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  1. Brian_at_HHH

    Hi from the UK

    I have to agree on the JBLs - I've never heard any and I'd like to hear what they are like, too. There are quite a few of the more "well known" brands that I haven't had the chance to hear. Where I am, in Canada, the speakers I've encountered, have not quite the same mix that I see most of the folks, here, listening to. I've usually encountered either Japanese speakers, or Canadian ones (e.g. Paradigm, PSB, Totem). There seems to be a fair number of people on the group with either Polk or Klipsch, some with older units like Advents, and a decent number with various electrostatics (the Carver ALS' of course) and planars. I'm actually quite curious about the Magnapans, myself. If it weren't for the fact that they would quickly become wonderfully expensive cat scratchers in my house, I'd probably be more serious as they seem to be a great price and there seem to be plenty available used near me. For the amp, I did a quick look online and the "Internally wired by MONSTER CABLES" does seem to be on all the pictures of the backs of the TFM-45s that I found, so it does seem to be normal, and not indicating anything after factory. I will leave it to others, here, to comment on what they think of the state of the amp. To me it looks good - both of the meter lights are even working, and I don't see a lot of scratch marks around the screws, that would suggest a lot of poking about inside. But I am not the right person to comment here - there are others far better at that who I'm sure will offer their thoughts. Likewise, I can't really say on the price - I "think" it's a decent price but not knowing the going rate in Europe, and not being familiar with the 45, I'll defer to others. As to tackling things yourself, I think it depends on what you are doing. A full on cap-job is likely not a good starting point, but I know there are plenty of people here who have done just that. Tracking down a specific problem, if one occurs, is a whole different story. The techs, here, can guide you on what to test, and where not to put your finger. That said, I'm a really bad example to offer advice. While I may secretly think of someday changing some caps in some older equipment I have, it won't be until I do a LOT more practise with a soldering iron. I've taken the "safe" route, and my equipment is currently taking a holiday in Utah, to be redone by someone who KNOWS what he's doing.
  2. Brian_at_HHH

    Hi from the UK

    Thanks for letting us know what the (amp) box was. I was wondering, but as I can be too curious for my own good, I thought I should behave for a change. 😇 I've done enough woodworking to truly appreciate what those speakers, and amp box took. Very nice. A definite tip of the hat to your neighbour _ I can see why he passed them to you he knew they would be restored and would sing, again. There are definitely some incredible brands. My main speakers are Mission's, showing my partiality to British design (though, they were not built there, and are well below the stature of your Linn's. You seem to have more than a passing talent on the technical side - any thoughts of doing the amp revival,yourself? There are lots of people here who are very technically adept (Yours Truly decidedly excepted!) who, I'm sure would be very happy to help and guide. I've seen how well they can guide others to find and fix issues. Regardless, good luck finding jut the right amp, and I hope it really puts some wonderful life into those Linn's.
  3. Brian_at_HHH

    What does the W stand for?

    The only thing that happens to the sex drive is losing the "r"... sigh!
  4. Brian_at_HHH

    Hi from the UK

    @DrummerJuicejust take at look at what @Cbolt18has as "free" speakers, and you should know what to expect. By the time you factor in cost of living, you have to wonder if most Londoner's are mortgaging their meals. Where I used to work, we had an office outside London, and I've had a number of friends in the UK, and I always wondered at how the normal people make ends meet, there. I'm not sure where in the UK CBolt18 is, but even the "cheap" places are anything but. One massive plus though - no mosquitoes!!! Ours need clearance from Air Traffic Control.
  5. Brian_at_HHH

    Hi from the UK

    For the folks suggesting amps here, they may be great, but remember the power difference, as Cbolt8 noted - I'm not an expert, but a quick glance suggests that it's not trivial to switch them to 220V - perhaps on the inside, but not on outside. Using an inexpensive converter is not likely to be a happy match for something with the power thirst of a '45. The cost to deal with that and the shipping are likely to make any North American bargains not such a great deal. Cbolt18 is wise to be looking closer to home for a suitable find. Cbolt18, you definitely put the money where it makes the most sense, by far. The tweeter will restore the speakers sound and value, and will definitely justify their cost. You may not have a big space to turn them loose in, but the real plus of great speakers i that they can also do well without hitting 120Db+. 🙂 Those are going to sound fantastic when you get it all together. Those (trans-)portable speakers may not be really light, but they are certainly beautiful - my compliments on your woodworking skills. I'm sure the sound is on par with the looks, given the care and talent you obviously have. Keep your eyes open and I'm sure an ideal amp will pop up shortly. There are lots of people ditching great systems to switch to surround sound,instead. Their loss, but our gain. Good luck on the quest, and I'm sure the folks, here will help watch.
  6. Brian_at_HHH

    I Don't Know What To Say, Other Than WTH ??? :-)

    You clicked the start button, didn't you? You KNOW you shouldn't have clicked it - you will never be able to unsee that. While you're at it, can you pass me some of that lime for my eyes (yeah, I clicked it too! ). Maybe I should just pry the left ear off my mouse and be done with it, eh?
  7. Brian_at_HHH

    Hi from the UK

    Beautiful set-up, @Cbolt18! I don't have much experience, yet, with the Carver amps, but I do note there are a fair number of people here who are driving somewhat ill-behaved (with respect to ohms - very well behaved with respect to sound) electostatic speakers with them. That strikes me as boding well for driving your Linn's. There are certainly plenty of people here who can offer sage advice on the right ones to do the job well. Sorry about the tweeters in the Linn's but if that got them to you for free, then it's well worth the cost to fix. I can easily see how they got that way, and why you're looking for a far more tolerant amp to feed them. Your idea of a "little DIY system" is very impressive, indeed. You say it's portable - where are you planning to run that? Thanks for joining in, and don't forget to enjoy the music.
  8. Brian_at_HHH

    Good luck to all in the path of hurricane Michael

    Good luck to your son! Hope he stays well clear - let us know when you hear he's okay.
  9. Brian_at_HHH

    Good luck to all in the path of hurricane Michael

    Glad it missed you Charlie. My inlaws are in St. Pete's, not too far from you, so I tend to watch the storms down there. Yeah, I feel for the folks in the path of that monster. Not much holds its own against that windspeed.
  10. Please stay safe, any of you who have the misfortune to be in Michael's path. Let us know you are okay, when you can. Good luck, all of you!
  11. Brian_at_HHH

    Do you know any jokes?

    But the rolling papers are what you need to watch out for.
  12. Brian_at_HHH

    Hello From Gilbert Arizona!

    Welcome back to the wonderful world of Carver. Your handle definitely says it all. You have, of course, opened Pandora's box with your thoughts of getting your new system in order. You will get great guidance from the wizards and brilliant techs here, and encouragement from us minions.
  13. Brian_at_HHH

    Hashy's Bench

    Here's hoping you always have a waiting list (there are too few good techs out there, so I'm sure that's a no-brainer). But make sure you follow @pindrop's advice - time for yourselves is going to be more crucial than ever. You are going to feel you "have" to go work on this or that repair. Treat it like the business it is - don't let it become what your other job was like. Aside from that, Congrats!!!!! Live it up and enjoy your new boss!
  14. @KVE777, I hope you aren't having to suffer that menu - if you are, let us know and we'll take up a collection so you can get some real food! I see a couple of things on that menu I would eat, but not too many, and I'm typically (all too) open minded when it comes to food. 😉
  15. Short answer: YES! 🦃🐷😋 Best of all, my wife is American, so we get to do it again, next month! 😀