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  1. pindrop

    Help Identify this cartridge!

    That was quick. So it needs to be at at 47,000?
  2. pindrop

    Help Identify this cartridge!

    Hope you find out what AT it is but it's time for me to get some learnin'. I thought you could switch between the load settings at will until you find what sounds best? Glad I haven't hooked my table up yet...🤔
  3. pindrop

    What does the W stand for?

    Hey look!! A squirrel!!! 🏃 What was the question?
  4. I'd like to have him over to look at my new amp, we speak the same language. Would ya look at that , just look at it....😂
  5. pindrop

    Hashy's Bench

    Like I told The Raven, you two are already a success and hard workers. Just be sure to schedule some down time for.... listening.
  6. pindrop

    8 Ohm Dummy Load Karma

    Dennis, building the 275 was so much fun that I do want to build a small repair bench. @kve777 just answered my question in another thread about whether I need to discharge my amp to replace some resistors....yep. Please count me in, and I need it post haste. Thanks!!
  7. pindrop

    Time for some Karma

    Congrats Barry!....thanks PhilDent
  8. pindrop

    Best looking Carver gear?

    +1 and mine is a battle axe right now....
  9. pindrop

    Bob and MQA

    Yep....it's all trickery!
  10. pindrop

    Time for some Karma

    Very cool Phil, I'm in with 13!
  11. pindrop

    Favorite Pictures

    Hey! Those are some lightweight collards.
  12. Agreed Steve, every face I saw there was a new face,(there were a couple that were pretty hard to look at not mentioning any names like I promised Doug.. 😭.) and all were smiling and enjoying their time together like long lost family. "Drinking a little wine, eatin' a little cheese" and working on a goal. David, maybe a thread for ideas in temporary absorption to take your room up a couple of notches on the cheap is in order. The look on your face when you heard it was great. And Steve....I copied your and "The" Ravens most excellent example. That was the day after Harry and Mark helped lead me through putting the first half of the amp together which was a class for me, thanks to you 2 I gained in soldering and reading schematics and your half of our build was right! Reading Robert's directions, looking at pictures and the next day going and looking at the example and copying it, WTH!!??? I built a working tube amplifier?!! I can hardly believe that Bob Carver was able to design something that Doug and I were able to build as complete novices. Dnspy007's first completed amp was playing when I walked in and was sounding sweet after Hashey stood back as he flipped the switch for the first time. First time people!!! So cool as Arnold says ah'll be bak and I hope all of you will too.
  13. Damn dude don't have a cat!