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  1. I'm a relatively recent arrival, and admit I was quite taken, aback at the welcome I got. I can honestly say, the folks here are every bit as great as they see, and more. I had always been enamored of Carver gear in my younger years, but I always saw it as out of reach. Until very recently, I was running off a non-Carver receiver, too. No worries what you run - one bonus of this group is they are not sobs, or they hide it well. As for expensive, yes, and no. You may spend a bit, bt I can promise you will be hard pressed to get better gear (and sound) without going to a system 10X the price. Carver equipment, as I learned, was not hugely expensive in it's day - it just sounded like it was. And now, with many people selling off 2-channel systems for surround sound, it's surprisingly cost effective. The one gotcha is that due to it's age, it will need to be recapped, etc. - there are lots of folks here who can do that for a surprisingly decent price, if you aren't one to tackle it yourself. That brings us to the BillD update for the C1. In layman's terms, it involves updating many of the internal components of the already great C1 preamp, with much newer, quieter and better components. It goes way beyond a Cap-Job, and brings the C1 up to date to rival or best many state of the art preamps, for sound. There are also some other ad-on updates as well, that the tech's here can tell you more about, but it's a way to get a high-end preamp for very reasonable $'s. You will soon be overwhelmed by OCCD - it's insidious, addictive, and unavoidable, so just embrace it. I was happy with a C-9 SH unit, until I got bitten. 3 more Carver devices, and 2 major overhauls later, I still watch for bargains everywhere. Take our time, and enjoy the quest. Until then, enjoy the music. Don't worry about your system's home. We're (mostly) human here (aside from a few, self-declared aliens). We mostly have or have had spouses, so the compromise for marital bliss is truly appreciated.
  2. Sorry @RichP714 - your red circles were just too well placed for me - I have all too little willpower with respect to such mischief.
  3. Does that say Children [who are] Pregnant...?
  4. @AndrewJohn, I love the idea, but I'd be worried that many out there in the HiFi world would believe it, and start asking Kevin to sell them one or the other. Then, again, Kevin might be able to make a small fortune, if he could keep from throwing up long enough... The mag&cal guys believe in their snake oil! And yes, I found the actual origins to be fascinating! I didn't realize that the origins reached quite that far back. Dangerous to let engineering or tech people to have enough time to let our imaginations run loose.
  5. Welcome to the group @Bwest! I agree with @loner_t that the fellow you met was very likely @Daddyjt - between the speaker addiction and the insistance to dive into fixing your Polks - his talents in that respect are truly amazing - he rebuilt my C1 & M1.0t. That said, there are a number of members from the SLC area who would no doubt would do what they could to help you get sorted out. If you haven't found it, there is also a very active Polk speaker group as well, and there are several folks, here that share membership. You can definitely do worse that an updated Carver Preamp/Poweramp system - especially at the price. Let us know your musical interests, and at some point we'd love to see pictures of what you have - whatever you are running.
  6. I just want to know how much practise he needed to get all the way through that with a straight face?
  7. Clark could always balance really interesting tech, with a really great story. These days I find SF is all focused on the tech with little or no story. I miss writing like Childhood's End and the Rama series. Oops, I suppose I should have added one, so it would be in 3's.
  8. Yes, range is still the big problem in all electric vehicles, and the longevity of the batteries still has a way to go. Besides, there are only so many AA and 9-volt batteries you can fit in your saddle bags. Soon, though - you'll have another chance a short way down the road. 2 bikes aren't nearly enough!
  9. Hmmm, is that giving us some insight into the inner plotting of @AndrewJohn? Can't say I'd ever have thought of it that way... 😉 If you don't dream it, you'll never achieve it - just don't let it become all consuming. 😁 Glad you got to take it for a spin. Give them a couple of years on the electric bikes, as Andrew suggests - you might find yourself being able to afford something that will make the BMW look like something with training wheels. (I, however, would probably need the training wheels. 🙀)
  10. Well done! Had to reset my theme, but that's nothing. Kudos for the lightning fast fix, and the updates. Time to go explore the new stuff!
  11. Greg, the theme seems to have flipped to light/default. Also, the chat ts not reconnecting. 9:20EDT
  12. Congrats!!!! You made it through 364 days of having to celebrate other things and other people's birthdays, so now it's your turn - hope you get to live it up and make the best of it!!! 👴
  13. Fantastic news, Mark - I'm really glad to hear the great news. Best wishes to your mother-in-law for a speedy recovery the rest of the way, and may there be no repeats for her.
  14. Or perhaps he just became a bleached blond...?
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