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  1. Well I'm in! I'd be lying if I said I was a massive MC5 fan but I collect 60's/70's rock and have Kick Out the jams and Back in the USA but not this one! ...very generous offer! I trust you are aware you could get around $100 for this on eBay in excellent/NM condition. Please send the lady on your avatar along with the LP to ...um... break it in!
  2. I may get banned for this but I suggest that all banning be banned by banners who instigate bans based on baseless banning criteria with the exception of said would-be baseless banners whom themselves should be banned.
  3. Congratulations indeed to you and to Taylor. May succeess breed success. Cheers! 🍺
  4. oooo - I seem something really nice Allison: One speakers with those lously grilles still intact! Love those speakers. Played them relentlessly from 1980 till around 1995...
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