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  1. pindrop

    Hegeman HAPI 2 Preamp

    Bob will appreciate your bringing that preamp I'm sure. Question, there doesn't seem to be anyone mentioning how the BillD c1 will pair with the Fest amp. Aren't SS preamps mated to tube amps supposed to tighten up the low end, and good ones get out of the way of the mid/highs? I'm just learning here and want to move toward running the Tesla's with the tubes and vinyl set up. Should I be on the look out now for what might be a better preamp w/phono just to aquaint myself with brands and pricing? Then after the 'fest there might be a better thought on what would work well with it?
  2. pindrop

    Time for a little house cleaning?

    Just havin' fun in a fun place chief.
  3. pindrop

    Time for a little house cleaning?

    I'm thinking about banning Hashy for knowing too much and acting like he owns the damn joint. Hang on while I go git my pitchfork.
  4. pindrop

    New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great Karma! In celebration of being able to read these posts without eye strain on a wonderous, and not yet fully explored, new site! I would like to be in too please. Great idea, pass them around to all that are in and let our resident eBay master sell them with proceeds to site maintenance?
  5. pindrop

    ...and it gets better!

    It probably got up and walked away like the one I hit. He laid there a few minute, got up and rubbed some dirt in it, shook it off and walked away. Meanwhile the whole passenger side was caved in. Things will turn for ya soon. Sorry about the vinyl...
  6. pindrop

    The Banned Game

  7. pindrop

    $100 m1.0t in Miami

    No but CT-Seven - Brian lives down there or possibly the guy will box and ship to you.
  8. pindrop

    $100 m1.0t in Miami

    Anybody interested in this m1.0t that needs to be repaired/upgrade? It's been in CL for almost a month. https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/d/rare-carver-10t-magnetic/6420854311.html
  9. pindrop

    Do you know any jokes?

    A woman walks by a pet shop that has a caged parrot out on the sidewalk. The parrot says to her "You sure are ugly". She turns and looks at the parrot in anger and walks away in a huff. The next day she walks by the caged parrot and it again says "You sure are ugly" and she gets really angry and goes in to the store and tells the owner what happened and that it better not happen again or he won't like what action she takes against him. He apologizes and tells her it won't happen again. The next day she again walks by the shop slowly expecting the bird to say the same thing but this time the bird see' s her and says "You know".
  10. pindrop

    Deleted Thread

    The original thread had 2 posts and they were both posted by Djt and no kve777? I don't know how that is but in these ridiculous political times I'm prone to a rant as well so I come here to get away from it. I had a black and white cat that lived with me for 25 years. When I would leave him for too long he would get revenge on me by backing up to my shoe and perfectly placing a turd in it. That takes good aim and determination for a cat but he managed. Sometimes I would forget to check my shoe and....I would "step in it". I think I did here as well, my apologies gentlemen. This was supposed to go in the "DeletedThread" thread if an admin could move it, thanks.
  11. pindrop

    Time For A New Reference Disc?

    Just want to say that threads like this one introduce a lot of excellent and well recorded music to me. I have a subscription to Spotify and not all are available to me but most are. So this thread along with "What are you listening to" bring a great deal of music I have never heard, or have heard but forgotten and greatly appreciate being reminded of. If our last disc had been made of vinyl, it would sound like crap by now due to over usage. I will buy how ever many discs we come up with, just keep suggesting your best!
  12. pindrop

    Time For A New Reference Disc?

    One of my go to test songs: Bobby "Blue" Bland, Memphis Monday Morning. Album title song.
  13. pindrop

    What are you listening to?

    This is SH Gold.
  14. pindrop

    Happy Birthday Zumbini! & Doh-R!

    Happy Birthday to you Both. I hope you made it a month long celebration!!
  15. Glad it worked out so well and I hope you get to spend more time with them. As for their opinion of Carver....