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  1. trav0810


    I was kind of like Andy Dufresne and would replace them as they aged... First I had the Farrah fawcett poster that has been pictured, and then I moved on from her to a poster of Debbie Harry, then I had the poster of Heather Thomas that DJ posted.
  2. trav0810

    N.O.S. Quad USA JAN Tung Sol 6L6

    They are 6L6WGB
  3. I have a quad of American made JAN Tung Sol 6L6 new old stick in the boxes. I have another one that is not in the box, but appears to be knew as well. I will include it with the other four. $125 Shipped CONUS. I imagine it would probably be another 20 or 25 bucks to our brothers north of the border.
  4. trav0810

    One of this years Menorahs

    Nice work!
  5. trav0810

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I'm looking forward to seeing it next weekend.
  6. I thought I had listed it, but apparently not... I also have a Klipsch SW311 Subwoofer. Retail is over $1500. This one has about 50 hours on it and comes with original packing materials and the microphone. $350 plus shipping
  7. trav0810

    M1.0, 1.5, and C-1 faceplates

    The 1.5 and C-1 have been sold.
  8. I have 3 of the black aftermarket faceplates available. An M1.0t MK2 without handles (short faceplate). An M1.5t with handles. (There was a screen printing error where the meter lights up here. The maximum wattage on a factory faceplate says 600 watts, this one was printed to say 500 watts just like the M1.) The M1.5t comes with a blue LED upgrade kit. And a black C-1. The price on any particular faceplate is $75 If you want 2, 3, I will cut a deal.
  9. The Sunfire amp has been sold!
  10. trav0810

    Karma, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms

    AWESOME Karma HT! Congrats Ss!
  11. Price reduction on the 200 Five Cinema Amplifier. $650 shipped!
  12. trav0810

    Apple Karma

    Lol...I was late! Lol Congrats Kevin!
  13. The C-1 has been sold. Someone PLEASE buy this Sunfire so I don't have to eBay it!!! lol I'll even eat the shipping, $750 shipped CONUS
  14. trav0810

    Tubes Tubes Tubes!!!

    Sorry. That price was high. $25 a set, shipped.