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  1. No. I didn't keep it very long at all, pre-recorded many discs were ridiculously expensive when you could find them, and I just started getting rid of any excess stuff that I wasn't using on at least a weekly basis
  2. A very late thank you to everyone for the happy birthday wishes. I hadn't even seen this thread until today.
  3. This unit is no longer available
  4. the second amendment was not just intended to protect us against an invading Force, but also and MAINLY a tyrannical government. And then, as well,to protect yourself, your family, your property There are too many illegal and irresponsible voters out there. And there are far more dangerous than any single gun owner. Perhaps we should worry more about checking the mental stability and intelligence level of the voting pool. are you also a proponent of violating those constitutional protections, or just the ones you don't agree with?
  5. Community property might be a claim if she went through the legal channels to get the firearms. But by breaking into his apartment to do it, felony burglary.
  6. I'm not attending this year myself. 5 is a great way to go if you can get at least four or five people willing to split the cost. This year would be a great opportunity for some newcomers to attend. I think there are going to be a few open cabins.
  7. I hate to hear about this. It's never easy.
  8. Yes. Both are tremendous text. Brian had it up and running for me, but I did not like the RCA Jack's that had been previously installed. So I had them changed when I had Dennis do the remote mod. It is a fantastic unit. yes, I think the problem is that most of the people on this site, already have what they want, or like you said, they're looking for something to mod themselves. I thought I had posted this and novice gear, I just saw it was in members. I should probably put it in novice gear, so people just joining the site can see it
  9. It actually has been worked on by three different people. RussK started it before he left for Afghanistan. Then B-man finished it up. That was couple years ago. Then, I sent it to Dennis Miller to do the Remote mod and change out the RCA Jack's to the style I prefer. At that point he went through the unit, and make sure everything was up to spec.
  10. I'm beginning to think that everyone who wants a BillD mod unit already has one. if anyone is interested, I will take 550 shipped in the United States. If someone north-of-the-border wants one, I would take 500 plus actual shipping. This is below the cost of the modifications done on the unit, not even including the cost of the C-11.
  11. Wow! That is an EXCEPTIONAL deal. if anyone is kicking themselves in the ass for not being able to get one of the Carverfest amps, this is a fantastic opportunity to get a true production model.
  12. Beautiful work!!! Bruce's work and generosity are both exceptional!
  13. Welcome to CS! I'm not sure what the issue would be with the site, it seems to be running okay to me. Might have been going through some maintenance at the time you were posting. I'm not sure. if you decide to stick around, post some pics of your gear. People around here love pictures. (I think it's because some of them can't read 😋)
  14. I have a really nice modified C11. It has had all of the modifications completed including the remote control modification. unit is in really good shape with only a few small nicks along the top edge of the faceplate, but nothing actually on the face. Price to CS members...$600 shipped.
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