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  1. jvandyke_texas

    Space Weather

    Was confused by the term "Space Weather" since weather layer is the troposphere. If earth weather allows, I'll look for the comet. This low in the sunspot cycle means only long wave radio communication is possible. No 10 meters. Neat to see condensation as balloon's gas expands. Moisture was probably inside the balloon.
  2. jvandyke_texas

    What type are you?

    Boeing engineer?
  3. jvandyke_texas

    What type are you?

    Within NT rationals, the big difference between 'J' and 'P' is that Js arrange things temporally and Ps spatially.
  4. jvandyke_texas

    What type are you?

    I have a psychologist friend who did research under Isabel Myers. She doesn't believe in any of it.
  5. jvandyke_texas

    What type are you?

    The Keirsey temperament sorter is actually poorly constructed and gives wrong answers. The most famous books are "Please Understand Me" original and II. Studying the types for a while, it's possible to categorize people you know. NT rationals are easy because I am one, and am surrounded by them. The 'F' types are harder for me to differentiate. I mostly ignore what those people say.
  6. jvandyke_texas

    What type are you?

    These are the NT rationals: INTJ is the scientist type. INTP is architect. ENTJ is business leader, ENTP is inventor. Whatever that website is, it's wrong. And now it's wrong everywhere. There's always somebody stupid that everyone else copies without verifying.
  7. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    It's because I'm conjecturing. Making it up. Usually I'm wrong because I have limited understanding. I don't believe waves collapse into particles. We just don't know the wave until measured. Haven't read much about that. I don't think anybody really knows.
  8. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    Had trouble staying awake during one of these videos. Apparently virtual particles affect hydrogen energy levels, so they can exist in atoms. My conjecture totally incorrect.
  9. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    The way tunnelling works is there is a particle in a quantum energy well. The sides are steep, and the particle occupies all possibles modes and energy states within the well subject to boundary constraints and normalization of all states to total energy of the particle. Higher energy states are less occupied. So there's this situation where arbitrarily close to the wall of the well, there are wave equation solutions where the particle can exist. But the wave state is continuous across the boundary. So there is a solution on the forbidden side with only the alpha or real part of the eigenvalue. This is an exponential decay in the forbidden energy zone. So there is a probability the particle can exist there. Suppose the wall of the well was thin, and on the other side of the energy barrier is a low energy permissible region. Then the particle will penetrate the barrier with some probability and be sucked onto the other side and remain there. That is quantum tunnelling. You can imagine these vacuum energy particles crossing a thin barrier between our dimension and another. But not by much. If there is nearby matter on our side, that makes coming over here energy prohibitive because the particles are repelled. So there is no occluding or merging going on over here. Just very small particles appearing and going back to the other side in a vacuum.
  10. I'm more involved in the nature of doing nothing.
  11. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    No. It's beginning to sound like Dr. Who's TARDIS.
  12. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    Maybe this is related to vacuum energy and spontaneous generation and destruction of virtual particles. They are really entering and exiting into our dimension.
  13. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    Think about how you would handle occlusion from a 4D space onto a 3D. An object moves in front of another in 4D into our projected 3D line of sight, and in 3D the old object suddenly appears engulfed or replaced by the occluding one!
  14. jvandyke_texas

    Visualizing four dimensions

    Hard to think about projecting from 4D into 3D. Object gets spontaneously bigger in 3D as it's rotated in 4D. In graphics a 4x4 matrix is used for what's called a projective transformation where a 3D object is projected onto a 2D plane which is your CRT screen. There's an implicit scaling divide by the W term in the matrix, and that's what gives perspective correction. Without that, you would have a simple affine transformation. The apex of the projection is supposed to be the viewer's eye. Painting with perspective correction was not discovered until the Renaissance. Before then, images were in flat profile.
  15. jvandyke_texas

    Audionut vs Audiophile

    Trying to recreate a live performance. Much less interested in studio mixed records. Lot of science and theory involved, a lot of electronics involved, and music theory if you want. A friend and I listen to CDs and try to figure out chord sequences as they play them. Add a dash of getting your equipment in tip top shape.