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  1. I search Craigslist in other cities for what I want. I bought a 50 lb piano bench and it was packed by sender's UPS.
  2. The flyers are getting an adrenaline rush from skimming mountain tops. It's all fine until you hit a down draft.
  3. Touch screens get contaminated by employees resetting them after a hang.
  4. I have mostly TV, but lately I like Baader Morpheus. I have an ES 30 82 degree, and an ES 20 100 for wide field low power. I use a Baader MPCC with them. Now everybody is making 20mm 100s. APM is quite good and low cost. Most optics from China. Even Meade. They've got their coatings down. But of course German optics such as Baader and APM are outstanding. I went through a planetary eyepiece phase, but now I'm done with that. TV delites are outstanding for planets. If you want to just use plossls, Dakin barlows from Brandon are the sharpest.
  5. A friend just got a Celestron 8" CAT. This one has sharp optics. Many I have looked through not great. You a Televue guy or ES?
  6. I have a 17.5" reflector. I've had my telescope near Sedona. Been looking at Jupiter lately. Saw the white pearls outside the bands.
  7. I need a trip to the Atacama desert before it gets light polluted.
  8. "Daddy why do I have to listen through old people's stuff. I want an iPod."
  9. The world is real. Other people are real. Understanding this is part of a child's socialization. Solipsism is a primitive and passive belief used to justify a lifestyle of doing nothing.
  10. The purpose of these shows is to create a sense of awe and wonder about science, while providing entertainment so no one will change channels.. The problem with these hypothesis is the lack of any verifiable experiment for confirmation. I would add to Hawking that conditions prior to the 'Big Bang' (if there was one) are unverifiable, therefore meaningless.
  11. Why would such a sci-fi book even be written? Different radii orbit at different angular rates. Shear would tear any such tower apart. Reading a good introductory physics book is a constructive use of time.
  12. He's describing a Minkowski diagram, which has been known for over 100 years. He doesn't talk about causality. He does a pretty good job avoiding math of the Lorentz transformation.
  13. Welcome Bwest, The world would be an empty place without Bob Carver and his innovative genius.
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