comprehensiveness of the library is quite spectacular! and a focus on what is needed, can help it become the Smithsonian of Carver Manuals. Last thought, would be to eliminate substitutes, so we know what is missing, and can fill it out as a collective crowd. There are a some manuals posted for the wrong component. E.g., the M400 Manual, is really the M400t amp. Again, that helps identify what is missing, so we can fill it out.
  10. $h!t, I can't win anything that's posted on a Monday ! sorry I missed this. Someone got a great deal !
  11. Six-String Soldiers, and a couple four-string Soldiers (Violin and Bass Acoustic Guitar) make for an interesting cover of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. Good Ending "home."
  12. Oh, c'mon. I want to see a full Musical Fidelity 2-tube, knock-off crammed in there! 😉 ...with tubes with cages coming through the top cover (like a Mod-Right design)…, for easy Tube Rolling. Enabler and designer..., I am.
  13. OK, if you are into the BIGGEST most POWERFUL instrument in the world, commanded by two hands on one person..., you are into Organ music. ...and likely know who Cameron Carpenter is. He is pushing the Organ out of the "church" and into new places. Pretty wild what he can do. He's won a Grammy, and is recorded on Telarc, Sony, and only high-end labels. Lives in LA, NYC, and Berlin. His interpretation of Bach Taccata and Fugue in D minor is unlike any other. The CD will make my Amazing's ribbons beg for mercy, along with the woofers on their knees. this is early, 2010. I've heard later renditions..., less "Bach-esque" but equally interesting. Or, a more recent (with his signature Mohawk haircut) of the same Bach piece. The following 18 minutes is pretty cool to learn about - and relate to frequency and sound reproduction, the old-fashion way - with forced air, through pipes and reeds - all driven by fingers on the keyboard of a multi-manual organ at the Berlin Philharmonie Organ. What a great way to get kids involved, and interested - in an instrument that is hard to get your hands on, due to its size. (second video below) My uncle, passed now, was senior organist and head choir master at St. Pauls in the twin cities, for 46 years. An exceptional classical organist and advisor to organ makers and repair technicians (a rare breed). I've always loved organ music, sat through the prelude and postlude in church as a kid, when everyone else was chatting or heading out for coffee or the parking lot.
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