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  1. Brian_at_HHH

    hello everyone

    Welcome, and thanks for making me not the newest to the group, though it sounds like you may have actually been here for a while, indirectly. You probably know, already, how friendly this group is. From what I can see of the discussions, the closest things get to a flame war wouldn't light a match. Relax, and join in if you want, or sit back and enjoy the interesting banter. 🙂
  2. @#$%!!! That's a real loss - sorry to hear that. Thanks Sk1Bum, for letting us know.
  3. Brian_at_HHH

    Brian's Boombox

    I have to apologize for the mess. We recently had to install an elevator for my wife, and it resulted in emptying 2 rooms that were filled to the ceiling with stuff, and it still hasn't all found new homes. As I mentioned in my intro, my system i a bit more pedestrian than most of you, but the piece have been chosen carefully within my budget. The Chain: Digital Source NAD C 660 CD recorder Allo BOSS DAC (still in tranit) Analog Source? NAD 5020 turntable with AT311EP and Grado GT carts Sony TC-FX6 cassette deck Signal Processors Carver C-9 Sonic Hologram generator Amp Yamaha RX-596 receiver Speakers Mission M74 main speakers Subwoofer Quest subwoofer Speaker Cables Generic 12 AWG Speaker wire Headphones Sennheiser HD 364 headphones System Rack Old Ikea glass front (cat resistant) rack modified to have a removable back (for cabling access) and added cooling fans, run at reduced power to keep quiet. Power Conditioning Yee Ole tandard wall ocket And 1 happy music lover...
  4. Brian_at_HHH


    B-Man, you have good taste, but that goes with the name. I was hoping you were going to say he was joking, not clairvoyant. Excuse me while I go change my PayPal password to something random that I can't remember .
  5. Brian_at_HHH

    Canadian Carver Fans

    It looks like most of you are towards the Western end of the country. I'm closer to the midpoint just to the Eastern side of Toronto. To those on Vancouver Island - absolutely beautiful place. I did some work out there years ago, and loved it.
  6. Brian_at_HHH


    Wow, and Thank You! I've been bouncing around the Internet since well before the first web browser (yes, I did use an early pre-release browser, when the web was just research facilities), and I have never seen a welcome like this, anywhere. If this is an indication of what people are like, here, I think I've found the long lost hiding place of all the good people. I'm not sure I rate in that group, but I'll try. KVE777 you worry me. You have no clue how close I came to adding a C-4000, and M-series poweramp, yesterday. 😮 Whimper... Pictures have to wait, until I finish fixing the stand. Right now, it's a mess - my cleaner is slacking again, and busy reading Carversite forums. I promise something soonish. dcl, I love the advanced purr generator on your system. I'm sure it improves the sound considerably. Thanks again, all of you. Oops - sorry, I missed peck555's dangerous suggestion, in there, as well. I am definitely doomed... For those asking, my music tastes tend towards Progressive Rock. I have Marillion on right now, but a lot of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson have been in there lately. But my tastes do wander, so the music does vary.
  7. Brian_at_HHH


    To start with, I have to admit, much of my system probably rates about the level of an 80's boombox, compared to the average, here, with at least one exception, that will become obvious. the pieces may be more budget than what is appropriate for all of our ears, but they were carefully chosen for sound where it count. So how did it come about? I've had an interest in quality Hi-Fi since I first discovered music in my teens. I always had as good eqipment as I could affort, though being in University at the time, that was typically well below true Hi-Fi . I did follow all the big names and dreamed, including beig fascinated by a neat new company called Carver when it came out with this wonderful sounding concept, called Sonic Holography. A couple of years later, I was lucy enough to get to check out a conumer electrinics show which,back then was primarily Hi`Fi, I wandered around fronm booth to booth, and room to room. Yeah, sounds ok, next. Not bad, next. Decent, but bascally boring. And so it went. Until I walked into one room and WHOAH!!!!! What is THAT! The sound was incredible and filled the room like nothing I ever imagined, let alone heard. Where am I? A quick look, where's the sigh? And there it is ... CARVER! That was my intro to sonic holigraphy, and it left a very serious mark on my audio dreams. I'm one of those lucky people who doesn't need to be right in the sweet spot to get that great effect - it's better, yes, but off center I still hear it. Unfortunatey, life intervened,and I never did get that covetted Carver system. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, and many people are abandonig 2-channel systems for surround sound, so I thought "hmmm, maybe there are one foolish people dumping Carver SH units, that those of u who don't care about vidio could give a new home to?" A quick look online and a willing sucker was found. soon a lovely C`9 was on its way to me.. As fate would have it, the C-9 sat, unplugged on my cabinet until a few weeks, ago, whoen in a fit of (in)sanity, I yanked the back of the cabinet and reworked the cabling adding it in. I fire things up, and start some music, then I hiit the BUTTON. Ahhhhh. The whole room changes and fills with sound - it IS everything I remember from those years ago. So that, folks, is why I'm here.
  8. Brian_at_HHH

    Who uses which media for primary listening and why?

    After a few years of my proper system languishing and gathering dust, I've finally kicked back into life (I'd forgotten what decent - to me - audio was like). Media ha primarily been my choice for years, though a DAC is in transit to me, and my turntable is almost, properly properly set up. I have plenty of choice, but the shear convenience of CD is tough to beat when you have little actual time. In the end, the best media is the one you have and enjoy, so go crank some tunes.