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  1. Brian_at_HHH

    Let's Celebrate Christmas

    Thanks for bringing the spirit and sharing the cheer!
  2. Brian_at_HHH

    Holy Moley!!! I'll take two...

    Everyone's thinking stereo, ere. C'mon folks, these just beg to be part of a 7.1 surround system. 😀 For drying clothes with them, what music do you think might be best for this...? 🙄
  3. Brian_at_HHH

    Winter Driving

    Great info! Thanks! Very clear concise and usable. 🙂
  4. Brian_at_HHH

    My New Bass Ackwards setup

    Sorry Phil, I was hoping it might just be something so close that you missed it looking for something more - that's usually where I get tripped up. I can relate on asking the CIC's opinion, and whether she would notice. Thanks for the info on how you are driving the amp - clean and simple. Good luck on it. Don't give up - That setup makes total sense, so the gremlin hiding in there can't be too big, and cant hide forever. Hopefully someone else has some useful input for you.
  5. Brian_at_HHH

    Winter Driving

    Simple solution: Winter = Hibernate!
  6. Brian_at_HHH

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    Sign me up for a round of that last one, please!
  7. Brian_at_HHH

    My New Bass Ackwards setup

    @AndrewJohn you are right for what is essentially sent through the centre speaker, but for music it's still centre stage, and I know that any of the centre's I've seen will still handle full range. My surround system (way below Phil's nice setup, with Paradigm speakers) uses 5 identical speakers for the front back and centre, with the ubiquitous sub, to handle anything below a squeak. Does that mean all centres are going to be full, even range? I'm sure they are not, but I would expect anything from Elac to be pretty darn good, and the specs they show seem to concur. @PhilDent is there any chance something went amiss when you did the YPAO setup? Even using it, don't feel bound to what it gives you - as a rule, most surround setups I've seen focus on level far more than anything in the frequency range. I'm curious how you have the centres driven - are you sending the same signal to both channels of the A-400X for the centres? Looking at the specs on the Elacs, the UC5 is using the same drivers as the UB5, and it's almost identical in its specs, so what you are doing makes complete sense. The only oddity I can see (and caveat - these are just numbers, not sounds!) the UC5 (centre) frequency respons is 48 to 25,000 Hz, while the UB5 (bookshelf) is listed as 46 to 25,000 Hz. Now for all I know that could easily have been just a typo on the website - I know how many times I mix up 8's and 6's. In the end, if it's not sounding right, it strikes me that something is not set right. Any chance one is out of phase, or perhaps just in a bad mood?
  8. Brian_at_HHH

    What do you do for a living?

    @#$%!!!! That's why I refer to Dec through Feb as the mean season. Most of that sort of thing happens now. Anything I can do to help? Good luck, Turbo! Best wishes with it.
  9. Brian_at_HHH

    Happy Birthday danowood!

    Congrats!!! May there be many more. Live it up, and feel free to count backwards after th 60 point, or should it be 50, ... or ... 😁
  10. Brian_at_HHH


    Definitely an interesting take on Vinyl. It made me realize what my fascination with vinyl is, aside from having a collection of LPs most of which didn't make it to CDs. It's not sound, CDs, etc. have Vinyl beat (the basic premise to vinyl is flawed), and it's sure not convenience, because it's anything but. No, in my case, I've realized I'm enamored with the technology. Just the shear mechanical complexity and precision that has gone into them to create very decent quality sound. I think my work in the digital world (I'm a computer nerd, after all), just the fact it's mechanical, and basically doesn't even add power to the sound it produces (aside from that produced by the cartridge, of course). I'm drawn to such things, for some odd reason. I write with fountain pens, stereo over surround sound, tube guitar amps over computer modelling, and physical media, over online digital. Yeah, I know, it's not justifiable from any logical perspective, but damn it's fun to mess around with. ðŸĪ—
  11. Brian_at_HHH

    What do you do for a living?

    MORE Power!!! My amp isn't loud enough, yet. 😉 In truth, thanks for keeping the electrons flowing. If that's your idea of boring, I can't imagine what you consider exciting! 🙂
  12. Brian_at_HHH

    Weird headline of the day

    The article was funny enough, but Rod's comment just about put me on the floor! ðŸĪĢ
  13. Brian_at_HHH

    What the H$LL is the world coming to??

    Oh No! Marriage? A male dominated sectarian institution to control women!!!! No wonder that song's been banned! ðŸĪĒ
  14. Brian_at_HHH

    What do you do for a living?

    Since the invite was thrown out there, and it's probably only fair that everyone be forewarned about some of us, here's my $0.02 worth. By training and background, I'm your basic, old-school computer jockey. yup, one of ... them. I've been very lucky to have worked in some interesting areas in my career. I started out in weather research for a few years, then jumped to working for a computer company doing sales support, and more. We did everything from high-speed robotics, computer imaging, to more mundane things. From there I went into satellite imaging software development for many years. I jumped ship for a while to enjoy some time doing robotics and simulation for the space program, then back to the sat. imaging again for more years. Eventually, I decided as fun as it was, it was time for something to pay the bills, so I took a job managing the computer systems for an automated warehouse belonging to a gov't agency that, shall we say, sells libations, in exceedingly large quantities. 20 years on, I'm still there, and hoping to keep some shreds of my sanity for enough longer to make retirement (which is still way tooo far off, sigh) What I really am, and why I've been successful, is a problem solver. Regardless of the situation, I can usually figure out what is wrong, or why, and find a solution or workaround. Unfortunately, that's why I carry 2 cellphones and I'm on call 24/7/365.25, sigh. My other, not so cheerful, full time job over the past few years, is caregiver for my ailing better half. She has advanced MS, and is starting to really fade these days, so this is consuming more and more of my time, and energy. The one fortunate thing is that she has no pain, which helps get us through. It is, what it is, so please don't dwell on this, but do take time to hug your family and appreciate them. Oh yeah, the one other job I have is being chief cook and bottle washer for our hoard of cats. We have 5, all black, and they, and my music, keep me (somewhat) sane. So, aren't you sorry you asked?
  15. Brian_at_HHH

    Do you know any jokes?

    Freudian slip? -----^^^^ ðŸĪŠ