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  1. Brian_at_HHH


    At the time Chernobyl happened, before anything had been announced, my brother-in-law who had studied nuclear engineering called us and said that there had clearly been a meltdown, somewhere in Europe. He had seen the radiation numbers spike and was able to figure out approximately where it was. He actually managed to figure out that it was likely Chernobyl that had booked off. Sadly, there have been quite a few meltdowns through the years, and yes, there were some incredible, unsung heroes at the Chernobyl disaster. Given that I live only a couple of kilometers from one of Canada's larger sites, I'm clearly not one to dwell on possible disasters.
  2. The workmanship of the folks on this site is nothing short of staggering. The talent concentrated out there is definitely inspiring, and not a little bit daunting. It's good to be pushed to achieve the best you can. 🙂
  3. I have to agree 10,000%. That's exactly what I'm going through - acquiring the system I had always wanted in my younger years, and beyond, with all the improvements available. And for a fraction the cost of what it would have been, back when I couldn't afford it. When I joined, here, I didn't even conceive of changing my equipment. Now, the only things I have left from a year age are my CD player/recorder, and my cassette deck.
  4. Nah, that's only a blackfly. And a young one, at that.
  5. Yippee - another fun twirl around our favourite star!
  6. Brian_at_HHH

    New Jazz Albums

    Zack has great taste. That was very enjoyable. Thanks very much for suggesting it.
  7. A flat from a key, now THAT takes talent! I'd say "well done," but it's kinda the opposite. For me, I managed to pick up a fairly large bolt, once, straight into the center of the tread. It couldn't have been more perfectly aligned. Oops.
  8. A HUGE congrats to Zach! Well earned and deserved. It was your postings about Zack that showed me that this was a community, not just an audio group, before I joined. Keep the updates coming, and give him our best wishes. I, too, am really glad to see you back. As long as you are okay, the reasons are completely okay. I can completely understand your reasons, and I hope the break helped. Try to keep things fun, as much as you can - you care enough that it can easily get to even the best. Thank you for coming back - your quiet voice of reason, and sage info mean a lot to us. I hope you've shaken the flu, and made many a competing car dealership jealous.
  9. I guess enough good beer will make anything palatable...?
  10. Ouch - hope things are better for you now. Try to make up for the (painfully) missed celebrations.
  11. @zumbini , you and Zack are welcome to it. 😀 To me, that rates below the level of those weird coloured ketchups they had for kids a few years back. BTW, nice to see you back - you had played such a key roll here, and while I'm sure you were enjoying a much needed break from things, you were definitely missed, especially by those of us with much to learn. Oh @#$%, who am I kidding - the truth is I was beginning to worry, and thinking of asking if anyone knew that you were okay. Glad to see you seem to be fine.😌
  12. And if you don't, you have Heinz's Yuk-Yuk sauce. 😛
  13. Truth in marketting!!!!
  14. You can also keep an eye on Craigslist, Facebok Marketplace, and US Audio Mart for offerings local to you. That said, a unit that has passed through the hands of someone like @kve777 is going to be better than brand new, and you can know the service was done right.
  15. Welcome @Signal Man - there's both a wealth of knowledge (aside from Yours Truly) and a wealth of encouragement into the Carver, and general good audio world (this time, including myself). Take a bit of time - a great C1 that meets your desires will likely appear. Yes, shipping can be a killer. If you think the numbers you saw were bad, some of us are in other countries. I'd take your costs in a heartbeat! 😁
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