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  1. They had quite a bit of gas in the tank.
  2. I'm keeping my 700B stock. I can tell you where to add 2 capacitors to stabilize it. I view WOPL as a sales job.
  3. The small knobs are hard to get off. Grabbing them with pliers with ruin them. I used a rubber strap oil filter wrench.
  4. Survivor bias: 5 out of 6 people say Russian Roulette is safe.
  5. I had a Sears Craftsman turntable. Records didn't last long.
  6. She doesn't have a PhD in astrophysics. Not interested.
  7. Aspirin also for sale at Walmart.
  8. You want the melody to follow a tempered scale, but each chord to be tuned to harmonic intervals. I think people have designed programs to do this.
  9. Not math, as much as concepts behind the symbols.
  10. I came to the correct conclusion because Rich posting these videos made me think for a few days. The alternatives didn't work. I've always been troubled by the superstitious explanations of particle/wave duality. Particularly Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation. Explanations in physics classes simply are unsatisfactory. The paper was helpful. The fundamental problem has been men creating models of elementary "particles" as particles, to match their daily experience on a macroscopic scale. Matter on atomic scale isn't like that. There were some things in the paper I didn't totally understand, as I would have to do some study and devote more time to the paper. Been a long time since I've seen bra and ket operators. I did realize early today that electrons and matter in general must be fields of some kind, because they also have wave properties and can be diffracted. Reading the paper tonight confirmed that. Good to know somebody is figuring this stuff out. I still don't know what happens to the part of the wave that bangs against the wall between the slits. All the energy must be diffracted around.
  11. Some people can hear that. Fortunately I can. Most singers do not sing intervals correctly. I find it painful to listen to them. The best interval singers are Ella Fitzgerald and Linda Ronstadt. They are always on. On the other hand, I have a Carly Simon album I cannot listen to.
  12. The circle of 5ths does not wrap around to itself if perfect 5th intervals are followed. The other problem is octave stretching. Harmonics are a little sharp because of piano wire stiffness to mass on overtone lengths. So a piano is tuned flat downwards and sharp upward. A capella such as barbershop quartets is sung without instruments so they can tune the intervals perfectly to get chord ring.
  13. People think of a photon as a particle. I don't. I think all it is, is a bundle of E and B fields trapping each other that oscillate. The reason why there seems to be confusion about the exact particle location of the photon, is because it's bigger than you think. The photon IS the bundle of E and B fields. The size of the photon is the size of the E and B fields. The breadth of them is pretty large. Larger than the distance between the slits. This is why the photon seems to be two places at once. The photon is an oscillatory packet that has many crests and valleys. If it didn't it could not interfere with the slits when striking obliquely. When the photon hits something and the energy is absorbed, that is when it becomes a "particle." I think all this business about faster than light and causality is because the photon has breadth. The appearance of faster than light communication is in the transverse direction of the photon because the photon is wide. It appears to be in two places on once hitting the slit because it is. It's fat.
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