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  1. Lated reply! After a week msg back and forth with ebay and sellers. Notin can be done fml OMG I have to wait 18 months for mkll waiting list. Asa I saw 18 month, I stole my dog food money and hunting for a CM 1090. Got a great deal but then seller just did not pack the amp tight enough so it shipped with a jam in speaker terminals and bent the heck out in the back frame. 😮 FML X 2 😐 Plug in the unit and 🙏🏻! It is working but the volume seem like stuck! Well so far my journey to the Carver world ... Now let hope anyone My waiting list from Nahash5150 cut shorter with my storyline! Ty for all the reply and warm welcome
  2. 😥Hello forum, I am here because I love audio gears and in the process of finding what I like to get with my hard earn money! Sometime last month I stump on ebay and youtube and Carver m500 caught my attention. The result was a bait from some ppl that aint really nice. So now I am stuck with the M500 not working for 400$$ and thank god this forums exit. I have been reading alot about carver and want my dead M500 to live again. However, I just dont know how much $$ and someone could help me turn this to mkII. I don’t trust audio shop that claim they could fix this. Goal: wanna start collect a great carver system... slowwwwwwly Why: cause my spare cash coming very slowwwww and Here I am ! Ty for excepting me in the forum
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