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  1. Don’t forget “Sunday Papers”. The bass line’s the whole show with the exception of the harmonica solo. Graham Maby has always been one of my favorite bassists. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Maby -Bill
  2. Not sure if top covers from other models will fit.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. The arduino remote is a nano on a build board with power supply, an ir receiver with remote, a stepper motor with a sprocket, aluminum bracket with felt on the bottom, and the key piece to tie it together and move the volume knob - rubber band. I’ll post pics when allowed. PM for source code.
  4. Hi, Decided to get back into audio last summer. Got a set of Klipsch Epic CF-2 to get me rolling, I had fallen out of love with my B&W DM630s, which I was pushing with a Nak AV-7. I recapped the 630s and that got me started on the electronics side of things. Decided to get components to replace the Nak. Got a Carver M1.0t and needed a pre. Found a CT-17, but that came with an A500X (see where this is going...). Have 2 C-1s, both of which I aquired as "broken", "fixed" them with deoxit (love that stuff), and then BillD'd. Also picked up an orphaned TFM-25 and just got an M500t. Also recently did a parts Express speaker build and picked up a set some Heresy, a few TTs... Hey, I think most of us have been there... The TFM-25 has chassis issues, plastic is brittle at the front so I stopped the recap at the big ones. The M500t has a DOA meter (haven't tried swapping them yet but it's not at zero, ever), and I'd like to MKII it at some point, but the sound - it's probably my favorite of the bunch. Anyway, that's me. Oh - almost forgot. I built an arduino based remote volume for C1 that sits outside the unit - no physical mods required. That was fun...
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