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  1. TOO funny. The headline was hilarious enough, but our comment totally made it!! 🤣
  2. Contgrats, you managed to hang on for another year, in spite of travelling at 67,000 mph, whipping around the sun. Sounds like a great reason to live it up!
  3. Welcome to the site, @Johanar! Hope you are able to find a suitable C-11 for your setup. I'd warn you of the pitfalls of OCCD, but I suspect it's far too late. Nice system, BTW - if the Quicksilver sounds as good as it looks, that should be a really nice setup. Once you have the C-11 and get things set, post some pictures of it. In the mean time, enjoy the music!
  4. Congrats Rich - I'm finally in a position to enjoy and appreciate some of your talents for innovation, so thank you, and may you enjoy the day, and the next 364 unbirthday's until the next!
  5. I wish I had room and were close enough. Those would make a great project. I hope someone takes you up on your offer. If all else fails, given the fad of mini-homes, you could make 2 houses out of those...
  6. Given how great you've done the theater motif, it makes sense to go all the way. Good luck with it, and enjoy the popcorn! 😎
  7. Welcome to the group, Nick. Nice setup, you have, and don't fret about the AR sub - unless "you" don't like the sound, enjoy it. Sunfire gear is, apparently, a bit hard to find info on, but there are some folks here with some great technical knowledge (Yours Truly excepted, beyond plugging in Power and RCA cords). Good luck, and enjoy the music, or movies!
  8. Congrats @fxbill - that one is actually pretty good looking compared to many I've seen pictures of - and those also tended to work very well. Built like tanks and weigh about as much. Great find, and it's now in hands that will ensure it's looked after. BTW, when are you going to start selling those cool speaker cables!
  9. Wow, someone's gonna need more than a pickup for those and 2 trips at least. Wish I were close enough and had space. Good luck, Bill! You'll have room to part 2 cars in the garage after moving those out.
  10. Welcome to the group, Michael. Great system, and congrats on the new listening room! If you are inclined towards a C1 or C11, consider @kve777's offer. If you want it upgraded, and Kevin isn't inclined, you could probably have him send it directly to Greg, at Nelion, or one of the other great techs, here. For now, enjoy the music!
  11. Yes, compared to equipment, this is levels of magnitude worse, and beyond any tolerance.
  12. Those would be AFTER going through the trash compactor on the garbage truck, right? Any of you who have a technical bent (and in many cases a mechanical talent) who take on these poor lost souls, have my admiration, and appreciation for those you can save. For the rest, at least I hope they can provide useful doner parts for some other "project."
  13. One of the worst areas I've noticed is with Sunfire Subwoofers. Almost every one I see for sale looks like it's been through the wars, and came out on the decidedly losing side. Beaten to Rat$h1t doesn't even come close. What on earth do they do to those things, play drunken soccer with them? I'm not even sure that would come close to the destruction they show. I have a (bad) habit of watching Carver gear on places such as eBay, and while many are in great shape, many look like the owners took a pry-bar, or screwdriver to the switches knobs, and faceplates. I've still got my first amp, and I can say it looks pretty much as it did when I first bought it. The PL amp, above, is WAY beyond that lowly level of equipment. I get how a band's gear can wind up being pretty messed up over the years, but some of that stuff should have lived in nice cabinets or at least been semi-decently stored. Ah well, time to just go look at what I now have and enjoy how clean and beautiful it looks, and sounds.
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