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  1. What a wonderful idea to reinvigorate the concept of the "Shopping Mall." Music, live, spontaneous music. Amazon could not compete with this "experience-based" value proposition. Love seeing the little children in awe (first few minutes) of the First Violinist, as he calls out the hit-and-run flash mob.
  2. Really glad we caught up on the phone, Z. Your knowledge, perspective, balance and even keel, is extremely valuable to keeping the Carver community diverse, healthy and long-lived in the future. Welcome back again - see you on the ninth.
  3. I have one, has a few nicks..., not perfect, and has the rack mount slots. How "decent" do you need?
  4. Thank you @zumbini, Just ordered the EU 180g remaster of this - still in Mono, I believe.
  5. The last five years or so, I've had more flat tires than most, it seems. About one every 7-10 months. Nothing special, all paved road, freeway driving. Thank heaven for the Road Hazard Warranty at Discount Tire! A couple weeks ago, I get the TPMS warning on the dash. I have a slow leak on one tire, so I knew (thought) I had a couple days to get air. Came out to the car end of day, and couldn't tell what caused the flat, until the next day. Weirdest flat tire I have ever had. It must've been a whole set of keys, because I can't imagine how one key got propped up to go perpendicular to the road, alone. Anyone missing a set of keys?
  6. @compwaco, please give us a report on how it sounds! Awesome deal - these are harder to find these days, in perfect condition.
  7. MayoChup reminds me of this wonderful mess (or do I mean "miss"). And the name (either one "Smuckers" or "Goober"), well, that really seals the perception.
  8. Photo loaded. Diggin' your blue meters. Love the big blue meters.
  9. I've never liked any Mayo. Always preferred the "Miracle Whip" zip kind of flavor. Mayo always reminded me of rotten eggs - mixed in anything.
  10. Great to hear diversity in assessing these amps. There is no "one solution" for everyone. I'm a fan of the M4.0t over the MkII - but use them in different configurations than most. I think the "a" series amps don't get enough attention, either - so it's interesting to hear about those and your experience. Darn, wish I knew you were letting a TFM 75 go, when you did - that's one I have not had to experience first hand. Maybe someday. Love the pictures - keep them coming. Welcome to the CarverSite!
  11. Post Carver Corp, circa 2011, this design firm revamped the lightstar and the Carver logo for Home Theater speakers - and a few other products from the new owners of the brand..., http://www.burnsandburns.net/html/carver_1.html
  12. Thank you Morris. I'm sure that this one will work for me at work, at home, with the kids and wife in the room..., Excellent!
  13. Welcome back. I have been unresponsive - I'll fill you in, later. (I owe you a call... - looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks - that's my plan.)
  14. Welcome. Check out the C-1 listed here by LonerT - all done, ready to go, with a remote controlled volume. Buying a unit, and upgrading it will cost about the same. (To see it, use the main menu to go to FORUMs, and you'll see things for sale about half-way down, you may have to scroll.) Again, welcome. Hope you hang out a while. Tell us about your rig, as it evolves.
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