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  1. pindrop

    Happy Birthday HappyTrails

    Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ whippersnapper! Pindrop
  2. pindrop

    And You Think Ticks Are Bad ???

    Bear Grylls would jump on that in a heartbeat and leave his audience blowing chunks.
  3. pindrop

    Overpriced 'deals':

    No Brian...that's where he's writing from..😎 you didn't hear that from me tho' πŸ˜‚ (never been known to stir a pot either DJT, he's new πŸ˜‚)
  4. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    Love this site....Acoustic power is what term I was searching for with @UncleMeat trying hard to figure out what I was looking for. lol Is that a huge difference between the two sets of speakers as I'm thinking it is?
  5. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    New update: At B-Man's behest K read the set up instructions for the ALIII's and decided to reverse the two sets of speakers. The glory is gone and the image really stinks now so I'll just run one set at a time. The ALIII's are 4' 2" apart and my ears are at 8 '4" to start and am working from there for them to shine using SH. They look way too close aesthetically but sound way better due to the sound now stretching laterally outside the walls. I thought they were supposed to be out wide but that would be room dependent with the distance to seating. The sound now doesn't seem to emanate from them as a source with eyes open or closed. That's a good thing.....yessss indeed.
  6. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    See above LT lol. "IT DON'T WORK" doesn't in other parts of the country . But when you're talking PF in the dark late at night under the right circumstances, it's freaking glorious!!! Just not true ...πŸ˜‚ So now I'm getting a mental image of the sound coming from the ALIII's in a "bubble" form with it not being uniform and round but rather pushed out further in one area relative to the height that instrument or voice is in it's projection. Like the bass drum would make the bubble project lower down than voice at 5' and acoustic guitar at 31/2'. If that is correct then does the 5" ribbon in the C. F. speakers do the same but from a smaller bubble?
  7. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    I'm looking at that "book" of components list and am thinking of flying at the controls of a 747.😡
  8. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    Further thoughts: THIS DON'T WORK!!πŸ˜‚.....but it does sound outrageously good on PF DSOTM in the dark while under the influence😎, The tip off to my thoughts about how wonderful and "accurate" the sound was? I was listening to a group up on stage playing, from my 10th row seat, and was marveling at how wide it was with people and instruments spread out across it. The lead singer was belting it out center stage and all of a sudden I hear this guy 1 row forward and 6 to 8 seats to my right start harmonizing with him loud and clear and I thought he was pretty good at it. It was when he started playing that fiddle.....Balderdash!!! (got to use my favorite word) In listening critically you get more of a wall of sound like Greg said(because of the cancellation of the SH's intended effect) but you sit in the center line of a half circle, and with some recordings with more echo/reverb, it envelopes you more past 180Β°. It's pretty cool but not what we chase in sound. The euphoria has passed lol. @UncleMeat, Thanks for your explanation on efficiency between all components and balancing. I'm proud to say I've learned quite a few things from this site which is what helped me pose the question about the differences in sensitivity of the speakers and then the differences in sensitivity of the amps. Your numbers helped in getting a better understanding of balance between them all along with how it's achieved with the resistors in the speakers. The other question was what measurement or word is expressed when comparing the 2 very different, in size and amount of drivers, amount of, volume of, I'm stuck here....if you stand the brand new ALS at 7' tall next to the C.F. speakers on their 4' stands and both are rated at, in example, 88db 1w/m, the ALS's are putting more sound out. What is that called or how is that difference expressed?
  9. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    Yea, I mean 1m in front of either speaker you measured 86db SPL on example right? But on the C.F. speakers you have the one 5" ribbon and on the III's you have eight. ..I'm lost here trying to understand loudness as you say, between the two with the same rating and volume level. I think there will not be a 2db drop in volume between them if I moved the C.F.speakers a foot behind the III's. In other words that movement in moving them forward or backwards wouldn't be too perceptible. What about time and phase? Hey you guys said there weren't any dumb questions can I prove us wrong? lol
  10. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    So now I have ask regarding the efficiency of both sets of speakers, if they were both say 86db@ 1w/m is there some other measurement in relation to the wall of sound coming from the III's opposed the smaller C.F. ?
  11. pindrop

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    Thanks for your thoughts on this gents because my mind started wandering on what I have here. Don't we have sensitivity issues between the amps themselves along with the differences in sensitivity of the speakers? The C.F. speakers are forward of the ALS's by about 10" so there is no obstruction to interfere with them. Then there is that question that I've always had and didn't ask. In relation to the pretty strict set-up parameters for SH. I'm pretty sure that was with forward firing cabinets, is there any debate in how much better these C.F. speakers sound with them set further apart compared to distance? I understand what you're saying Hashy but I'm uncertain how to apply it to these speakers...I have just been moving then listening and it keeps getting better and wider, deeper in front of and behind me and more of the same songs that I listen to are ever more enveloping. Kingman is wise because this sure keeps getting better to me. BTW the amps are running each set independently. Those woofers were designed in the 80s to run with some of the first sat/sub combo's so paralleling them with the 8ohm C.F. speakers is a natural and when all 4get backed up by the signature sub....it can play much lower in volume and get that effect of taking over the room.
  12. 😎 So I decided to play around with things a bit yesterday and settled in to some listening after initial setup. As usual with my fabulous Kindle camera, the beauty of these system pictures is left to the thoughts in your OCCD minds.... The ALSIII's are run by the m1.0t mkll opt 2 (thanks again Hashy) and the CarverFest Sonorous are on the m500t mkll (thanks to DennisMiller a killer job on a beater amp) hooked to the 2 Polk RM 1000w behind them. The BillD c1 (BMan built for Travis) main 1 to m1.0t and main 2 out to the Sunfire Signature sub xover at 45Hz and then to the 500t. I set the ALSIII's up for a sweet spot just short of the very back of the room and the C.F. speakers setup for SH at my listening chair. I was just playing one setup while the other amp and speakers were off with no intention of running both sets at once. Well of course I did, wouldn't you run 'em both just to see? RobertR has a tri-neural? setup with 3 ALS's I would still love to hear but Robert....and BMan I know you can do this but you all need to check this out. WOW!!! I think if I move the ALSIII's forward and backward I'm getting time and phase shift? that makes the staging either more forward or backward? Any thoughts anybody?
  13. Ed, are we good to go now? Please update both forums when you get a chance and let me know you received my payment.Β 

    Thanks, Kennett -PinDrop

  14. pindrop

    Hegeman HAPI 2 Preamp

    Bob will appreciate your bringing that preamp I'm sure. Question, there doesn't seem to be anyone mentioning how the BillD c1 will pair with the Fest amp. Aren't SS preamps mated to tube amps supposed to tighten up the low end, and good ones get out of the way of the mid/highs? I'm just learning here and want to move toward running the Tesla's with the tubes and vinyl set up. Should I be on the look out now for what might be a better preamp w/phono just to aquaint myself with brands and pricing? Then after the 'fest there might be a better thought on what would work well with it?
  15. pindrop

    Time for a little house cleaning?

    Just havin' fun in a fun place chief.