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  1. Lately I can't stop listening to the middle of Abby Road, and the first half of Magical Mystery Tour. On Abby Road "Here Comes the Sun" to "Carry that Weight" is just amazing. I agree though, ask me next year and it will be different. Awesome music regardless! -Geoff
  2. Picked this up along with a TFM-45 and a TFM-15 from a local guy on craigslist. The amps both need a little work, but the tape deck was good to go! Even came with a remote. In pretty mint condition too. Now I just need to get a bigger stereo rack! -Geoff
  3. I thought this thread was going to be about blinker fluid. Dual use maybe? I used to work on head-lights on cars, and we did occasionally have arcing problems from sockets that relaxed too much. We would prescribe dialectric grease as a short term fix. That is $10 a tube though, and that is for the expensive stuff. When I started getting back into audio, I started expecting to see that it pop up again, but it never did (until now maybe). -Geoff
  4. Yea, two TFM55's just sold on ebay. Had to use some willpower to not click the bid button. One sold for $530, the other for $640. -Geoff
  5. Thanks again. I mostly listen to rock and roll (from 50's to now) with a sprinkling of 80's pop that comes from being a child of the 80's - Class of 87! -Geoff
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. I don't have any working Carver stuff right now but I will post some pics of what is in progress. Thank you! Geoff
  7. So, it turns out my mid life crisis involves vintage stereo equipment not a new Corvette. I got back into two channel audio last year and I can't stop eyeballing Carver gear. I bough two broken amps - one from craigslist (TFM-24) and one from ebay (TFM-25) and I am in the process of getting them going. Both of them have very clean looking boards, original caps, and no scorch marks that I can find. They both have the same issues - one good channel and one bad (the 24 is static-ey, the 25 is out completely) I would like to pair at least one of them with some vintage Magneplanars at some point, and possibly a vintage McIntosh pre-amp (something simple like a C24). I am a mechanical engineer, but I am in the process of learning a bit more about electronics via the local community college. This site looks like a great place to get into the nuts and bolts of Carver gear. I have been hooked on Carver since I read the Stereophile article about Bob cloning the amp sound. I have been dying to get a listen to his Transfer Function Amps, and I figured buying and repairing one would be the best way. Anyone else around here from Detroit? Thank you. -Geoff
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