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  1. Wow! That is an EXCEPTIONAL deal. if anyone is kicking themselves in the ass for not being able to get one of the Carverfest amps, this is a fantastic opportunity to get a true production model.
  2. Beautiful work!!! Bruce's work and generosity are both exceptional!
  3. Welcome to CS! I'm not sure what the issue would be with the site, it seems to be running okay to me. Might have been going through some maintenance at the time you were posting. I'm not sure. if you decide to stick around, post some pics of your gear. People around here love pictures. (I think it's because some of them can't read 😋)
  4. I have a really nice modified C11. It has had all of the modifications completed including the remote control modification. unit is in really good shape with only a few small nicks along the top edge of the faceplate, but nothing actually on the face. Price to CS members...$600 shipped.
  5. Very generous Karma offering. Kudos to you both. I'm settled in for now with my current system, so I'm not in.
  6. My industry doesn't really rely on any foreign made products, or supplies, so it hasn't been affected at all
  7. I like it a lot, so far. I was really impressed with the build quality.
  8. I bought the Elac Discovery
  9. This is a spectacular DAC. it has performed as well or better than anything I have owned up to this point. I've decided to go with a Streamer/DAC combo so this one is now available. It is in PERFECT condition. $400 Shipped CONUS. if any of the Canadian brethren are interested, I'm sure we could work something out.
  10. I was kind of like Andy Dufresne and would replace them as they aged... First I had the Farrah fawcett poster that has been pictured, and then I moved on from her to a poster of Debbie Harry, then I had the poster of Heather Thomas that DJ posted.
  11. I have a quad of American made JAN Tung Sol 6L6 new old stick in the boxes. I have another one that is not in the box, but appears to be knew as well. I will include it with the other four. $125 Shipped CONUS. I imagine it would probably be another 20 or 25 bucks to our brothers north of the border.
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